What an Empty 2nd House Could Mean in Astrology

Astrologers often only consider 10 planets when reading a natal chart, yet there are 12 astrological houses. There are going to be empty houses in your chart, and your 2nd House could be one of them. But are empty houses a reason to worry? What should you expect with an empty 2nd House?

Having an empty 2nd House in your natal chart means that you didn’t need any planets placed there in order to develop a healthy relationship with your resources and sense of self-worth. It doesn’t mean that you will struggle with money or that you are destined to be lacking when it comes to funds.

Keep reading to find out what you should consider with an empty 2nd House!

an abandoned house in the country, represents an empty 2nd house

What does the 2nd House represent?

One name for the 2nd House is the House of Money. This house describes actions that pertain to making money, keeping it, spending it, and your sense of security.

Is making money very important to you, or is it not your main focus? Do you appreciate luxury or treasure second-hand finds? Do you seem to attract money or repel it? Are you someone that feels like they have enough, or are you always worried you’ll run out? These questions all fall within 2nd House territory. But, there is actually much more to it than that.

The 2nd House has a lot to do with how you value things. This could be your things or your bank account, but it could also be yourself. How you value yourself and your sense of worth are also within the 2nd House.

a confident looking woman with arms crossed, smiling, and standing outside in front of a building

Do you behave in ways that show that you value yourself, or do you act as though you are “less than” others? Is your sense of self-worth dependent on some outside factor, like your looks or your net worth? Are you someone that always puts themselves first regardless of the situation? Even though these questions don’t directly have anything to do with money, they still can partly be answered by looking to the 2nd House.

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What is an empty house in astrology?

Put simply, an empty house is a house with no planets in it. Of course, not every astrologer will agree on the significance of empty houses. But, in the branch of astrology I prefer, Evolutionary Astrology, charts are always considered “right” for the individual. Planets are located where they are supposed to be and where they are needed. If there is no planet in a house, it’s because you didn’t need it there.

Some people do worry that an empty house indicates an area where their growth will be stunted or where they will struggle or lag behind. Still, others see empty houses as places on a chart where there will be little action and simply be not that crucial in life.

I tend to not agree with either of those viewpoints and feel as though every house will play an important role in your life, even the empty ones, at different times.

And, as explained in our article all about the meaning of empty houses, there are instances where an empty house can actually play much more of an important role in your chart than it may appear at first glance. You can find that article and learn all about those reasons here.

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What if my 2nd House is empty?

If you have an empty 2nd House, in order to create a sense of security for yourself, have a healthy relationship with money and belongings, and a positive self-esteem, you didn’t need any planets in your natal 2nd House to achieve it.

a person counting dollar bills, an empty 2nd house doesn't mean you'll struggle with money

From the view of Evolutionary Astrology, the chart you were born with is always the best chart for you, no matter how many empty houses you have. All of the tools and motivations you need to attain the level of personal growth and goals you came here to achieve are available to you. Being born with an empty 2nd House in your natal chart does not mean that you are destined to be poor or unlucky with money.

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And, just because your 2nd House sits empty, that certainly doesn’t mean that you will have no insight as to how you may experience the idea of wealth and security, both with money and within yourself. You can simply look to the sign that your 2nd House cusp (or boundary line) sits in to see what kinds of desires, characteristics, and strengths may shape how you experience the house. Also, you will see what pitfalls you may need to watch for and avoid.

a detail of a chart from astro.com showing an empty 2nd house and the cusp in libra
Chart of George Oppenheimer, astro.com

In the birth chart above, you can see that their 2nd House sits empty and that their 2nd House cusp lies in Libra. Even with no planets present, this still offers some insight about how this person may experience their 2nd House.

A desire for balance and harmony may have been integrated with this individual’s 2nd House experiences. The arts could have been related to how this person made or spent their money (it’s the chart of screenwriter George Oppenheimer, so this held true). Issues arising from indecision when it comes to finances or what to spend money on could have been something he needed to watch for.

You can get a lot of information about your 2nd House, even if it doesn’t contain a single planet. Learn more about how your empty 2nd House could actually be more important than you think in our empty house article here!

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