Astrology Aspects: Your Cosmic Connections

Astrology aspects connections that form between planets in a natal chart, and they play a vital role in shaping our personalities and experiences. These cosmic conversations between planets are created by specific angles between them with some being friendly and supportive, and others being hostile.

What kinds of relationships do you find in your chart? Keep reading to find out!


  • Aspects are specific angles between two planets or points in a chart.
  • Soft aspects describe harmonious relationships.
  • More challenging connections are found with the hard aspects.
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What Are Aspects in Astrology?

Aspects are specific angles formed between planets or points in a person’s astrological chart.

These angles create connections that have a powerful impact on our personalities and life experiences.

Just imagine planets having a cosmic conversation, influencing each other in different ways based on their positions. Whichever angle is formed will determine how that conversation or relationship plays out, with some being friends and others more like enemies.

Understanding the aspects in your chart can shed light on areas where you may have incredible potential just waiting to be utilized, or parts of your life that may feel full or friction that needs to be worked through.

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Soft Aspects

Learn how these supportive and harmony-filled soft aspects can be a blessing, but also a curse in you’re not careful!

Hard Aspects

Any hard aspects in your chart can feel like a challenge, but also present incredible places to grow. Which do you have?

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a man and woman dressed up like at their wedding and walking across a road holding hands, representing a conjunction in astrology


This aspect is special because it creates a different kind of relationship than the others. Do you have a conjunction in your chart?

The Aspect Grid

Learn to locate aspects in your chart easily and without getting overwhelmed using the aspect grid!

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Aspect Symbols

Astrology AspectGlyphHard or SoftType
Conjunction (0°)NeutralMajor
Sextile (60)SoftMajor
Square (90°)HardMajor
Trine (120°)SoftMajor
Opposition (180°)HardMajor
Semi-sextile (30°)SoftMinor
Quintile (72°)QSoftMinor
Semi-square (45°)HardMinor
Sesquiquadrate (135°)HardMinor
Biquintile (144°)bQSoftMinor
Quincunx (150°)HardMinor