What an Empty 11th House Could Mean in Astrology

With 12 houses in a natal chart for planets to occupy, but only 10 planets generally considered in a reading, you are bound to have some empty houses in your chart. But what if one of those houses is your 11th? What should you expect with an empty 11th House?

Having an empty 11th House means that no planets were needed there to accomplish what you came here to achieve. It does not mean that you will have bad luck when it comes to groups or organizations, or that your future plans will stagnate. You simply don’t require a planet in your 11th to be successful in those areas.

Curious about what your empty 11th House may mean for you? Keep reading to learn more!

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uninhabited cabin in the woods, symbolizing an empty 11th house

What does the 11th House represent?

One name used for the 11th House is the House of Friends. Group thinking, being a part of organizations and clubs, and who you surround yourself with is covered in this house. But, there is more to it than that.

Your 11th House also describes the way you see your future. This isn’t quite the same as your 10th House which details your actual goal and ambition, however. In the 11th House, it’s more about how you perceive your future, your dreams, or lack thereof.

The 11th House is opposite the 5th House. Your 5th House covers the territory of play and joy, the things you do to have fun and simply live in the moment. So, your 11th is slanted toward your future. How are you living now to set you up for what you want in the future?

You may think that this notion of future thinking in no way fits with the other area of the 11th House, our groups, and who we surround ourselves with. But, these two ideas are actually more closely linked than they may seem.

Maybe your parents used to warn you that you become who you hang out with (or maybe you are the one telling your own children). There is definitely some truth to that.

three men hiking near a waterfall and joking around together

Often, the momentum of your life can be influenced by the adults you spend the most time with. While we may like to think of ourselves as independent beings who can carry out our future plans despite what our friends are doing, we probably aren’t as good at separating the two as we think we are.

Do the people you associate with prefer to take it easy most of the time and coast, or are they all ambitious in their own right, working toward their own goals? Are they people who would call to go on a walk or shoot some hoops, or do you know that tv and takeout are more their style? When you talk about your goals, do they get excited about them along with you, supporting you, or do they seem to poke holes in your dreams, telling you all of the reasons why that probably won’t work?

Who you associate with can definitely change how you see your future or the way in which you go after it. Your 11th House offers clues about what types of associations may be the best for you in order for you to go after the future you want.

What is an empty house in astrology?

Since you are reading this article, it is probably no surprise to you that an empty house in astrology is simply a house that contains no planets. But the bigger question is, what does an empty house mean?

Just like with many things in astrology, not every astrologer is going to agree on the exact significance of an empty house in your chart. In the school of thought I prefer, called Evolutionary Astrology, if there isn’t a planet in a house it simply means that you didn’t need one positioned there.

If you think of your natal chart as a map to your highest potential, everything on your chart is where it is supposed to be in order for you to achieve that. I don’t buy into the notion that a lack of planets in a house signals some kind of debility in that area. But, I also don’t feel as though an empty house points to a territory in life that you will simply breeze through.

This is because a natal chart is a system meant to be read as a whole. Any time that one piece of the puzzle is inspected on its own it is taken out of context and you can lose perspective on it. Because of this, there are actually instances where your empty house could be much more influential in your chart than it may appear at first glance.

We actually have an article all about empty houses that lists reasons why your empty house may be quite significant and you can find it here.

What if my 11th House is empty?

You can absolutely still have a solid view of your future and find the right friends and groups to support your vision even if you don’t have a single planet sitting in your 11th House.

a group of friends taking a selfie on a rooftop, you can still find great friends even with an empty 11th house

When thinking in terms of Evolutionary Astrology, you were born with all of the tools and drives you need in order to find great friends and develop a healthy strategy for your future, and your empty 11th House doesn’t change that. No matter how big your dreams are, you can be successful at aligning your life toward them and surrounding yourself with valuable friendships and groups and your chart is the map that can help get you there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy and take no work or self-reflection on your part, but that is true whether your 11th House is empty or contains a stellium! I’m just saying that it is possible and you are equipped with all of the tools you need.

And even though there are no planets to consider in your 11th House, your natal chart still offers up some serious insight as to how you may experience this house. The sign that your 11th House cusp (or boundary line) sits it suggests what your approach, feelings, predispositions, and strengths may be when it comes to 11th House matters. And, it can also shed some light on some possible pitfalls to avoid.

Do you find yourself drawn to competitive, ambitious people who challenge you, or do you usually gravitate toward calm people who make you feel relaxed to be around? Are you usually the leader in your groups or do you find yourself blending into the group? Would you generally rather align yourself with people who are always themselves, even if it draws stares from others, or do you prefer friends who are more refined? The sign on your 11th House could point to answers to some of these questions, or help you realize why you may struggle in those areas.

natal chart example showing an empty 11th House sitting in Aquarius
Chart of Mario Orozco Rivera from astro.com

In the chart detail above, you can see that this individual has an empty 11th House and that its cusp lies in the sign of Aquarius. Regardless of the fact that they have no planets in their 11th, we can still find a lot of information about how this person may experience their 11th House matters and can use Aquarius strengths and weaknesses to suggest ways to be successful in this house and what to watch out for.

This person may make a great friend and also may be someone who prefers the company of people that are completely themselves, living up to their own set of ideals regardless of what others may think. And in return, this individual might appreciate the company of others who allow them to be true to themselves, as well.

Equality within the groups they are a part of may be quite important and they may be willing to forgo what is best for them if they think that it will be what is best for the group.

They may have a very individual view of their future, feeling as though they will take whatever path seems right to them even if it means upsetting people close to them. Being true to their own vision for their future is vital.

However, a pitfall they may need to watch out for is not recognizing or effectively handling the emotions of those in their group. Also, they may be so set in their ideals that they become unwilling to bend even a little if the group is leaning in another direction.

This is clearly a very quick interpretation of Aquarius in an empty 11th House and doesn’t take into consideration any other parts in this person’s chart. But, it can give you an idea of how the sign on the cusp of your empty 11th can still bring you valuable information, especially when combined with the rest of your own natal chart.

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