Aries vs Taurus: How these signs stack up

Perhaps you and a friend or romantic interest have strong Aries and Taurus energy, or maybe these two signs are both prominent in your own chart. Either way, you may be wondering how the ram and the bull work together, things to expect, or areas to look out for. Let’s dive deep into an Aries vs. Taurus pairing and see how they measure up!

Read on to learn much more about the differences in Aries and Taurus, but also ways they can cooperate beautifully.

the symbol for aries and taurus set up in an aries vs taurus matchup

Aries vs. Taurus: Fire vs. earth

One way in which these two signs differ is in their elements. Aries is a fire sign and Taurus is of the earth element. But what does this mean, exactly?

Elements describe a sign’s overall nature, a set of traits that the signs of each element share.

The fire element lends its signs, including Aries , Sagittarius and Leo, an active, enthusiastic, and outgoing quality. These signs aren’t ones to think before jumping headfirst into something. For fire signs, it is all about the doing, and the sooner the better. They can be impulsive and even a bit self-centered, but also optimistic and never boring!

Contrast that with the earth element of Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. This element offers its signs a desire for practicality and productivity. These signs are centered, mature, and not ones to daydream or focus too much on feelings. However, before taking action, they will ask themselves if what they are about to do is actually functional or useful, if it will help bring them closer to a goal. When there is a job to be done that no one is excited about, yet it someone has got to do it, Taurus and the other earth signs may be the first to step up and get to work.

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So when thinking about Aries vs. Taurus in terms of their elements, fiery Aries will be restless, needing a new adventure to try, ready to rush in with confidence and see what happens, whereas earthy Taurus will be standing back, surveying the situation and thinking it may just be more practical to stay put, where it’s safe. It doesn’t crave adrenaline as Aries does.

It is easy to see how Taurus’ and Aries’ elements could cause tension with one wanting to go-go-go and one wanting to take the safe route. However, because of the differences in their elements, there is also great potential for these two signs to balance one another out with Aries encouraging Taurus to be a bit more spontaneous and Taurus offering Aries its cautious eye when Aries wants to leap before it looks.

Aries vs. Taurus: Cardinal mode vs. Fixed mode

Another consideration to make when thinking about Aries vs. Taurus is their mode. Modes, or modalities, describe the way in which a sign takes action.

Aries is of the cardinal modality, meaning that it is inclined to start things. The signs that share the cardinal modality, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra, love to get the ball rolling in life. But, this also means that it is more of a struggle for them to sustain their energy until the end.

Taurus, on the other hand, is of the fixed modality. Along with the other fixed signs, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo, Taurus’ has a great ability to continue and see through what has already been started. These signs have what it takes to persevere and hold steady, but it also means that change may not come so easily.

These differences can actually work well in an Aries vs. Taurus matchup because Aries can bring the energy needed to start something fresh and Taurus can persist with it.

Aries vs. Taurus: Mars vs. Venus

Another factor to consider when comparing Aries and Taurus are the planets that rule them. Aries is ruled by the planet of courage and will, Mars, and Taurus’ ruler is relationship-oriented, sensual Venus.

Mars encourages Aries to stand its ground and assert its presence in the world, even if it leads to conflict. Stress and adrenaline are by-products of Mars’ influence and Aries is built to handle it. This can look a lot like taking what it wants when it wants it and going after it with determination, with failure not being an option. It isn’t that Mars wants collateral damage in the form of others being hurt in the pursuit, but that possibility can’t get in the way of what needs to be done.

There is a huge contrast between Aries’ ruler Mars and Venus, the planet of love, which has rulership over Taurus. For Venus, it is all about relationships and the senses. Real love requires give and take, respect, and sometimes backing down when it benefits the relationship. There has to be peace for a relationship to be sustained, and Taurus seeks this kind of serenity. Venus also offers Taurus an appreciation of the beautiful things it sees, the wonderful smells and tastes it encounters, and definitely a fondness for the sense of touch. Venus urges Taurus to seek out what is cozy.

Planet rulership brings us another stark contrast in the Aries vs. Taurus matchup, and again, it is easy to see all of the many ways that ambitious and aggressive Mars and harmony-seeking Venus could bring contention to an Aries and Taurus pairing. However, it is also clear how the two distinctly different planets can complement one another. Mars-influenced Aries can encourage Taurus to stand up for itself when it truly needs to and Venus-ruled Taurus can remind Aries to let down its guard once in a while to stop and smell the roses.

Aries vs. Taurus: How they may work in harmony

We have seen the many ways that these two signs differ, but there are many ways in which Aries and Taurus work well together.

  • Taurus can hold steady, balancing Aries’ desire to jump into new things, and vice versa.
  • Aries can urge Taurus to find courage while Taurus can encourage Aries to seek peace.
  • Aries’ spontaneity can help negate Taurus’ potential to become stale or stuck in a rut.
  • Taurus can help keep Aries grounded.
  • In a romantic relationship, Taurus and Aries can both bring the passion, although Aries’ can be an explosive boiling over and Taurus’ is a bit more long simmer.
  • Both signs tend to seek simplicity and don’t like to overcomplicate matters, especially when it comes to feelings.
  • Because Taurus isn’t necessarily competitive, Aries may be able to let its guard down as it may not see Taurus as a threat, lessening the potential for conflict.

Aries vs. Taurus: Where there may be tension

As with any sign pairings, Aries and Taurus aren’t without their challenges. These are definitely not deal-breakers when it comes to the ability for Taurus and Aries to work well together, just areas to be aware of and watch out for.

  • Aries could find Taurus’ cautious and routine-oriented nature boring, and Taurus could tire of Aries’ constant need for adventure and action.
  • Taurus could be steamrolled by Aries’ assertive nature.
  • The stress that Aries thrives on could feel like too much for peace-seeking Taurus. On the other hand, Taurus’ need for serenity could feel like a lead weight to restless Aries.
  • If there is a lack of a competitive spirit in the relationship, Aries may not feel challenged enough by Taurus.
  • Because they both seek simplicity, there may be a lack of complexity or it may be difficult to deal with complex issues.
  • Aries wants what it wants and Taurus can obsess about its relationships, meaning that both have the potential to be possessive or jealous.

Aries vs. Taurus: The stats

SymbolThe RamThe Bull
StrengthsBravery, Confidence, Action, Passion, ResilienceRelationships, Calmness, Practicality, Stability, Sensual
ChallengesAggressive, Self-Centered, ImpulsiveStale, Overly-Cautious, Materialistic