2nd House: Your Guide to The House of Money

The 2nd House in your birth chart influences the areas of your life that involve financial security and material possessions. Beyond money, your feelings of self-worth and value are also described in this house.

So what does your 2nd House reveal about your thoughts about cash and possessions? Keep reading to find out!


  • The 2nd House rules your finances and purchases.
  • This house also influences your self-respect.
  • Planets in your 2nd House will affect how you experience it.
a woman holding coins on her eyes, the 2nd House is called the House of Money

The Meaning of the 2nd House in Astrology

The Second House in astrology is often referred to as the House of Money.

This house revolves around the material world and how you value your wealth, possessions, and income, but also what you need to feel safe and how much you value yourself.

The condition of and placements in your Second House help to shape how you choose to earn money, your relationship with your material things, and what determines your self-respect.

  • earned income
  • financial planning
  • material possessions
  • your budget
  • wealth building
  • spending habits
  • your ability to earn
  • lending and borrowing
  • what makes you feel secure
  • your self-worth

Wealth and Debt

Not all of us view or handle cash in exactly the same way and the Second House can help bring some clues about this.

The Second House in your birth chart governs anything that affects your financial condition, from the way you earn and save to the possessions you buy.

Property is ruled by your Second House. This Second House not only expresses the ownership of your personal possessions but your feelings about your material things as well.

Do you like having a lot of things or are you more of a minimalist? Do you buy top-of-the-line or shop in the bargain bin? These details are defined in your Second House.

Ultimately, the emotions you get from the things you are surrounded with create your motivation to earn, spend, and build wealth.

four people all holding money fanned out in front of their faces, representing a 2nd house stellium

Second House territory also covers loans and the boundaries of what a person is comfortable with in terms of debt.

How easy is it for you to sign those loan documents or pay with your credit card? Do you do so optimistically or does it give you a sick feeling inside? Those are Second House questions.

Money management is a huge part of the Second House, but a lot of that is emotional, especially when it comes to lending and borrowing.

Whether or not you’re comfortable lending what you have to family or friends, for instance, falls in the Second House, which may fall more into “comfort level” and feelings rather than simple practicality.

Your Sense of Self Worth

The Second House in astrology not only covers the value you place on your personal resources but also on yourself.

Your Second House can offer clues as to what kinds of things you may be attaching to your self-respect.

Are you someone who feels great about yourself no matter what, or do you tie your self-worth to your job, wealth, looks, or anything else? Anything that you link your personal value to falls into Second House territory in your birth chart.

The stability of your self-esteem is also covered in your Second House. Does your sense of personal value usually stay rock solid, or is it easily shaken by even the most ordinary ups and downs in life? Your Second House in your natal chart can offer clues.

Feelings of Security

How secure you feel in life is ruled by your Second House.

Your sense of stability is tied to how much control you feel you have over your circumstances in the world. This could have to do with your material security, like your wealth, your property, or your income.

But, your sense of well-being could be related to other factors, like the people in your life, your spirituality, or how you perceive society.

Your Second House may offer details about whether you feel generally safe in life or if you constantly worry that ruin is just around the corner.

a 20 dollar bill stuck in a tree with red berries, representing lessons of a 2nd house stellium

2nd House Through the Signs

The sign of the Zodiac found on the cusp of your Second House will add more complexity and character to the way you think about and behave with your resources and your ideas about personal value.

This Zodiac sign will show you the style in which you may naturally experience your House of Money.

Aries 2nd House

The 2nd House in Aries is all about money, possessions, and how we see ourselves. People with this placement might be very confident and impulsive when it comes to finances, and they really value being independent and taking care of themselves. They may be self-driven and motivated to succeed.

Taurus 2nd House

If someone has the 2nd House in Taurus, they care a lot about money, possessions, and feeling secure. They might be very patient and reliable when it comes to finances, and they like to be practical and stay grounded. Stability and playing it safe may be important to them.

Gemini 2nd House

When someone has the 2nd House in Gemini, they may really adaptable and curious about finances, and might be interested in a lot of different ways to make money. Those with this placement may analytical when it comes to financial matters and value flexibility and variety. And, they may like to talk about money.

Cancer 2nd House

Those with the 2nd House in Cancer may tie their money, possessions, and sense of security with their emotions. They might be very careful and caring when it comes to finances, and they may be generous with family members. There also may be sentimental feelings when it comes to their things.

Leo 2nd House

Those with a Leo 2nd House may connect money and possessions with their confidence. They might be very bold and creative when it comes to finances and might enjoy luxury and being recognized for their success. Being able to express themselves and “be seen” may add to their feelings of self-worth.

Virgo 2nd House

Those that find their 2nd House in Virgo may exhibit a practical, detail-oriented, and analytical approach to financial matters, prioritizing organization and efficiency in their money management. They might tend to be frugal and cautious with their spending, valuing practicality over indulgence. This placement may suggest a strong work ethic and a preference for reliable, dependable investments over riskier ventures.

Libra 2nd House

Those with the 2nd House in Libra may exhibit a balanced, harmonious, and socially conscious approach to financial matters, valuing fairness and equality. They could tend to place great importance on aesthetics, enjoying the finer things in life. A Libra 2nd House may also suggest a tendency to be indecisive when it comes to spending and investing.

Scorpio 2nd House

People with their 2nd House in Scorpio may exhibit a focused, intense, and transformative approach to financial matters, valuing power and control. They may be strategic and calculated with their money. There could also be a desire for privacy and secrecy around financial matters or make them suspicious of others’ intentions or concerned about being taken advantage of.

Sagittarius 2nd House

The 2nd House in Sagittarius describes an energy that is free-spirited, adventurous, and optimistic when it comes to finances. Individuals with this placement may value independence when it comes to money and possessions, often seeking out new and different opportunities for financial gain. There may also be a tendency toward overindulgence.

Capricorn 2nd House

A 2nd House in Capricorn may shape a practical, disciplined, and goal-oriented approach to money. They may value hard work, financial stability, and long-term planning over short-term gains. People with this placement could be cautious and conservative when it comes to finances and their things.

Aquarius 2nd House

If someone finds their 2nd House in Aquarius, they might think differently about money than other people do. They may value their financial independence and be willing to invest in new, cutting-edge things. With an Aquarius 2nd House, they may also be interested in using their money or possessions for the greater good.

Pisces 2nd House

A 2nd House in Pisces may inspire a person to care more about their own feelings more than their money. They also may be quite interested in using what they have to help others. Those with a Pisces 2nd House may not see money as all that important and might not care as much about material possessions as others do.

What planet rules the 2nd House?

Venus is the ruler of the Second House.

The themes of Venus influence this house and include luxury, elegance, giving, values, greed, and envy.

Balance is another theme of Venus and one that is important to find in your Second House.

In addition to the placements in and condition of your Second House, the position of Venus will add another layer of detail to how you experience this house.

a pile of coins on a table with a piggy bank tilted above it so that its nose is touching the coins, representing the meaning of the 2nd house in astrology

Which planet is good in the 2nd house?

In my opinion, all of the planets can be “good” in the Second House because each of the planets has the potential to be expressed in a positive way and all planets have lessons to teach us.

Venus in particular could be considered good in the Second House because it is its planetary ruler and its energy may flow easily and unrestricted when it comes to the themes of money and value. Jupiter with its focus on abundance may also be a natural fit when it comes to building your bank account and money matters.

What is the 2nd House in astrology?

The 2nd House in astrology is one of the 12 astrological houses and is associated with possessions, financial security, and self-worth. One name for this house is the House of Money.

What does the 2nd House represent in a birth chart?

In a birth chart, the 2nd House represents the areas of life that involve financial security, material possessions, and self-worth. It can show how you earn and manage your money, your relationship with your possessions, and what determines your self-respect.

How does the 2nd House influence financial matters?

The 2nd House influences financial matters such as earned income, financial planning, wealth building, and spending habits. It can also indicate how comfortable you are with borrowing or lending.

How does the 2nd House impact self-worth and self-esteem?

The 2nd House influences your self-worth as it represents what you attach your personal value to. This house can shed light on what or if you tie your self-worth to external factors such as your job, wealth, or looks.

How does the 2nd House affect feelings of security?

The 2nd House is associated with feelings of security and well-being. It can indicate whether you feel generally safe and stable in life, or what types of circumstances could bring feelings of insecurity.

How do planets in the 2nd House affect the interpretation of this house?

The presence of planets in the 2nd House indicates that the matters of this house may play a more important role in your life. Planets found there offer more insight as to which parts of your psyche are most tied up in this house and also how you may experience it.

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