4th House Stellium: Planets in the House of Home

If you find 3 planets or more in your 4th House then you have a stellium. With this much concentrated planetary energy, Fourth House matters such as family dynamics and your truest view of yourself may play a central role in your life.

In what ways could this cluster of planets in your 4th House affect your sense of home? Read on to learn more!

an image of the 4th house of a natal chart with with words "what does it m ean to have a 4th house stellium?"

What is a 4th House Stellium?

Any 3 planets sitting in your 4th House is called a 4th House stellium. 

A stellium is like a flashing light in your natal chart pointing you to an important area of your life that you can’t ignore.

example chart showing a 4th house stellium

Above is an example natal chart with a 4th House stellium that includes their Sun, Venus, and Mercury.

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One name for the 4th House is the House of Home. Here you are creating a home for yourself, both physically and within.

With a stellium placement in your 4th House, the influence your family had on you growing up and the thoughts you have about yourself because of them could play a pivotal role in your life.

Issues surrounding your homelife or self-image could be exaggerated, out of the ordinary, or minimized depending on the planets that make up your stellium.

The planets of your 4th House cooperate, blending parts of your mind, body, and spirit to work through 4th House matters.

Your Fourth House stellium will play a leading role in your chart reading along with your Big 3, your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.

So what might you expect with a 4th House stellium in your natal chart?

An infographic about the fourth house stellium

What Does it Mean to Have a 4th House Stellium?

Each house offers opportunities for growth, but with multiple planets in your 4th House, it could be extra pivotal in your life.

Your stellium may intensify the matters of your 4th House, amplifying them or making them more of a constant in your life. Some areas of life detailed in your 4th House include:

  • Your family and lineage
  • How your parents shaped you
  • The parent you are closest to
  • Who you really think you are, deep down
  • Your home
  • The most private version of yourself

With the stellium present and so much energy in your 4th House, some pitfalls to watch for with this placement could be:

  • A sense that, deep down, you are bad or not good enough
  • Issues with parents
  • An inability to show your true self to others
  • Feelings of instability
  • Struggles creating a safe or relaxing home environment

Of course, how you experience your 4th House stellium will depend on many factors, including the planets included in your 4th House stellium.

You may or may not encounter any of the struggles above, but with a stellium present in your 4th House of Home, this list could be something you “check in with yourself” about and reflect on from time to time.

Finding a stable foundation and soft place to land at the end of the day, creating a positive self-image, and striking a healthy balance between showing the world your “social mask” and who you truly are may all be valuable lessons that your 4th House stellium has to offer.

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