6th House Stellium: Planets in the House of Servants

If 3 planets or more planets inhabit your 6th House then you have a stellium. With that much planetary energy concentrated there, Sixth House matters such as work and health could be extra important parts of your life.

So how could this influential placement of planets affect your life? Keep reading to find out!

an image of space with the 6th house of a natal chart on top and words that say "what does it mean to have a 6th house stellium?"

What is a 6th House Stellium?

Any collection of 3 planets or more in your 6th House, is called a 6th House stellium. 

A stellium is like a giant spotlight in your natal chart directing you to an important area of your life that you can’t ignore.

example of a natal chart showing a 6th house stellium

Above is an example of a birth chart with a 6th House stellium including the Sun, Venus, and Mercury.

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The 6th House is often called the House of Servants. This idea of “servants” describes the way in which you contribute to the world by doing work. What do you actually do and how do you do it?

Sixth House business also includes your health and how you take care of yourself.

With a stellium in the 6th House, your job or craft and your relationship to your health may play a pivotal role in your life, and your work-life balance could be intense, out of the ordinary, or lacking depending on which of your planets are included in your stellium.

Your 6th House stellium planets meld and blend their efforts together, combining pieces of your mind, body, and spirit to work together through your 6th House.

The stellium in your 6th House will be a major player in your chart reading in addition to your Big 3 (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant).

So what might it mean for your life to have a stellium in the 6th House of your natal chart?

an infographic about a sixth house stellium

What Does it Mean to Have a 6th House Stellium?

You are capable of learning and growing from experiences from every house in your birth chart, but having multiple planets in your 6th House could mean that this house will be extra significant.

Your stellium could bring 6th House business to the forefront in your life, exaggerating it or making it more of a constant. Some of these parts of life described by your 6th House include:

  • The work or craft you choose
  • Your work style
  • The way you interact with coworkers
  • Mentorship you seek in your job or craft
  • How well you monitor your health
  • Your relationship to exercise and wellness

With the possibility that 6th House matters could be heightened or a recurring theme in your life, some pitfalls to watch out for could be:

  • Workaholism
  • Obsession with fitness or diet
  • Ignoring your health
  • Struggling to find the right type of work for you
  • Too serious or not serious enough at work
  • Strained relationships with coworkers
  • Difficulty setting boundaries on how hard you will work for or help others

Of course, how you experience your stellium in the 6th House will be dependent on the planets included in your stellium and the condition of the rest of your natal chart.

The list above may or may not be challenges that you face, but with a stellium in your 6th House of Servants, this list could be matters that you “check in with yourself” about and reflect on.

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