a woman peering through the branches of an olive tree, a Taurus moon is earthy

The Taurus Moon: A force for stability

Your Moon is one of the most important placements in your natal chart. Its placement helps to indicate your emotional climate, how you react, and what makes you happy, but also some hangups you may have. Having this important planet …

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a woman and man laughing while she is putting a strawberry from his breakfast into his mouth, illustration Jupiter as chart ruler

Jupiter Chart Ruler: How you keep the faith

Your chart ruler offers important clues as to how you see the world and how others see you in return. For some astrologers, its placement and condition are considered nearly as important as your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. With Jupiter …

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woman standing up straight and looking confident on top of a rock formation on a mountain, symbolizing Mars as chart ruler

Mars as Chart Ruler: Who is Your Inner Warrior?

The position and condition of your chart ruler is an important component of your natal chart with some astrologers regarding it as important as your sun, moon, and rising signs. So, with Mars being the ruler of your chart, how …

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two women hugging on a beach to symbolize the venus personality

The Venus Personality: Drawn to love and beauty

Sticking your neck out there to form friendships and romantic partnerships can feel terrifying. This is true when they are first forming, but also, maintaining relationships can sometimes be hard work emotionally. Yet, you wouldn’t dream of not having “your …

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