Aquarius 3rd House: The Ultimate Guide

Idealistic Aquarius in the 3rd House of your birth chart may influence you to be an original and perceptive communicator. You may be good at bringing brilliant insights into a conversation but may struggle to take the feelings of others into consideration when speaking.

So what should you know with an Aquarius 3rd House? Keep reading to find out.


  • Aquarius in your 3rd House could bring genius ideas.
  • Becoming argumentative in conversation is also a possibility.
  • Also, look at Uranus’ and Saturn’s location and 3rd House planets.
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What does it mean if Aquarius is in my 3rd House?

There are many important placements to consider in your natal chart, one of which is the condition of your 3rd House.

But how can a 3rd House in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius influence you and your life?

The Zodiac Sign of Aquarius

Aquarius is innovative and forward-thinking.

This is often thought of as the sign of the rebel or nonconformist as Aquarius tends to march to the beat of its own drum.

Freedom to explore and express its unique ideas and perspectives is vital for Aquarius, although this can make it seem aloof or detached at times.

Aquarius has a strong sense of social justice and values equality and progress.

Intellectual curiosity pushes this sign to seek out new ways of doing things, and it has the potential to come up with its own genius ideas as well.

For Aquarius, pushing boundaries and living by its own set of ideals is essential, even if that means upsetting people who would prefer it does things the traditional or typical way.

Some of Aquarius’ traits:

  • Innovative
  • Nonconformist
  • Independent
  • Humanitarian
  • Loyal
  • Community-oriented
  • Intellectual
  • Curious
  • Unique
  • Open-minded

While we have to understand the traits of Aquarius when thinking about this placement, we have to remember to keep it in the context of the 3rd House, however.

The 3rd House in Astrology

The name the House of Communication represents some of what the 3rd House depicts in a natal chart, but there is actually a lot more to it.

This house describes how you converse with others, but it also reveals how you listen.

The 3rd House is the screen or filter that everything you hear must pass through as it penetrates your mind.

This is perfectly described as “you hear what you want to hear.”

In addition to communication, the way you think and how your mind operates is described by the 3rd House.

Another part of life that falls into the territory of the 3rd House is your relationship with your siblings and other non-parental, but close relatives like cousins.

And, the way you interact with people that you see often in everyday life, such as neighbors, is also defined here, as is what many refer to as “short journeys,” like places you go that feel routine or non-foreign.

Third House Meaning:

  • Talking
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Relationships with siblings
  • Early education
  • Your local environment
  • Short-distance travel
  • Thinking and learning
  • Neighbors and neighborhood

Want to learn more about your 3rd House in astrology? Find out more in our 3rd House guide found here.

Aquarius 3rd House Meaning

If your natal chart has an Aquarius 3rd House, this sign is going to help describe how you communicate with the world.

With Aquarius in your 3rd House, your way of communicating may be bold and smart.

You may bring up perspectives and ideas that no one else had even dreamed of.

Connecting the dots and quickly getting an accurate grasp of the big picture of a subject or issue may be something you are fantastic at.

an example chart showing an aquarius 3rd house
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One thing that Aquarius always has to be is itself. In your 3rd House, Aquarius may inspire you to communicate in an original and unique way that is all your own.

Brainstorms, moments of inspiration, and flashes of insight, all go hand-in-hand with Aquarius. So with an Aquarius 3rd House, you may have brilliant ideas that seem to just pop into your head.

Because the way you think or communicate may be so different than what those around you are used to, this could ruffle some feathers.

But, in true Aquarius fashion, this may not bother you whatsoever. Behaving in a certain way just to fit in is not something Aquarius concerns itself with.

With Aquarius in your 3rd, your familiar relationships, such as that with siblings or neighbors may not seem ordinary to others. Or, there may be a sense that you don’t belong or are too different to fit in with them.

Aquarius in your 3rd House may bring unexpected or unique experiences your way when you are out and about.

If it feels as though strange or uncommon things just seem to happen to you when you’re running errands or taking short trips, you may have your Aquarius 3rd House to thank for that!

Aquarius 3rd House Strengths

  1. Always honest: Aquarius is a sign that is always seeking the truth, so in your 3rd House this may shine through as complete honesty. You may be someone who always speaks the truth, no matter how difficult it may be and no matter the consequences.
  2. Inventive: Some describe the mind of Aquarius in the 3rd as a genius. This sign is able to perceive things in a way no one else can. In your 3rd House, Aquarius may bring insightful and new ideas that have the potential to inspire, excite, or even scare those around you if your thoughts are too ahead of their time.
  3. Look ahead: Some signs love to reminisce and celebrate the past, but not Aquarius. This sign only wants to look ahead. In your 3rd House, this could translate as the ability to ignore past assumptions and take in information in a fresh light.
  4. Unwavering convictions: Aquarius is idealistic. Justice and equality are paramount for this sign. With an Aquarius 3rd House, you may be great at speaking about your views on social issues and aren’t scared off by what others may think or who may disagree with you.
  5. Open-minded: Because Aquarius is so forward-thinking, “the way it’s always been done,” is not a valid reason to think or act a certain way. In fact, when preconceived notions such as these come up that is an invitation for Aquarius to shatter them with logic and reasoning. In your 3rd House, this sign may inspire you to consider all sorts of new and different ideas and ways of thinking.

Aquarius 3rd House Weaknesses

  1. Anxious: In the 3rd House, Aquarius has an incredibly active mind. It could be so active that it is actually hard to turn it off. In the 3rd House, this could also come off as being scattered when speaking with someone.
  2. Struggles with emotions: Aquarius is an air sign and runs on logical thinking. In the 3rd House, this sign may struggle to involve emotions in conversation because of the heavy emphasis on reasoning alone and has the potential to come off as harsh or detached.
  3. Argumentative: This is a sign that can be fantastic at standing its ground in a debate. When taken too far, however, Aquarius in the 3rd House could argue just for argument’s sake. If someone states an opinion, you may not be able to help yourself and offer up the opposing view.
  4. Won’t consider old ideas: Being forward-thinking can be a great strength, but for Aquarius in the 3rd House it could also lead to an unwillingness to consider the “old way” of doing things as a valid option. With an Aquarius 3rd House, you may shut yourself off from valid ideas simply because they aren’t new.
  5. Doesn’t fit in: Individuality is extremely important to this sign. Aquarius has to be itself. But in your 3rd House, Aquarius could shape the persona of the “outcast” and in conversations or with siblings you may get the feeling that you don’t quite “belong.”
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What else could influence an Aquarius 3rd House?

Aquarius on your 3rd House will definitely shape this house, but there are many more factors to take into consideration when understanding how you may experience your 3rd, such as planets.

Aquarius’ Planetary Rulers: Saturn and Uranus

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (modern) and Saturn (traditional).

With Aquarius in your 3rd house, wherever Uranus and Saturn are positioned in your natal chart is going to add to how Aquarius is expressed through your 3rd House.

Uranus in Libra, for example, may temper some of Aquarius’ independence. This could make the sign a bit more concerned about how its words could affect others. But, Libra could also galvanize Aquarius’ desire for equality.

Saturn in Gemini could push Aquarius’ love of learning even further and also boost this sign’s predisposition for anxiety.

Planets in your 3rd House

Any planets that you find sitting in your 3rd House will also influence how you experience your 3rd House.

For example, if you find Mars in your 3rd House, your debate style may have a bit more fire and passion. There may be a bit of rivalry between you and your siblings.

Jupiter in your 3rd House? Aquarius’ potential to have multiple ideas and thoughts streaming into its mind could be expanded by Jupiter’s influence. Your mind may be hungry to learn and your ability to connect the dots and perceive big-picture ideas could be amplified.

Of course, the descriptions given in this article are a very broad and loosely defined representation of how Aquarius in the 3rd House could be expressed because there are so many factors in your chart to consider.

However, this article should begin to offer you an idea of how Aquarius in your 3rd House could influence how you think and interact with the people in your life!

How could having an Aquarius 3rd House affect me?

With an Aquarius 3rd House, your thoughts and communication style may be unique and, at times, brilliant. Speaking your truth may be important for you, even if it ruffles a few feathers.

What are the strengths of an Aquarius 3rd House?

Some strengths that may come with your 3rd House in Aquarius are honesty, open-mindedness, genius ideas, unwavering convictions, and forward-thinking.

What are the weaknesses of an Aquarius 3rd House?

Weaknesses that may come with an Aquarius 3rd House are anxiousness, struggling with emotion in communication, an argumentative nature, rejecting all old or traditional ideas, and having a feeling that you don’t fit in among your siblings or in conversations.

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