The Mode of Aries: Declaring your independence

Sure, Aries is a fiery sign of the Zodiac, but so are Sagittarius and Leo. If that is the case, why are they so different from each other? Why would Aries’ fire burn in its own unique way? There are a few reasons, but for part of the answer, we need to look no further than the modalities, or Aries’ mode.

The mode of Aries is cardinal. The cardinal modality is that of new beginnings. This energy helps to influence Aries to forge ahead at full speed and plow new paths. Direct and decisive, the cardinal mode pushes Aries toward initiating new conquests, whether they be at work, play, or in love.

Keep reading to learn more about how the cardinal mode affects Aries and what this modality may mean for you!

a female boxer sparring to illustrate aries mode

How the Cardinal Mode Comes Out in Aries

The cardinal modality represents the birth of a new season. For Aries, this birth is the beginning of spring. After months of death and scarcity comes a burst of new life as spring emerges. This new life has to be brave to enter into a post-winter world. It has to dive in, find food where it can, fight for it if it must, and assert its right to live. This looks much like the cardinal modality playing out in Aries.

There are 3 other signs that Aries shares this mode with, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra. However, Aries is the only fire sign among these, so even though they share the cardinal mode, it plays out differently in each of the signs.

Ambitious and Intense Energy

The element of Aries is fire and to experience a fiery sign is to experience a burst of energy. They are not known to sit still and drive themselves through life, full of action. Combine this fire with cardinal energy that likes to take the initiative and start things and you have an unstoppable combination.

The combination of cardinal and fire energy influences Aries to have dominant, dynamic energy that inspires them to charge into the world headfirst and claim their territory. This is an energy of ambition to start something new and make their own way. Fire and cardinal energy definitely make an intense combination!

Courageous and Assertive

The ruler of Aries is Mars, the planet of battle and will. Mars adds a touch of aggression and assertiveness to this mix of initiative from the cardinal modality and the outpouring of energy from the fire element. It takes courage to start new things and claim your place in the world, and Mars brings it for Aries.

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The words “aggression” and “assertiveness” may seem like a negative way to describe someone, but this isn’t necessarily the case. We all want to believe that we are “civilized people” who wouldn’t purposefully try to overpower someone or turn to violence, but the moment we are threatened, or especially if our loved ones are threatened, it can flip a switch in us that is only concerned with one thing: survival. This is where Mars shines.

Mars energy supplies the bravery and will for Aries to assert itself in the new endeavors cardinal energy inspires. Put all of this together and you get a more clear picture of Aries, an independent sign with incredible survival instinct. Persistent and bold, honest, and enthusiastic, they are ready to move in a new direction and their optimism inspires others to want to follow.

a bmx biker doing a jump, illustrating aries mode

Aries Goals

If the goal of Aries had to be narrowed down to just one, it would be to prove themselves. If they want to express to the world that they have the right to be here, they are going to have to prove it. But how? Through taking action.

Aries would not be content to sit around and contemplate how to get what they want, they are going to go do something about it. At first, this may be scary for Aries! However, facing fears helps Aries to grow and their soul to evolve.

For Aries, surrender is out of the question. If they want to forge ahead, be first, survive, claim what is theirs, and they do, then they will need to prove themselves worthy by going to get it at any cost. This may be true at work, in their love life, home life, or their favorite sports or hobbies, but somewhere in Aries’ life, there is something they are fighting to prove, and don’t expect them to give up.

an intense business woman walking

Aries Strengths

Many astrologers feel that every sign of the Zodiac inspires a specific set of goals and needs. Many also think that each sign imparts a helpful set of tools that assist people in realizing these goals. When we think of the traits of each sign of the Zodiac, some of what we would describe are these tools in action.

For Aries, if the goal is to prove themselves, they would need some tools to help them with that. One of these tools is resiliency. Some may call it stubbornness, but resiliency sounds a bit more positive!

When you grab life by the horns in order to stake your claim in life, you’re probably going to get knocked down a few times! Resilience comes in handy for Aries and helps them to dust themselves off, get back up, and at it again. A good dose of Aries optimism also helps in this regard.

Another strength that Aries brings to the table is competitiveness. Aries needs to assert themselves and take their rightful place in the world. Sometimes, however, there is someone already there! The competitive nature of Aries gives them the ability to size up their opponent and go head to head with whoever has what they want. This isn’t to say that Aries is an arrogant brute. They are generally very warm and easy to get along with. Just be careful not to stand in their way!

One more asset Aries comes with is spontaneity. Their cardinal energy is pushing them toward starting new things and Aries isn’t going to sit around and contemplate these new endeavors long before they dive in headfirst! Aries is decisive. If they want to do something or try something, they will act with little thought. This is a great asset when making decisions under stressful circumstances. Thinking too much about it and you may either freeze up or fail to act before tragedy strikes, whether on the home front or in the board room. Aries’ spontaneous nature allows them to act without much thought, giving them an edge. Spontaneity can also make them pretty fun to be around as new adventures and experiences are Aries bread and butter!

Aries Challenges

Every coin has two sides, and this holds true for Aries as each strength, when taken too far, can become a challenge. Enter the shadowy side of Aries.

Resiliency and a stubborn nature can get you far, but they can also get people annoyed with you. When played out too far, Aries can become belligerent. Pushing others too far, or pushing themselves too far, their drive ahead, never say die attitude has the potential to turn others off. Aries may love to be first, but others may like to be first once in a while. Aries also likes to blaze the trail, but there are times when others may not feel like following. A balanced Aries should “read the room” once in a while and make sure that their awesome intensity isn’t overpowering those they want to lead.

This same resiliency, when out of balance, also has the ability to force themselves too far, past a point that is healthy. They may work themselves into exhaustion or take risks that shouldn’t be taken. The phrase “check yourself before you wreck yourself” rings true for Aries.

Another pitfall for Aries could be that their competitive nature works in overdrive. Healthy competition is great, but there are very few times in a person’s life when they are actually fighting for survival. Too much competitive energy could express itself as aggression where there doesn’t need to be aggression. The intensity needs to match the situation.

Also, being overly competitive could drive people away. In the workplace, it could make it very difficult to work in a group. Some may struggle to trust an overly competitive Aries because they worry that they are only looking out for themselves. It could also come across as arrogance, a huge turn-off for most people.

From time to time, Aries may need to reflect on how they categorize the people they interact with and make sure that they aren’t viewing people as opponents who don’t need to be. Everyone competitor needs teammates, not just adversaries.

Aries Info

DatesMarch 21 – April 20
SymbolThe ram
ArchetypeThe brave warrior
GoalTo prove themselves and assert their right to exist
LovesAdventure, competition, freedom, to be first, to win
DislikesAuthority, boredom, losing, sitting still, feeling pinned down
StrengthsSpontaneity, optimism, courage, competitiveness, openness, warmth
ChallengesAggression, stubbornness, impatience, recklessness