Conjunction Astrology: Planets in Fusion

A conjunction in astrology is a neutral aspect where two planets sit 8 degrees apart or less on an astrological chart. This placement creates a blending effect where the planets involved meld together and become a singular energy. This influential duo is considered a powerhouse in a chart reading.

Keep reading to learn more about conjunctions in astrology, including how to begin to read your own!


  • A conjunction is an aspect where two planets are 8° apart.
  • Planets in a conjunction meld together as though they are one super planet.
  • This is a neutral aspect and how it is experienced depends on the planets involved.
two people touching hands and words that read "conjunction in astrology"

What Is a Conjunction In Astrology?

You open your birth chart and see two planets huddled closely together, nearly touching. This is called a conjunction in astrology, but what does that mean, exactly, and is it important?

Two planets with 8° of separation or less in a chart are considered to be a conjunction, but if the Sun or Moon are involved a wider orb could be used.

The effect of a conjunction in astrology is described as a melding of the two into one.

Yes, the two planets work together, but it is almost as though each planet foregoes its own personality for a shared identity that is a blend of the two.

This merged “super planet” becomes a more important feature in a chart reading than the two planets separately may have been otherwise.

a man and woman dressed up like at their wedding and walking across a road holding hands, representing a conjunction in astrology

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What does a conjunction look like?

In astrology, the symbol for the conjunction aspect looks like this: ☌.

On an astrological chart, a conjunction looks like two planets that are touching or nearly touching. If two planets have 8° of separation between them or less on a chart, it is considered to be a conjunction.

closeup up a chart with a circle and arrow showing that Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in Cancer
Drawn in Astrodienst

In the example chart above, you can see how close Jupiter and Venus are. These two planets are conjunct.

You can also find conjunctions by using an aspect table. If you use Astrodienst, as I have used here, the table will look like the example below.

Can planets be conjunct in different signs?

Many astrologers believe that conjunctions are still valid even if the planets fall in two different signs.

These are referred to as out-of-sign conjunctions.

Out-of-sign conjunctions may be more difficult to interpret, however, as the motivations of two planets in two signs must be considered.

couple hugging and holding hands, representing a conjunction

How do you read a conjunction in astrology?

To read a conjunction in astrology, look at the sign the planets sit it and ask yourself how each planet can achieve its goals with the tools and characteristics of that sign.

Then, brainstorm how the planets, influenced by the sign, could meld together into one force and be expressed.

Some combinations will seem to blend together more naturally than others, and some may feel more challenging to combine.

Regardless, conjunctions are influential parts of a birth chart so giving them consideration will add more dimension to your reading.

Can more than two planets be conjunct?

Two or more planets can be conjunct, but when three or more planets are close together in a natal chart it is referred to as a stellium.

Planets in a stellium blend together in the same way as a conjunction and will be a powerhouse in your chart reading. Its house will also be vital in your life.

Are conjunctions good in astrology?

Conjunct planets in astrology blend together. This does mean that the planets are cooperating and could be seen as a good thing. However, how the individual expresses this combined energy determines whether a conjunction is “good” or not, and some planets make smoother conjunctions than others.

Are conjunctions bad in astrology?

A conjunction in astrology is a blending of the energy of two planets which could be seen as “bad” depending on which planets are involved and how opposed their motivations are. Many astrologers view conjunctions as a neutral aspect because the planets could find harmony or be a constant challenge.

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