The 3rd House: Your Guide to The House of Communication

The 3rd House in astrology is associated with communication, learning, and exchanging ideas. It represents the way in which we process information and communicate with others, our relationships with siblings and neighbors, and short-distance travel.

What intriguing details does your 3rd House reveal about the way you convey your thoughts and ideas to others? Read on to find out!


  • The 3rd House rules communication and thinking.
  • This house also shapes familiar relationships and local travel.
  • Planets sitting in your 3rd House will affect your experience.
3rd house

The Meaning of the 3rd House in Astrology

In astrology, the 3rd House is often called the House of Communication.

While this is your natal chart’s center for speaking and listening, there is more to it than that.

Your 3rd House also helps to shape how you learn and think.

Beyond that, some familiar territory is also a part of this house.

People like siblings, cousins, and even neighbors are included. Local or regional travel and moving about your neighborhood are also described in your 3rd House.

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Transportation
  • Short-range travel
  • Learning and early education
  • Siblings and cousins
  • Neighbors
  • Perceiving and gathering knowledge
  • Thinking
  • Memory

The 3rd House Rules How You Communicate

Your communication style is detailed in your 3rd House.

This includes how you get your point across to others.

It also details how you may feel about communicating and what you like to talk about.

Is it details and facts that you love to share with others or new and innovative ideas, or is it emotions or even taboo topics that you find yourself talking about?

Where and how you like to talk also falls into the territory of the 3rd House.

Do you prefer to speak with only small groups of people that you already know and trust, or does public speaking light you up?

four people with wine glasses standing around having a conversation and smiling

But, speaking is only half the battle when it comes to communication, and listening is just as important.

The way in which we take in and perceive information we take in is different for each of us.

Everyone has a unique “filter” that they listen through that colors that information in a certain way. The phrase “you hear what you want to hear” fits this perfectly.

And, what we hear affects how we respond to it.

This is like a feedback loop as you hear what you want to hear, respond accordingly, and then those around you react to it in a way that fulfills what you “heard.”

Your 3rd House helps to describe what kind of “loop” you may find yourself in when it comes to listening and responding.

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The 3rd House Rules How You Think

The way your mind operates is another part of your life that is described in the 3rd House.

More specifically, it rules the part of your mind that handles language, reasoning, and analytical thinking.

Your 3rd House is all about perception and how you pull in, categorize, and later share knowledge and what you have observed.

Everyone’s mind operates differently, and your 3rd House may offer clues as to the style in which your mind takes in information and your memory.

The 3rd House Rules Early Education

Along with how you think, the 3rd House represents how you were taught.

This doesn’t include college, which is more 9th House territory, but rather earlier schooling experiences.

The condition of your 3rd may offer insight as to what your early learning style was.

And, it could shed light on how you experienced your education.

Was this a learning environment where expressing feelings and imagination was encouraged or were your instructors strict taskmasters who thought children should be seen and not heard?

The 3rd House Represents Your Siblings

a family preparing a meal around the kitchen island

Sibling relationships are covered in this house, as are your connections to non-parental relatives like cousins.

The dynamics of how you interact with or view your brothers and sisters can be shaped by the condition of your 3rd House.

Do you cherish every moment you get with your siblings, or does it always seem to be a power struggle? Is there the feeling that you depend on each other for emotional support, or have you never really felt like you fit in with them?

Some of the particulars when it comes to how you are tied to your brothers and sisters fall into 3rd House territory.

The 3rd House Rules Neighbors and Travel

people walking in the city, this is a 3rd House type experience

Your local environment is another part of life detailed in the 3rd House.

The style in which you move about in your area or region is laid out here. This is travel that doesn’t seem foreign where the customs and way of life seem familiar to you.

Perhaps you are someone that has to get out of the house every day to see and be seen, or maybe you dread leaving your comfort zone to deal with public transportation.

Clues as to how you feel about traveling in your city or neighborhood can be found in your 3rd.

But, you can also gain insight into how you experience this type of travel.

Maybe it seems like the world is your oyster when you step out of your house with green lights popping up just before you hit the intersection and each line you choose when checking out is the fast one.

Or, it could be that you have the opposite experience where every time you run errands it feels like a grind full of long lines, car trouble, and puddles you didn’t see until it was too late.

These are both 3rd House experiences.

Beyond traveling about in your region, familiar faces in your neighborhood, such as neighbors, and your interactions with them are also covered in your 3rd House.

What planet rules the 3rd House?

Mercury is the ruler of the 3rd House.

The themes of Mercury are similar to that of the 3rd House. Thinking, speaking and listening, and collecting data are the territory of the planet Mercury.

Mercury’s condition and placement will also help to flavor how you think, communicate, and learn.

How does each planet influence my 3rd House?

In your natal chart, there are many placements and factors that will influence how you experience your 3rd House.

The presence of natal planets within it can play a crucial role in shaping its expression.

Not everyone has planets hanging out in their 3rd House, but if you find one there, here is a brief rundown of how their presence might affect you.

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The Sun in the 3rd House

Your Sun is the core of who you are.

If you find your Sun in the 3rd House, you may have a strong need for self-expression and a desire to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others.

You may be confident when it comes to communication and your mind may work in an analytical and logical way.

With the Sun in your 3rd House, you may love writing and public speaking, and you could be quite skilled at it.

Exploring new places and meeting new people may be something you are drawn to, and you may find yourself picking up conversations with people everywhere you go.

You may be curious, have a love of learning, and have the desire to share your insights with others.

The Moon in the 3rd House

Your Moon is your emotional center.

The Moon in your 3rd House can shape an emotional approach to communication.

You may be highly attuned to your own feelings and the emotions of others, and you may communicate with a strong sense of empathy and compassion.

The intuitive and imaginative Moon in your 3rd could influence a natural talent for creative writing or storytelling.

There could be a great emotional tie to your siblings and at times it could feel like you are “mothering” them.

Mercury in the 3rd House

Mercury rules the 3rd House and is at home here.

With Mercury in the 3rd House, you may have a natural talent for speaking or writing.

You may love to talk to anyone and everyone in earshot, finding out what they know and sharing what you’ve learned in return.

Learning may be a lifelong passion and something you do because of your insatiable curiosity, not just to get a leg-up in your career.

Exploring your region through travel may be a passion as this is just one more way to see more and learn more.

Talking with your siblings may be something you love, although the emotional connection could be a struggle at times or something that simply isn’t a huge part of those relationships.

Venus in the 3rd House

Venus is the planet of love and relationships.

With Venus in your 3rd House, you may be great at conveying your thoughts and ideas to others in a charming and appealing way, one that could make you very popular.

Your communication style may be sensitive and empathetic, with a desire to connect with others through compassion and understanding.

With Venus in the 3rd House, you may have a love of learning about the arts and humanities.

Sibling relationships may be quite caring and displaying mutual respect may play an important role. There may be lots of hugs!

Mars in the 3rd House

Mars is the planet of staking your claim in the world.

With Mars in your 3rd House, your communication style may be confident, assertive, and decisive, with a strong desire to make your opinions known.

Those listening may be inspired by your optimism and determination, perhaps shaping you into a natural-born leader.

Debate may be something that you love, although you may need to beware of using your voice in an aggressive or hostile way.

You may have a warm relationship with your siblings or cousins, but there could also be competitive undertones.

When it comes to travel, new adventures and physical activity may be things you enjoy.

Jupiter in the 3rd House

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion.

The placement of Jupiter in your 3rd House could amplify your desire to talk with others and could shape you into an enthusiastic speaker who never grows tired of good conversation.

Jupiter in your 3rd House can shape a passion for learning about new places and cultures, and also reinforces the desire to share this knowledge with others.

You may be quite open-minded and feel as though you will never have time to learn all that you want to know.

Saturn in the 3rd House

Saturn is the planet of limitations and discipline.

With Saturn in your 3rd House, you may have had difficulties or challenges related to communication or learning in your early life.

You may have had to work harder than others to understand or express yourself, or maybe you had a strict or critical teacher who made learning difficult.

But, this planet in the 3rd House can also shape a strong drive for intellectual discipline and the ability to overcome anything that gets in the way of learning or communicating.

You may be highly analytical and methodical in your thinking with a serious and responsible approach to learning and studies.

There may be a strong sense of duty when it comes to your siblings and they may know that you will always show up for them when they need you.

Uranus in the 3rd House

Uranus in the planet of the rebel and genius.

With Uranus in your 3rd House, you may have a very unique communication style that is all your own.

You may be drawn to unconventional or innovative knowledge and may be fantastic at adapting to new ideas and technologies.

Uranus in your 3rd could shape a talent for coming up with original or unusual ideas, things no one has ever thought of before.

But, you may also be resistant to traditional ideas or forms of education.

With this placement, you have a need to share your unique voice and ideas with the world, no matter what others may think of them.

Neptune in the 3rd House

Neptune is the planet of mysticism and oneness.

If you find Neptune in your 3rd House, you may have a heightened sensitivity when you speak with others, and may even “know” what they are feeling or thinking before they even share it.

You may have a great imaginative mind with a natural talent for artistic or creative expression.

Spiritual or metaphysical subjects may be topics that you love to learn about.

With Neptune in your 3rd House, you may be quite compassionate with your siblings and neighbors, making sure you help them with whatever they need while also nurturing them emotionally.

Pluto in the 3rd House

Pluto is the ruler of transformation and power.

The placement of Pluto in your 3rd House could influence you to be drawn to deep, intense, and probing conversations where you may have a talent for getting to the heart of a matter.

With Pluto in your 3rd House, you may be driven to uncover things that other people are hiding and prefer others not find out. You may love to dig deep into the mysteries of the mind.

You may also be a great listener who is capable of talking with people at the most difficult moments of their life or about the toughest subjects, helping them work through it and heal.

You may be sensitive to the emotional needs of your siblings, but, there may also be power struggles and you might know the exact thing to say to them during an argument that will hurt them the most.

a sign that reads "hello neighbor come on in." The 3rd House covers the territory of neighbors and local travel.

Which planet is good in the 3rd house?

From my perspective, all the planets can be viewed as “good” in the 3rd House because each planet has the capacity to be expressed in a positive manner, and all planets offer valuable lessons for personal growth.

Mercury, in particular, can be considered a good placement in the 3rd House because it is its planetary ruler and its themes of learning and communication mesh well with the 3rd House.

How does each sign influence my 3rd House?

The Zodiac sign on the cusp of your 3rd House will uncover more about the style in which you communicate, think, or interact with your siblings.

Its characteristics and motivations will help to shape how you experience your 3rd House of Communication.

For more information on how each of the signs could shine through, check out our collection of articles on each sign through the lens of the 3rd House.

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