2nd House Meaning: Your financial terrain and self-worth

In your natal chart, every house symbolizes a different area of your life, and together all of the houses make up your experience on this planet. Love, family, work, it’s all there. So, what clues about your life can be found in your 2nd House? What, exactly, does the 2nd House mean?

The 2nd House influences the areas of your life that involve finances and resources. This can include your spending habits, attitude toward earning, and how much you feel is enough to feel secure. Beyond money, possessions and assets of any kind are also described here, and your feeling of self-worth.

What does your 2nd House reveal about your feelings around money and the way you view your possessions? Keep reading to find out more about what the 2nd House means in astrology and how it could affect your life.

woman smiling and holding coins in front of her eyes, symbolizing the meaning of the 2nd House in astrology

What the 2nd House Means

The houses in astrology can represent the development of an individual through their life. When thinking about the 2nd House in this way, this house symbolizes the stage of early development when you begin to realize that you are your own being that can possess assets, internally and externally, all your own.

It is both a young child’s need to feel secure and also the “mine!” stage. Sure, most people grow out of that instinctual feeling toddlers have to want to snatch up all of the toys for themselves and not share, thank goodness. But, very few of us grow to a point in our lives where we no longer rely on “things,” either outside of us or inside of us, to help make us feel safe and of value.

How you view safety, security, resources, and your value in relation to those things is what is defined in your 2nd House. These tendencies may begin in childhood, but they evolve over your lifetime, and the way in which they do that can be found in your 2nd House.

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The 2nd House describes:

  • how you feel about money
  • what you think you need to feel secure
  • how you treat or manage your finances
  • the way you see your own valuable assets
  • your feeling of self-worth

Keep reading to get more detail about how the condition of the 2nd house could influence these specific areas in your life!


a woman counting a stack of dollar bills symbolizing the meaning of the 2nd House

Most societies are driven by a financial system and most of us require money to trade for things we need and want. However, not all of us view or handle money in exactly the same way and the 2nd House can help bring some clues about this.

Do you find Capricorn or Saturn in your 2nd House? You may be very driven and goal-oriented when it comes to your finances, and perhaps you track every cent on a spreadsheet. Delaying gratification in order to save for the future may be something you are fantastic at, as well.

Contrast that to finding Neptune or Pisces in your 2nd House. Deep down, you may feel as though our financial system is a meaningless human construct and you may not value “playing the money game” as much as others. This may come out as not being as careful with your money, not seeing the value in saving, or giving your money away to others readily.

Do you see earning money as a way to prove yourself and see it as a challenge to tackle, or as simply a vehicle that helps you to buy more experiences in life? Maybe you see it as a way to improve the lives of others.

Clues leading to your attitude and views surrounding your money can be found in the signs, planets, and condition of your 2nd House.

Safety and Security

a pile of coins on a table with a piggy bank tilted above it so that its nose is touching the coins, representing the meaning of the 2nd house in astrology

Our feeling of security in life is also detailed in our 2nd House. This could be tied to money but doesn’t necessarily have to be.

How optimistic are you about the future? Do you have a sense that everything will always work out fine for you one way or another, or, even in good times, are you holding your breath waiting for everything to come crashing down? The 2nd House can shed light on your outlook in this regard.

If you find Sagittarius in your 2nd House, you may have an innate sense of security and optimism when it comes to the future. Even if you have no clue how things are going to work out, you may feel as though things will run smoothly in your life and minor speedbumps may not worry you too much. If you find Jupiter in your 2nd then this may be even more true!

However, if Scorpio is sitting on your 2nd House cusp, you may have a chronic sense of unease, as though the good times can’t be trusted because some kind of destruction may be waiting for you right around the corner.

You can see how just this one difference in outlook could make such a huge difference in how a person lives their life.

The 2nd House can help you clarify how you view the future and your safety and security within it. This could be helpful for pinpointing patterns of behavior that have either benefitted you or that aren’t serving you well and could be worked through to ease anxiety and increase joy in life.

Personal Assets

a person break dancing outside in front of an old and ornate blue door

Money and things aren’t the only things we possess. Each of us also has certain skills or qualities that we value. How much we value those talents or characteristics is described in the 2nd House.

Do you love and appreciate how well you dance? Is your intellect something you value as an asset? Or maybe your radiant skin and beautiful features are something you treasure. Clues to have you feel about your own innate assets could be found in your 2nd House.

Find Leo in your 2nd House? You may take pride in how well and how bravely you are able to express yourself to the world.

With Aquarius on your 2nd House cusp, perhaps you count your quick mind or your individuality as important assets in your life.

What you feel you have to offer and bring to the table, the things you value about yourself may be indicated in your 2nd House.


a woman smiling sitting on a park bench looking confident, representing 2nd house meaning

The 2nd House in astrology covers the sense that you have of value. This includes the value that you place on yourself. Your own sense of self-worth is detailed in this house.

How you view your worth affects nearly every other aspect of your life. It not only is related to your quality of life, but it also influences the decisions you make. Understanding this part of your 2nd House is incredibly important.

For instance, if Capricorn is situated in your 2nd House, earning money may be something that you set goals and work very hard to achieve. However, you also may tie your sense of self-worth to the amount of money in your savings account. Capricorn may influence you to struggle with self-respect if you haven’t amassed as much money as you think you should have.

With Taurus in your 2nd House, this could also lead to a feeling that the amount you have is tied to your self-worth, but for different motivations. Taurus values security and the finer things in life, but with this placement, there is the possibility that without “enough” of either of those, you feel as though that is a reflection of your shortcomings.

If Cancer sits on your 2nd House cusp, you may take a lot of pride in being able to provide for and protect your loved ones or to take care of others in some way. If you are unable to do that due to a lack of resources, that may be a huge hit to your feelings of self-worth.

You can get a sense of how placements in your 2nd House can offer clues as to what kinds of things you may be attaching to your own feelings of worthiness. This knowledge can be useful in uncovering patterns in your thoughts or behaviors that you weren’t aware existed and using that information to find ways to change your internal dialogue and feelings of worth.

What does the sign in your 2nd House mean?

The sign found on the cusp of your 3rd House can add more complexity and character to the way you think about and behave with your resources and sense of worth. Every sign will add a different flavor to how you experience your 2nd House and will also offer its own set of tools, motivations, and challenges.

To learn more about how each sign could express itself in your 2nd House, look through our collection of articles highlighting each sign through the 2nd House and what it could mean for your financial life!

What planet rules the 2nd house

Venus is the ruler of the 2nd House. The themes of Venus influence the 2nd House and include the ideas of luxury and elegance, giving, values, and even greed and envy. Balance is another theme of Venus and one that is important to find in your 2nd House.

In addition to the placements in and condition of your 2nd House, the position of Venus will add another layer of detail to how you view and treat your resources and how you value yourself.

What sign rules the 2nd House

The sign that rules the 2nd House is Taurus. Taurus is also ruled by Venus. The motivations of Taurus also align with the 2nd House, which is to find safety and security in life and to add some creature comforts along the way.

If Taurus is on the cusp of your 2nd House, the need for financial stability and a taste for the finer things in life, such as luxury items, may be amplified.

What if my 2nd House is empty?

There will be houses in your natal chart with no planets in them and these are often referred to as empty houses.

So if your 2nd House is empty does that mean you are destined to have no wealth and always struggle with money? Absolutely not! An empty house does not automatically indicate that you will struggle in that area of life. In fact, it may show parts of life that you really won’t need to work on that much in this lifetime.

An empty 2nd House could mean that your relationship with money and your feelings of self-worth won’t play a huge and recurring role in your life.

What if there are multiple planets in my 2nd House?

When three or more planets inhabit one house , this is referred to as a stellium. The energy from all of the planets involved with combine and blend in the 2nd House. In essence, they will behave as one large, complex super-planet.

If you have a stellium in your 2nd House, this could indicate that the areas of your life covered in this house such as your relationship with money and finances, your possessions, and your feelings of self-worth, will play an even bigger role for you. The territory of the 2nd House may play a recurring theme over and over again in your lifetime and will be of more importance for you than other houses may be.

And, find out more about the 2nd House at a glance in our table of reference below!

2nd House Details

Planetary RulerVenus
Ruling SignTaurus
TerritoryFinances, possessions, resources, valuable personal attributes, feelings of self-worth
Polarity8th House

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