17 Surprising Things Astrology Is Used for Besides Horoscopes

If all you knew about astrology came from the movies or popular media, it would lead you to believe that astrology only serves two purposes, to make horoscopes and to predict the future. Yes, it is and will continue to be used for those purposes, but that is just the tip of a Jupiter-sized iceberg. Read on to find out many more things astrology is used for besides fodder for tabloids!

1. Self-help or personal development

I have heard natal astrology described as giving you a snapshot of your soul. The natal chart is also seen as a map that can show you where in life things may flow easily for you and what parts of life may trip you up.

It is a tool for understanding yourself and what could be more helpful than that when thinking about developing yourself into a more joyous, effective, successful, and balanced person?

One astrologer that I listen to and learn from, Eugenia Krok, uses astrology in her psychotherapy and grief counseling practice as a way to better understand her clients and help them better understand themselves. You can find her podcast, Accessible Astrology, here.

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2. Understanding your partner better

man kissing a woman's head

The art of synastry, combining and comparing the natal charts of two people, has been used for finding compatible couples for ages. It is still used for analyzing compatibility today, but let’s be real. The heart wants what it wants.

Any two people, regardless of their charts, can learn to exist in a healthy relationship just like any people with two seemingly harmonious charts can get themselves stuck in a trainwreck of a marriage.

Just because someone has the tools to get along with each other doesn’t mean they use them.

However, I feel synastry can play a huge role in helping a couple see where their weak spots may be in a relationship so that they can work on improving those tough areas before they even surface.

Sometimes simply understanding why your partner may act the way they do is enough to diffuse a tense situation. Combine that with the fact that your natal charts can help you both see where each other’s strengths are and that can be used to your advantage.

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3. Finding the right career for you

Just like with the synastry example, a natal chart shouldn’t keep you from taking a job you feel good about. However, if you are on the fence or aimless when it comes to your career, it can help steer you in the right direction!

Your natal chart is an invitation, enticing you toward the things in life that will make your heart sing and help evolve your soul. There are astrologers who specialize in career astrology, helping their clients pinpoint areas on their chart that show them what types of jobs and work environments may be a good fit for them.

This one hits home for me. I was a chronic job-hopper with, admittedly, no direction. The first time I looked at my chart with the purpose of understanding what career would suit me best it was so obvious that I laughed out loud. If you are also wandering aimlessly when it comes to your career, there is a map that can lead you to the right area!

4. Preparing for difficult times

This one sounds a whole lot like prediction, but it isn’t exactly. Transit astrology can look at the current and future movement of the planets and use that to see how it could “flavor” your mood or motivations at that time.

If it is noticed that transiting Saturn, for instance, is going to make a challenging aspect with another feature on your chart, you could have a chance to prepare yourself for the possibility of some sort of challenge to overcome at that time. But remember, challenge isn’t the same as disaster. A challenge is an invitation to grow!

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5. Time management

a clock on a white wall, symbolizing how astrology can be used for time management

So many species on this planet live out their days in sync with the movement of the moon. Humans were on this list, but for myriad reasons, this practice has been stamped out in these “modern” times. However, timing your month with the moon is making a comeback!

Flying quickly around the earth and through the Zodiac, the moon only stays in each sign for a little under 2.3 days. The Moon is the reflection of our soul, describing our general mood and emotional state. The sign the Moon is currently is infused with whatever is going on in each person’s natal chart.

This information can be used to help a person plan their month, knowing when they may feel a surge of energy and get new projects in their life rolling, and also seeing where they may feel more reflective and calm, and plan accordingly.

6. Business strategy planning

Do you have a big opportunity coming up where you need to make a pitch to a client? If you want your words to flow with the ease of a swiftly flowing stream, it may not hurt to see where Mercury will be transiting your chart, and make sure to avoid times where there are challenging aspects.

That is just one example of how astrology is used when making business decisions. The transiting planets are also used for this purpose for giving some insight into the general mood of clients. Might they feel expansive and open for new opportunities you throw their way, or may it be a time where they may feel more conservative and simply want to focus on their current strategy and double-down on making sure what they are already doing is as efficient as possible?

This type of planning has been used by royalty throughout human history and also by presidents in the White House.

7. Helping to raise happy children

What is fantastic about a natal chart is that you get it at birth and it never changes! What it shows can be incredibly useful when raising children.

This use of astrology definitely needs to be done carefully as a child should never be made to feel as though they have some destiny they need to fulfill, prepare for some inevitable career, or that they should be put in a certain box. With everyone, but especially with children, astrology should be used as a tool to help understand possibilities, not inevitabilities.

With that being said, the first time I began to analyze the charts of my 3 children my jaw dropped. Anyone that has more than 1 child has seen how you can give them the same love, same opportunities, same meals, but that they have different moods, motivations, and personalities from day 1. My children were teens when I first looked at their charts and there they were, described to me just how I know them, but through planets and signs.

Knowing what I now do about the mechanisms of my children’s souls, I can help guide them more effectively as I understand them in a better way. I can help them understand each other so they can get along better, and I can help them find direction when they need it that is based on them, not just my opinion.

Astrology Hub broadcasts a show called Seeds of Light that is dedicated entirely to parenting with the help of astrology and you can find it here.

8. Getting questions answered

neon sign that says "this is the sign you've been looking for," symbolizing that astrology can be used for answering questions

Have a burning question that you need an answer to? Horary astrology uses a system where the astrologer charts the time the question is asked and is able to offer a yes or no answer.

The practice of horary astrology is complex, taking years of study to master. Using the movement of the moon, the house system, and relying on aspects and placements of planets at the time the question was asked, horary astrologers answer questions such as “is my boyfriend cheating on me” or “should I move to Wichita or not.”

9. Protecting your health

Medical astrology is a branch of the practice that uses your natal chart and transiting planets to help pinpoint challenges in your health. While this should never take the place of medical care or a diagnosis, it is one more tool that some use as additional clues to what is making them sick, or medical conditions to watch out for.

Each house is believed to be responsible for specific parts of the body. This information, combined with the position of and transiting planets, is used to help spot areas of the body that may not be functioning properly.

10. Spirituality and finding meaning

Astrology has roots in more cultures and religions than I can mention here, yet to many modern religions, it is considered sacrilege. On the other end of the spectrum, while astrology and astronomy were once two sides of the same coin (heard of Kepler?), many in the scientific community now see astrology as a joke. Astrology doesn’t seem to “fit” in anywhere.

However, many astrologers consider their practice to be a spiritual science. Personally, I highly value the merit of science and the value it brings to society. However, the more I read about physics the more validity I see in the practice of astrology. Even Stephen Hawking, when contemplating the minute possibility of a universe like ours existing, mentioned that it is the stuff of religion.

And where I have been a seeker in my faith and struggled to find deep feelings through organized religion, astrology has made me feel a profound connection to the divine being and creator.

This is very personal and not everyone will feel a spiritual pull toward astrology, but that is ok and to each their own. To those who think it is crazy, I ask how it is any “crazier” than anything else people believe. Astrology gives some people a feeling of higher purpose, joy, empathy toward other beings, and a sense of connection to something greater than themselves. Sounds like a worthy spiritual practice to me.

11. Determining when you were born

Having an accurate natal chart is dependent on having an accurate time of birth, down to the minute. There are many circumstances that make this impossible, however.

Through the practice of rectification, astrologers can ask a series of questions about their life to that point and help to pinpoint a specific time of birth based on the timing of important life events.

Not every astrologer uses this practice so it is best to find one with experience!

12. Trading on the stock market

Just as every person has a time of birth, every stock has a first trade, meaning it has a “natal chart” of sorts. In a similar way that astrologers can read the forecast for a person based on the position and transiting planets, some astrologers read the forecast of the performance of a stock.

This isn’t a new practice, but it has come into the spotlight recently with a few astrologers posting their forecasts for cryptocurrency on social media platforms.

13. Agriculture

seeds sprouting in a field

Using astrology in agriculture has been done throughout human history and is one area where astrology is still used today and still considered “mainstream.” There is a long tradition of using the Moon signs to know when to plant, harvest, and even when to breed livestock.

This is still used today and the moon signs are even included on the Farmer’s Almanac website. The Small Farmer’s Almanac takes it one step further, giving the moon signs and then forecasting what should be planted under what moon.

14. Insight into past and future lives

For many astrologers, a natal chart and reincarnation are intertwined. They believe that a chart can show where a soul has been and where it is going.

In evolutionary astrology, for instance, Pluto and the nodes of the Moon are looked to for this purpose. The south node of the moon is who you were in your past and Pluto is believed to be what your intention was in those lifetimes.

The north node shows where your soul is headed or in what way your soul will evolve eventually. Resolving the needs of the past selves with the needs of the future selves is the name of the game when looking at a chart in this way.

15. Fertility and family planning

It is widely understood that many other species, including many that live in the ocean, have cycles that are timed with the Moon. Are humans included on that list?

Just as the moon is looked to in agriculture, it has also been used when forecasting when a woman can or can’t get pregnant. A woman’s cycle mimics the cycle of the Moon and there has been research that suggests that there is a connection between menstruation and full and new Moons.

Because of this, some women track their cycles right along with the cycle of the Moon. There is even an app, Stardust, that will help you do this.

16. Understanding your pet better

golden retriever puppy running, illustrating that astrology can be used for understanding pets better

Even with a single litter of nearly identical-looking puppies, you get dogs with vastly different personalities. Some are brave and forge ahead of their owners on walks and some are skittish, preferring the comfort of the couch over adventure.

If you are lucky enough to know the accurate birthday of your pet, you can find their sun sign just like you would on a human natal chart. Considering most people don’t breed their own pets, it is rare to know their birthday, but knowing a birth time is even rarer. For this reason, only the sun sign is usually referred to since both the Ascendant and Moon sign are more affected by the time of birth.

Have a pup born in early April? You may have a bold, outgoing, and inquisitive dog on your hands! Early May? Your dog may be more shy and reserved. Find more information on dog sun signs at Dogs Naturally Magazine here.

17. Predicting future events

Last but not least, astrology is used for predicting future events. I know this is the one always seen in the movies and used to stereotype astrologers, but it is one use of astrology nonetheless.

The practice of mundane astrology looks at planetary cycles, aspects, and eclipses, among other placements, to predict large events such as earthquakes, wars, pandemics, world-changing inventions, and sweeping social change.

Charts can be drawn using the specific time a major event occurred, such as the inauguration of a new president, or the latitude and longitude of a location can be converted into a chart.

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