Empty 2nd House in Astrology: Meaning & How to Read Yours

An empty 2nd House in your natal chart means that you didn’t need any planets placed there in order to develop a healthy relationship with your resources and sense of self-worth. It doesn’t mean that you will struggle with money or that you are destined to be lacking when it comes to funds.

Are empty houses in astrology something to worry about? What should you expect with this house sitting vacant?


  • You can still build financial security and a healthy self-esteem.
  • The sign of your 2nd House and its planetary ruler can offer insight.
  • Planets will still inhabit your empty 2nd House through transits.
a picture of an abandoned house and words that say "your empty 2nd house"

What does an empty 2nd House in my chart mean?

In astrology readings, there are often only 10 planets that an astrologer considers, but there are twelve houses in a natal chart. You will have empty houses in your birth chart.

But if one of those empty houses is your Second House, what are some things you could expect?

What does the Second House mean?

One name for the Second House is the House of Money.

This house describes actions that pertain to making it, keeping it, spending it, and also your sense of security.

The Second House has a lot to do with how you value things.

This could be your things or your bank account, but it could also be yourself. How you value yourself and your sense of self-worth are covered in this house.

  • Money
  • Possessions
  • Managing finances
  • Self-esteem
  • Debt

What are empty houses in astrology?

A house with no planets in it is called an empty house.

Not everyone will agree on the exact meaning of an empty house in astrology, but in Evolutionary Astrology, the branch of astrology I prefer, when a house is empty that means you didn’t need planets there in order to achieve what you came here to do in life.

If you see your chart as a map to your best life, an empty house doesn’t mean that you should expect to struggle in the life experiences described by that house.

But that also doesn’t mean that you get a “free pass” and will automatically breeze through a vacant house, either.

Sometimes, an empty house can still play a vital role in your life.

What if my Second House is empty?

If your Second House is sitting empty, in order to create a sense of security for yourself, have a healthy relationship with your finances and belongings, and a positive self-esteem, you didn’t need any planets in this natal house to achieve it.

natal chart example with an empty 2nd house
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From the view of Evolutionary Astrology, the chart you were born with is always the “right” chart for you, no matter how many empty houses you have.

All of the tools and motivations you need to feel secure, both with your finances and within yourself are present.

With your Second House empty, your planetary energy was simply needed elsewhere in your birth chart.

Just like with everything in life, that doesn’t mean it will automatically come easily, of course, it just means that it is still very possible to develop an effective strategy to deal with finances and a healthy self-esteem with the natal chart you have.

But, even though no planets are inhabiting it, you aren’t left clueless when it comes to this house. How can you still read and understand more about your empty 2nd House?

How do I read my empty 2nd House?

Just because there aren’t any planets present in this house doesn’t mean there is nothing to read. Your birth chart still offers ways to pull out information!

1. Your Second House sign

Check your chart to see which sign of the Zodiac the cusp of your Second House falls into.

In the example below, you can see that their 2nd House cusp lands in Capricorn.

example chart with 2nd House in Capricorn
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This will offer clues about the manner in which you experience this house. Its characteristics, motivations, and desires may offer clues about how you view your resources, the way you take care of them, and what could boost your self-worth and also trigger bouts of self-doubt.

2. Look up the ruling planet of your Second House sign

A second way to pull out more information about your Second House, even if it is empty, is to look to the ruling planet of the sign on the cusp of your Second House.

Each sign has a planetary ruler. Some signs actually have two!

Look at the table below to find the planet that is the ruler of the sign of your Second House.

Zodiac Sign of Your Second HouseZodiac Sign’s Ruling Planet or Planets
CancerThe Moon
LeoThe Sun
VirgoChiron (modern), Mercury (traditional)
ScorpioPluto (modern), Mars (traditional)
AquariusUranus (modern), Saturn (traditional)
PiscesNeptune (modern), Jupiter (traditional)

3. Locate the planetary ruler of your Second House sign

Next, locate that ruling planet.

The characteristics of the sign that this ruling planet is placed in can be combined with the traits of the sign of your Second House, adding more detail to how you may express your empty Second House.

The house that this ruling planet resides in will also tie some of those life experiences to your Second House, as well.

In the birth chart example below, their 2nd House cusp falls in Capricorn. In the table above, you can see that the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn.

example chart showing the 2nd House cusp sign, Capricorn, and its ruler, Saturn
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Their Sun is situated in Sagittarius in the 12th House, so the characteristics of Sagittarius and the experiences of the 12th House will help flavor how they express their 2nd House.

4. Find Venus in your chart

One other way to learn more about this house is to find Venus, the ruler of your Second House, in your natal chart.

Where Venus is located can also add additional details to how you may experience this empty house.

Will my empty Second House always remain empty?

The placements of your natal chart are frozen in time at the moment of your birth.

But, you can still have planetary energy grace your Second House through transiting planets.

The phrase “transiting planets” describes the currently moving planets.

The movements of the current planets interact with your own chart, bringing their power to the houses of your chart as they go. You can learn more about the current, moving planets in this article from Kathryn Hocking found here.

example chart with empty 2nd house showing transiting pluto in the house
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In the example chart above, the positions of transiting planets are represented. You can see that the transiting Pluto is situated in this person’s natal Second House, bringing some planetary energy into this otherwise vacant house.

Even though Pluto can stay in one sign for decades, it will eventually move on to the Third House, taking its energy along with it.

Empty houses in astrology can still be full of activity when you take transiting planets into consideration.

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