What an Empty 1st House Could Mean in Astrology

For many readings, there are only 10 planets astrologers consider in a chart reading, but 12 houses in an astrological chart. Any of the houses in your natal chart could be empty, your 1st House included. So are empty houses something to worry about? What should you expect with an empty 1st House?

An empty 1st House in your birth chart means that you don’t need planets present there in order to develop or assert your personality. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have a strong personality or that you will lack in this area. Remember, transiting planets will still inhabit your 1st House at times.

Read on to find out more about what an empty 1st House may mean and what you could expect.

abandoned house in a pasture, symbolizing an empty 1st house

What does the 1st House represent?

Two names for the 1st House are the House of Personality and the House of Self. This house helps to define how you express your personality and how others view you.

Some call this your social persona or the “mask” that you wear. It’s the person that you let others see. But, that’s not the whole story. How others see you and interact with you is directly related to the way in which you see the world and this all falls into 1st House territory.

a woman smiling against an orange background

Do you see the world as rich with adventure and interesting people to meet? More than likely adventures and interesting people will come your way. View your existence as a place full of rude people and pitfalls and you will be treated accordingly. Both the attitude you walk around with and the way others see you in return are found in the 1st House.

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What is an empty house in astrology?

A house in your natal chart with no planets inhabiting it is considered an empty house. As with many things in astrology, not everyone will agree on the exact meaning of an empty house, but in the branch of astrology I prefer, Evolutionary Astrology, having an empty house just means that you didn’t need one there to achieve what you came here to do.

When looking at empty houses in their charts, some people worry that they will struggle or lag behind in that area of life. Others view empty houses as areas of life that will simply be inconsequential.

Personally, I don’t agree with either of those assertions and feel as though any house, empty or not, could at times play an important role in your life. Plus, as explained in our article all about empty houses, not every house without planets is as insignificant as it may appear at first glance.

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What if my 1st House is empty?

With an empty 1st House, in order to develop your personality well and have a healthy and effective view of life, you didn’t need any planets present in your natal 1st House.

a person sitting in an airport, looking away and thinking

From an Evolutionary Astrology viewpoint, there aren’t any “bad” parts of your birth chart. You came equipped in this life with all of the tools you need for personal growth and to fulfill what you came here to do. Having an empty 1st House won’t prevent you from forming and asserting the identity that is best for you.

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The sign of your 1st House

Plus, just because your 1st House is empty doesn’t mean that you have no insight as to how you might experience this part of your life. Look to the sign of your 1st House cusp for insight on how others may experience your “vibe,” and the shadow side of this sign that you should be watchful for.

a chart from astro.com showing an empty 1st house with the cusp in Leo
Chart of Paola Barboni from astro.com

You can see in the example chart above that their 1st House sits empty and its cusp lies in Leo. Just knowing this information gives us a lot of insight into what the outward personality of this individual could have been like. They may have been seen as “bigger than life,” with a warm and optimistic outlook.

This could have been a person that appreciated the attention of others, but that was willing to put on a good show, whether it be on a stage or simply walking down the street, to make it worth their while. But, the spotlight can become addictive, and falling into the trap of needing too much attention could have been something they needed to watch out for.

The sign that your 1st House cusp lies in can still tell you a lot, even with no planets present.

Your Ascendant

Even with an empty 1st House and no planets in sight, your 1st is considered an angular house and on its own holds special significance in your chart. This line is referred to as your Ascendant and, considered part of your Big 3, is a critical piece of your identity. The sign that your Ascendant sits in is referred to as your rising sign. So even if you don’t have a single planet in your 1st House, it is always an important one.

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