Empty 11th House in Astrology: Meaning & How to Read Yours

Having an empty 11th House means that no planets were needed there in order to create an effective life plan or find people to align yourself with. It does not mean that you are destined to have no friends or that your future plans will stagnate.

Curious about what your empty 11th House could hold for you? Keep reading to learn what you could expect with an empty 11th and also how you can still read this planetless house.


  • You can still find “your group” even with no planets in this house.
  • Your 11th House sign and its ruling planet can offer more clues.
  • Planets in transit will introduce energy into your empty 11th House.
an abandoned cabin with words that read "your empty 11th house"

What does an empty 11th House in my chart mean?

There are twelve houses in an astrological chart, yet many astrologers only consider 10 planets in a reading.

You will find empty houses in your birth chart.

So, if one of the empty houses in your chart is your Eleventh, what could this mean? And, can you still read your empty 11th House even though there are no planets in it?

What does the 11th House mean?

One name used for the 11th House is the House of Friends.

Group thinking, being a part of organizations and clubs, and who you surround yourself with is covered in this house. But, there is more to it than that.

Your 11th House also describes the way you see your future.

This includes how you perceive your future, your dreams, (or lack thereof), and the way you are setting yourself up now for what you want later.

You may think that this notion of future thinking in no way fits with the other area of the 11th House, friends, our groups, and who we surround ourselves with. But, these two ideas are actually more closely linked than they may seem.

Often, the momentum of your life can be influenced by the adults you spend the most time with.

Who you associate with can definitely change how you see your future or the way in which you go after it.

Your 11th House offers clues about what types of associations may be the best for you in order for you to go after the future you want.

  • Friends or peer groups
  • Organizations or teams
  • Where you are going in life
  • Your future
  • Group thinking
  • Society
  • Life planning
  • Networking

What are empty houses in astrology?

The definition of an empty house in astrology is simple, it is just a house with no planets in it. But what is the larger meaning?

Many different astrologers will have many different viewpoints, but in Evolutionary Astrology, the branch of astrology I study, empty houses mean that you just didn’t need any planets there in order to find personal growth and fulfillment in life.

I see natal charts as maps that can lead you to the best version of your life. If you view it from this perspective, an empty house should not be a place where you are automatically destined to fail.

But, don’t let that make you think that you will breeze right through your empty Eleventh House, either, because it’s not that simple.

There can be circumstances that make an empty house crucial in your life.

What if my Eleventh House is empty?

With your Eleventh House as one of the empty houses in your chart, in order to effectively think about and plan for your future and align yourself with others, you didn’t require any planets in this house.

example natal chart showing an empty 11th house
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The philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology is that every person comes into this life with the “right” chart for them. No chart is “bad,” regardless of placements or which houses sit empty.

If you have an empty 11th House, your natal planets were simply needed elsewhere in your chart in order for your soul to grow in the best way that is right for you.

While that doesn’t mean that your 11th is guaranteed to be a breeze (no house in your chart is), it does mean that you still have the potential to become a part of and interact with groups of people in a way that is productive, as well as develop a healthy future plan with your natal planets exactly where they are.

And, just because there are no planets to consider in your empty Eleventh House, that doesn’t mean you are left clueless. Your chart still offers many clues about how you may move through your House of Friends.

How do I read my empty 11th House?

Follow along with the steps detailed below to uncover more about how you might experience your 11th House.

1. Your Eleventh House sign

In your natal chart, check to see which sign of the Zodiac the cusp (starting line) of your 11th House falls in.

Our example chart shows that the cusp of their empty Eleventh House sits in the sign of Cancer.

an example nata chart showing the cusp of their empty eleventh house in the sign of cancer
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Your 11th House Zodiac sign will reveal specifics about the style in which you may move through this house.

The qualities and motivations of your 11th House sign may bring you insight into how you may see and plan for your future, who you align yourself with, and how.

2. Look up the ruling planet of your Eleventh House sign

Now you have some details about your Eleventh House, but you can find out more by looking at the planetary ruler of your 11th House sign.

Each sign of the Zodiac is thought to have one or two planets that “rule” it, which is another way of saying that the sign and planet are linked or connected.

In the table below, look up your 11th House sign to see which planet or planets rule it.

Zodiac Sign of Your Eleventh HouseZodiac Sign’s Ruling Planet or Planets
CancerThe Moon
LeoThe Sun
VirgoChiron (modern), Mercury (traditional)
ScorpioPluto (modern), Mars (traditional)
AquariusUranus (modern), Saturn (traditional)
PiscesNeptune (modern), Jupiter (traditional)

3. Locate the planetary ruler of your Eleventh House sign

Open your natal chart and find the planetary ruler or rulers of your 11th House sign that you determined from the table in the previous step.

The sign that this ruling planet (or planets) is found in will be linked to your 11th House and its characteristics and desires fill in more details about how you may experience your empty 11th.

Additionally, the parts of life described by the house you find this ruling planet in are also connected in a way to your 11th House.

We will revisit the example chart we’ve been using and notice that their 11th House sign is Cancer. Checking the table above, Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon.

chart showing the position of the Moon, ruler of their 11th House sign, Cancer
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Their Moon is located in 9th House Gemini. So, the traits of Gemini and parts of life defined by the 9th House will be linked to and influence how they experience their 11th House.

4. Find Saturn and Uranus in your chart

Signs have planetary rulers, but houses do as well. The 11th House has two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus.

One other way to uncover insight from your empty Eleventh House is to look at the placements of Saturn and Uranus in your chart.

Similar to how you have done in the steps above, you can determine the signs and houses of these ruling planets and link them to your empty 11th House.

an example natal chart showing the positions of the rulers of the 11th House, Saturn and Uranus
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Taking another look at our example chart shown above, you can see that the planetary rulers of the 11th House, Saturn, and Uranus, are found in 4th House Capricorn, and 3rd House Sagittarius, respectively. Details of these placements will add another layer of dimension and detail to the reading of their 11th House.

Will my empty Eleventh House always be empty?

Although your natal planets don’t move, your empty 11th House will still have visitors from time to time, the transiting planets.

In astrology, your natal planets are fixed in time, but the phrase “transiting planets” is used to describe the current planets that are always in motion.

Transiting planets are constantly orbiting your natal chart, interacting with each house as they go. If you are still unsure about the meaning of transiting planets you can learn more in this article from AstroButterfly.

example natal chart showing the transiting moon in their empty eleventh house
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Taking a look at our example chart one last time, I have introduced transiting planets this time. You can see that the transiting Moon is on their 11th, bringing its planetary energy to this otherwise empty house.

The Moon is fast-moving, however, and will soon move on to their Twelfth House, taking its power with it as it goes.

So, even if there isn’t a planet in sight in your natal 11th House, it still has the possibility to have a flurry of activity when you take transiting planets into consideration.

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