2nd House Stellium: Planets in the House of Money

If you have 3 planets or more in your 2nd House then you have a stellium. With so much concentrated planetary energy, Second House matters such as your relationship with your finances and your feelings of self-worth will play a pivotal role in your life.

So how could this powerhouse of planets could influence your net worth and sense of self? Keep reading to learn more!


  • If you have 3 or more planets in your 2nd House, this is a stellium.
  • With multiple planets present, 2nd House matters will be vital in your life.
  • Your 2nd House stellium may have lessons to offer you.
space background with the 2nd house of a natal chart on top of it that says "what does it mean to have a 2nd house stellium?

What is a 2nd House Stellium?

Any 3 planets sitting in your 2nd House is referred to as a 2nd House stellium. 

A stellium is like a flashing beacon in your natal chart marking an important area of your life that you can’t ignore.

2nd house stellium in a natal chart example

Above is an example of a 2nd House stellium that includes the Sun, Venus, and Mercury.

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The 2nd House is often called the House of Money. How much you value your finances, resources, and also yourself all fall within this house.

Your Second House details your ability to build wealth, hang on to that wealth, and ultimately, how you feel about yourself in relation to it.

With a stellium in your 2nd House, your relationship with money and resources will play a huge and recurrent role throughout your life and your financial affairs could be extreme, unique, or barely existent, depending on which planets combine to make your stellium.

The planets in your 2nd House blend, combining parts of your mind, body, and spirit to cooperate and work through your 2nd House.

Your Second House stellium will be a major player in your chart reading along with your Big 3, your Ascendant, Sun and Moon.

So what could it mean for you to have a 2nd House stellium in your natal chart?

an infographic about a 2nd house stellium

What Does it Mean to Have a 2nd House Stellium?

Each house in your birth chart can spark personal growth, but having multiple planets in your 2nd House means that this house could be extra significant in your life.

Your stellium may amplify 2nd House business in your life, exaggerating it or making it more of a constant in your life. Some of the areas of life detailed in your 2nd House include:

  • How you feel about money
  • The way in which you gather resources
  • Your feelings of self-worth
  • How possessive you are
  • Your feelings of security
  • How much you feel “is enough”

With a 2nd House stellium and the possibility that these areas can play an important role in your life, some pitfalls to watch out for could be:

  • Giving money too much power in your life
  • Struggling to hang on to money
  • Being overly-possessive
  • Undervaluing yourself
  • Materialism
  • Fear when it comes to finances or security
  • Tying your bank account to your self-esteem

Of course, these will be dependent upon the planets placed in your 2nd House stellium and how they interact with the rest of your chart.

These may or may not be struggles you face, but with a stellium in your 2nd House of Money, these could be things you “check in with yourself” about and reflect on from time to time.

Building a healthy relationship with money and things and also ensuring that you are placing enough value on your self-worth may be beneficial lessons of a 2nd House stellium.

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