The Mode of Capricorn: Setting new goals to crush

Capricorn is one of the earth signs of the Zodiac, but so are Virgo and Taurus. So what makes those signs so different and makes Capricorn unique? To begin to find the answer, we need to consider the modalities or Capricorn’s mode.

The mode of Capricorn is cardinal. The cardinal modality is that of taking the initiative to set things in motion and its energy influences Capricorn to strive toward setting goals. The cardinal mode inspires disciplined and ambitious Capricorn to pursue achievement while living with pure integrity.

The cardinal mode helps to lend Capricorn its unique qualities in the Zodiac. Keep reading to learn more about Capricorn and what the cardinal modality may mean for you!

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Capricorn and the Cardinal Mode

In astrology, cardinal mode symbolizes the ushering in of a new season. For Capricorn, this new season is winter. At this time of year, any remaining warmth of spring has vanished and we are left with the unforgiving, relentless cold. Winter doesn’t fool around, and for our ancestors, they either had to prepare well in advance and were ready to try to live through it, or the harsh realities of winter brought them to their knees.

It isn’t until very recently in human history that we could be so carefree when winter hit. For our ancestors, winter was serious business and survival meant hard work, self-discipline, and not stopping until their tasks to prepare were finished. This is a snapshot of cardinal energy at play in Capricorn.

Capricorn doesn’t just get work done, Capricorn becomes their work. It is an integral part of who they are. They decide what it is they want to accomplish, push themselves, deny themselves comfort or rest and persist until it is realized and that part of them is fully expressed.

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The cardinal modality influences Capricorn to seek out practical challenges, take action toward planning their success, and then seals the deal by offering them a hungry and powerful inner drive that helps to propel them across the finish line. Cardinal mode helps make Capricorn the taskmaster of the Zodiac.

There are three other signs that share this cardinal mode, Aries, Libra, and Cancer. Capricorn, however, is the only earth element sign among them. So, although the four signs share this cardinal modality, there are differences in how they each express it.

Capricorn and the Earth Element

Capricorn’s element is earth and to experience an earth sign is to experience an energy of commitment and stability. They are not easily lured off of their path or tempted by “shiny object syndrome,” jumping from one new and exciting goal to the next. No, earth signs want to stay the course. To find success, they are ready to focus their concentration, set priorities, and commit to making what is in their mind a reality.

Dreamy ideas are much less valuable to earth signs than what is practical and realistic. Combine this earth energy with the cardinal modality that adds persistent ambition and you start to get a pretty good sense of patient and dependable Capricorn.

This combination of cardinal and earth energy inspires Capricorn to be deeply devoted to a continuous, albeit sometimes slow and methodical, evolution of themselves. This is an energy of determination and the need for results. Capricorn’s natural state is that of disciplined work.

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Capricorn and Saturn

The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, the planet of structure. Saturn doubles down on the strong work ethic and focus in Capricorn. It also adds an emphasis on self-sacrifice to this mix of ambition from the cardinal modality and stability from the earth element. This mixture of energies helps to make Capricorn one of the most work-focused signs of the Zodiac and one who is willing and able to give up whatever is needed in order to achieve what they have set their mind to.

As an earth element with a cardinal modality, Capricorn puts plans in motion and then makes them a reality. One way it expresses this is through its incredible ability to concentrate, supplied in part from Saturn. For Capricorn, Saturn offers up energy of contraction where possibilities and narrowed down and a wide field of ideas are sifted through until the most realistic one remains. Capricorn doesn’t follow whims and they are definitely not indecisive. Saturn makes sure of that. When it comes to what they want to accomplish, they have a one-track mind.

Saturn also loves to set boundaries so Capricorn likes to work within the limits society has placed on them. Capricorn doesn’t naturally “think outside the box” or break rules. They are generally socially conservative and appreciate the predictability that structure provides.

Capricorn’s Goal

If the goal of Capricorn had to be narrowed down to just one thing, it would be to fully express themselves through their work and actions. Capricorn can’t avoid taking on challenges and, because of Saturn’s influence, in order to succeed at them, they must endure difficulty, frustration, and possibly some failure on their way there.

Saturn does not make it easy for them, but to reach their evolutionary goals and grow as a person Capricorn has no other choice.

woman looking serious and holding a laptop, illustrating capricorn mode

Capricorn Strengths

Each sign of the Zodiac describes a specific group of desires, motivations, and needs. There are also many astrologers that believe that each of the sign also brings with them a toolkit of traits that help them along in their path toward achieving their goals. When you read about the archetypes of each sign, some of what is described are those tools in action.

For Capricorn, if the goal is to express themselves through work and action, they would need to come with some skills to assist them. One of those tools is responsibility.

By responsibility, I am not just talking about dependability, although Capricorn is definitely dependable. What I am talking about is dependability mixed with initiative. “I can do it, I’ll handle it, I’ll take care of it,” these are all things you would hear Capricorn say. They want to show the world who they are through what they do, so they are willing to step up and take the reigns.

This also takes a healthy dose of confidence between Capricorn would never agree to something that they didn’t truly feel they could accomplish. If they raise their hand to be responsible for achieving something, they already have no doubt in their mind that they can pull it off.

Another strength Capricorn brings to aid them is their self-respect. Because Capricorn needs to show the world what they are made of through their actions, they want to make sure they have something good to show. They need to believe in themselves, their abilities, and their good character. Capricorn has integrity, so it doesn’t matter what other people think about what they are doing. It only has to matter or mean something to Capricorn.

Capricorn works hard, but it isn’t for a ticker-tape parade, fanfare, or the approval of others. This keeps them more focused on chasing their goal and prevents them from getting distracted and wasting energy seeking rewards outside of themselves.

One other advantage that Capricorn brings with it is its stability, thanks to the earth element. Capricorn is able to stay the course and pour a ton of energy into their goal. This also makes them a great friend and loved one, as well. To have a Capricorn in your life is to have someone who will always have your back, come running when you need a hand, continuously offer their support, and be a strong shoulder for you to cry on. They are devoted and faithful in their love.

Capricorn Challenges

No one is at their best at all times, including Capricorn. They do bring with them incredible strengths, but every strength has the potential to become a challenge when pushed too far. Enter the shadow of Capricorn.

Capricorn is able to take on enormous challenges and accomplish much because of their remarkable work ethic and sense of responsibility and duty, but this also has the potential to cause problems. If not balanced, Capricorn can work themselves into the ground. Their high drive and unstoppable persistence can be a recipe for workaholism and completely neglecting their own personal needs and emotions if they aren’t careful.

A healthy Capricorn has to build in time to relax which is best done alone, preferably in nature. This is non-negotiable if Capricorn wants to keep from burning themselves out. But even this can be pushed too far by Capricorn and they can seek solitude too often and find themselves lonely and withdrawn. Finding balance is something Capricorn continuously needs to work toward.

Another struggle for Capricorn could be that they confuse their need for self-respect with a need for the approval of others. Being complimented feels good to everyone, even self-reliant Capricorn. But if they start to hunt for what other people want from them it throws them off course and confuses their own goals with that of others. Capricorn needs to express themselves through their work, not what others desire from them.

One other pitfall Capricorn could encounter is to find themselves stuck on a path that isn’t working well for them. Determination can turn to stubborn inflexibility if taken too far. Capricorn has a strong drive to stay the course, but they need to make sure it is the right course for them. If they have miscalculated where they should be directing their energy, Capricorn has the potential to just keep going and going, even if is in the wrong direction. Taking time away from their work at hand to be able to unwind and think can help keep Capricorn moving and growing.

Capricorn Info

DatesDecember 22 – January 19
SymbolThe sea-goat
DetrimentThe Moon
ArchetypeThe wise elder
GoalTo express themselves through work and action
LovesStructure, challenges, reliability, meaningful work
DislikesFantasy, spontaneity, dependency
StrengthsSelf-discipline, integrity, work ethic, perseverance
ChallengesWorkaholism, loneliness, inflexibility, ignoring personal needs