What an Empty 3rd House Could Mean in Astrology

There are 12 houses in a natal chart, yet only about 10 planets that many astrologers consider when reading a chart. Empty houses will appear in your chart and the 3rd House could definitely be one of them. But is this something to worry about? With an empty 3rd House, what might you expect?

Finding an empty 3rd House in your astrological chart means that you didn’t need any planets there in order to perceive and communicate in the way you were intended to. No planets in your 3rd House does not mean that you will struggle intellectually or that communication won’t be important in your life.

Want to understand more about your 3rd House? Keep reading to learn more about your 3rd House and what it may mean to have no planets inhabiting it.

an abandoned house in the middle of a farm field, representing an empty 3rd house

What does the 3rd House represent?

One name for the 3rd House is the House of Communication. The areas of life described in this house pertain to how you speak, listen and think.

Do you speak with confidence or do you shy away from talking at all? When you relate information to someone, is it linear and detailed or are you all over the place? These are 3rd House questions.

But, listening is a component of communication that is just as important as talking. Are you a good listener who hears the other person out before speaking or are you an interrupter? Do you listen for the “heart” of what someone is trying to say, or do you just pay attention to the facts? These questions also fall into 3rd House territory.

The 3rd House is the house of the mind. How you perceive and process information, store it and retrieve it belongs here as well.

a person using a rubik's cube, the 3rd house pertains to intellect

In addition to the workings of the mind and communication, other territories of life that fall under your 3rd House are your relationships with familiar people in your life, such as your siblings and neighbors, and also any travel that doesn’t seem particularly “foreign” to you.

The 3rd House encompasses your immediate environment. The way in which you interact with your brothers or sisters, how you behave toward them and vice versa is described in this house and the same for those who live near you that you encounter frequently. The familiar places where you go and your experiences and behavior there belong in the 3rd House as well.

What is an empty house in astrology?

A house with no planets in it is considered an empty house. The meaning of empty houses will vary depending on what branch of astrology the astrologer utilizes. I prefer Evolutionary Astrology where natal charts are never considered to be “bad” and are always seen as the “right” chart for that individual. If there is no planet in a house, that is because it wasn’t necessary to have one there in order to grow to your fullest potential and fulfill what you came here to achieve.

There are some who worry when they see empty houses, concerned that they will stagnate or lag behind others in these areas of life. Others see empty houses as parts of your existence that simply won’t play a huge role in your life.

Personally, I disagree with both of those notions and feel as though an empty house is neither an indicator of stunted growth nor is it suggesting that this area of your life is either perfect as is or inconsequential.

And, in our article about empty houses, we gave a list of circumstances where an empty house actually plays a much more significant role in your chart than you may think it does at first. Find that article here.

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What if my 3rd House is empty?

With an empty 3rd House, you have the potential to be as effective of a communicator, thinker, and sibling as you can be without having a single planet present.

a man on stage speaking to a crowd of people

From the angle of Evolutionary Astrology, you were born with the planets being exactly where they should be in order to achieve what you came here to learn. All of the tools, desires, and traits you need in order to use your mind in an efficient way, communicate with others effectively, and have a healthy relationship with siblings are already within your grasp.

This isn’t to say that you won’t have to work at it, but this is the case for everything in your chart, from empty houses to stellium.

And your chart isn’t leaving you hanging when it comes to insight about your 3rd House. The sign of your 3rd House cusp (or boundary line) will fill in some blanks for you, offering ways in which you will express yourself in your 3rd House life experiences. This sign will offer characteristics, predispositions, and strengths you bring to your 3rd House activities, along with possible pitfalls to watch out for.

showing an empty 3rd house with its cusp in Pisces
Chart of Salvador Dali, astro.com

In the example natal chart shown above, you can see that this individual, Salvador Dali, has an empty 3rd House and that its cusp (boundary line) sits in Pisces. Even though there aren’t any planets at all in the 3rd House, the house’s sign can offer some possible insights into how he experienced his 3rd House.

His thought processes and ways in which he communicated could have had mystical undertones with thoughts that could have at times felt divinely inspired. Thoughts could have felt or seemed “all over the place,” but this isn’t out of lack of intellect, but rather due to an influx of information from both within the self and outside of the self.

Just the sign of your 3rd House can breathe a lot of life house, making it seem a lot less empty to you.

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