Cancer Sign Strengths: Positive traits of the Crab

Cancer is a warmhearted energy in the Zodiac and this caring sign brings a wealth of compassion to the world.

If you have prominent Cancer placements in your astrological birth chart, what positive traits shine from the Crab shine in you? Keep reading to find out all of the great characteristics of Cancer and how this sign may influence your life!

a protest where a man is holding up a sign that says "free hugs" symbolizing Cancer astrology sign strengths and positive traits

1. Nurturing

A crab may not seem very comforting, but Cancer is the compassionate nurturer of the Zodiac. This sign genuinely cares about those around it and wants them to be safe, secure, and happy. Need a shoulder to cry on? Cancer is the sign for you, not only because they will be great at listening, but also because they want to share your emotional burden. They may even cry with you! Cancer is incredibly at taking care of those around them.

2. Stable

Cancer’s emotions may be a bit all over the place at times, but overall it is a stable sign. It can be counted on to be there for the people in its life. A safe home environment is paramount for Cancer so it will do what it needs to do to ensure it can provide a stable foundation and a secure nest for its family.

3. Domestic

Part of nurturing others is to take care of them, literally. For Cancer, this can come out as all things domestic. This sign was born to “mother” others, regardless of gender. Cancer wants to make sure that the needs of its loved ones are met and that they are thriving.

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4. Tenacious

Even though it is incredibly compassionate and domestic, don’t be fooled into thinking that Cancer is a pushover. Quite the contrary! When Cancer wants something, it goes after it. It is a cardinal sign which lends Cancer a strong will to push itself toward its goal with everything its got.

5. Protective

One place that Cancer showcases its tenacity is in protecting the people in its life. Think of Cancer as the “mama bear.” Most of the time it is peaceful, tending to its cubs, but threaten those cubs in any way and the teeth and claws come out! If Cancer feels as though its loved ones are endangered or being hurt in any way, its claws will also come out and it won’t stop until things have been set straight.

6. Sensitive

Being a water sign, Cancer has incredibly deep emotions. It is able to feel to a greater degree than most other signs and is also incredibly good at picking up on the emotional cues of others, so much so that Cancer may absorb the emotions of the people around it. Cancer may know and understand how you are feeling before you even realize how you are feeling. This trait makes Cancer a great person to have in your corner.

7. Helpful

Part of nurturing others is helping them and Cancer is fantastic at this. It wants to genuinely improve your life or make you feel better and it is prepared to lend a hand to help you get there. If you have a need, Cancer would like to help you fill it because when you are happier, Cancer is happier.

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8. Loves Unconditionally

Cancer’s relationships are incredibly important. It is a sign that needs to feel as though it is part of a group, a couple, or a family. Cancer needs to be needed by and belong to others. Luckily, to help it to achieve this, Cancer comes to this world with the ability to love others with an incredible depth. When Cancer loves someone, they are loved forever, despite their flaws or mistakes.

9. Selfless

Just like a mom, Cancer is able to give of itself even when it seems to have no more to give. Although this can sometimes get Cancer into trouble if taken too far, this characteristic can be a beautiful thing when used for people who are truly in need. Cancer views the world in terms of “we,” not “me.” If Cancer has the means to help or make someone feel better, it will go out of its way to do so.

10. Imaginative

The Moon rules Cancer and it lends the sign a rich and incredible imagination. Some astrologers believe that the Moon influences our access to our soul. With the Moon as its ruler, Cancer may find itself daydreaming and sometimes living in its own awe-inspiring world inside its head. Being creative also helps Cancer to let out emotions in another way, which can be a very healthy outlet.

11. Loyal

Once Cancer has brought you into its life, it has no desire to look for better options or greener pastures. Cancer is an incredibly loyal sign that takes its relationships very seriously. This is not a sign that typically acts like your friend one minute only to ignore you later to impress others. It is much too sensitive of a soul to behave in that way and being a part of a friend group would be much more important to Cancer than climbing to higher levels of society or popularity.

12. Romantic and Affectionate

Because of Cancer’s watery nature and Moon-inspired soul, it can be quite good at showing its affection. Cancer can utilize its sensitivity and imagination to shower its partner with impressive romantic gestures. This sign also may be comfortable with showing its affection in public, happily giving hugs to the people it cares about, no matter who is looking!

13. Great Memory

This sign of the Zodiac is very focused on the past. It can be quite sentimental and loves reminiscing and hearing old stories told again and again. Cancer may also have quite a good memory, being able to recall events from its past for quite some time. This can be a good trait for Cancer to have as long as it doesn’t find itself stuck in the past and unable to live in the present or move toward its future.

14. Deep Emotions

One last positive trait of the sign of Cancer that I will mention is its deep well of emotion. With this fluency in feelings, Cancer has the ability to help others to understand their own feelings to a greater degree. Cancer can help bring about healing in others by helping them sort through their emotions that they may be struggling with or that they don’t quite understand.