What an Empty 10th House Could Mean in Astrology

Because the natal chart contains 12 houses, but there are only 10 planets that astrologers generally consider, you will have empty houses in your natal chart. If your 10th House is one of your uninhabited houses is that something to be worried about? What does it mean to have an empty 10th House?

An empty 10th House indicates that you simply didn’t need a planet present there to achieve what you came to this life to do. It doesn’t imply that you will struggle in your job or will never be seen as someone to be recognized or respected, you just don’t need a planet in your 10th to find success.

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an abandoned estate with a guest home on either side, representing an empty 10th House in the natal chart

What does the 10th House represent?

One of the names used for the 10th House is the House of Career. Areas of life covered in this house include your success and achievements at work and your social status and reputation. Also, your ambition and how you approach your career fall under your 10th House as well.

Whether we like it or not, each of us “plays a role” in society. This is who we appear to be when taking a long view, like from a telescope. This may sound a lot like the Ascendant, which is described as the social “mask we wear” and the person we show others. However, the social status described in the 10th House is less personal, how people who barely know us would describe us, or the role we represent in society.

three women presenting at an event

Your 10th House could show you the reputation or status you already have, but it could also give you a glimpse of what you wish to achieve but haven’t quite grasped yet.

Sitting above the horizon line in your natal chart, the 10th House will be mostly experienced through the context of other people, not just within yourself. In order to have a social identity, you require others to reflect that role or status back to you.

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What is an empty house in astrology?

If you find no planets in a house in your chart, you have spotted an empty house. That part is simple. But what is the larger meaning here? Not every astrologer agrees on the effects of an empty house. But, the approach to astrology I prefer, Evolutionary Astrology, views each person’s chart as perfect for them, empty houses and all.

Empty houses tend to make some uneasy, worried that they’ll lag behind or struggle in those areas of life. Others see empty houses as parts of life that won’t play a huge role in their lives, so they don’t need to think about them too much.

I see it differently. If you don’t have any planets in a house, you simply didn’t need one there.

Struggling with or breezing through houses with no planets isn’t inevitable. Plus, our article all about empty houses touches on a few reasons why your empty house could actually be more influential in your chart than it may seem at first glance. Read all about that here.

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What if my 10th House is empty?

Having an empty 10th House means that you didn’t need any planets sitting there in order to create an effective social role or succeed in work you find to be meaningful.

a man looking distinguished walking down stairs outside of a building and holding a brief case, you can still be successful with an empty 10th house

Considering your empty 10th House from an Evolutionary Astrology point of view, you came here equipped with all of the tools, strengths, and motivations you need to be successful in your 10th House. If no planets inhabit your 10th it is because no planets were required. Your chart is the exact map you need to find achieve in life and be respected.

And, your chart still offers you information about how you may experience your 10th House, even if it contains no planets at all!

The sign of your 10th House

The easiest place to look for more details about your 10th House is the sign of your 10th House cusp (boundary line). This sign can give you a feeling of what type of work may be the most meaningful for you, where you have incredible potential for achievement, and the social role others may assign to you.

a natal chart showing an empty 10th house sitting in sagittarius
Chart of Gene Hackman from astro.com

In the chart above, you can see that this individual’s 10th House is empty and the house cusp falls into the sign of Sagittarius. This detail alone can offer us a lot of information about how his greatest ambition, strengths that could help get him there, and also pitfalls to watch out for.

When it comes to his 10th House, highest aspirations, and status, Sagittarius brings fierce independence and a need for freedom and adventure. Change is embraced, if not welcomed. Idealism or a sense of larger purpose may shape the part he plays in the world and may help to fuel his ambition. He may have a reputation for being optimistic and having a great sense of humor. He may need to watch out for stretching himself too thin and trying to go in too many directions at once when it comes to his work.

Obviously, I have never met actor Gene Hackman and am not sure if this description would ring any bells for him or not. Plus, the chart is always more insightful when read as a whole, not just interpreting one piece in isolation. But, you can get an idea of how the sign of your 10th House can offer details about how you may experience these parts of your life, even when no planets inhabit it.

Your Midheaven (Medium Coeli or MC)

Although your 10th House is empty, this is one of the houses referred to as an angular house, holding extra importance in your chart whether it contains a planet or not. The boundary line of the 10th is your Midheaven, also called your Medium Coeli and abbreviated as MC.

The Midheaven is the most outwardly visible point in the chart because it describes the status or social role that others identify you as.

It also points to what you may be seeking in life, whether you know it or not. This angle shows you what kind of career you could pursue where you have the potential for others to see you as a success, although it would take work and self-discipline to achieve it.

Feeling as though you just can’t find your “groove” in life, or not sure what kind of career is right for you? You Midheaven can help shed some light on this for you.

So, despite having no planets sitting in it, your empty 10th House is still an incredibly important part of your natal chart. And, although there are no planets within it, other planets in aspect to your Midheaven will weigh in on how you experience your 10th House.

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