What an Empty 4th House Could Mean in Astrology

Because there are 12 houses in a birth chart and only 10 planets that astrologers may consider, there will be empty houses in everyone’s chart. So if you find your 4th House sitting empty, is this something you should be concerned about? What does it mean to have an empty 4th House?

Having an empty 4th House in your birth chart means that in order to create the best home environment for yourself, you didn’t need any planets in your 4th House. This doesn’t automatically mean that you will struggle or lag behind in these areas or that they won’t be important in your life.

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an abandoned house in a desert, symbolizing an empty 4th house

What does the 4th House represent?

One name for the 4th House is the House of Home. The territory of this house covers all things related to your home. It includes the dwelling itself, how you keep your home, and the overall vibe and feeling inside.

This house also represents dealing with a parent. Astrologers don’t all agree on which parent the 4th House represents with some seeing it as the mother and some as the father. Others feel as though it would symbolize whoever was the most influential parent in that person’s life.

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Your 4th House is also your origins. This could be considered to be the literal place that you came from, but it could also be the dynamics and emotional environment you grew up in, as well.

This is easily tied to one more area of life covered in the 4th House and that is how at home we feel within ourselves, or the person that we truly believe ourselves to be. Who we actually believe ourselves to be, good or bad, can often be leftovers from childhood, possibly things told to us or things we assumed about ourselves when trying to decode the behavior of the most influential adults in our lives.

The story we tell ourselves about who we “really are” can be formed in our first home, can be brought with us into our own homes when we are grown, and all of this is the business of the 4th House.

What is an empty house in astrology?

In the simplest terms, houses containing no planets are empty houses. Different astrologers have different viewpoints as to what the meaning of an empty house is in your chart. The branch of astrology I prefer to use, Evolutionary Astrology, tends to see your chart as the right prescription for each individual, and what they need to reach their highest potential of growth in this lifetime.

Some people worry about empty houses in their natal charts, fearing that it means they won’t be successful in those areas of life or that they will struggle with them. Still, others see houses without planets as areas that simply won’t play that big of a role in their life.

I don’t personally agree with either of those assertions. My thought is if there is no planet in your 4th House, you simply didn’t need one there and it is no reason for worry.

Also, in our article all about empty houses, we covered multiple ways in which a seemingly unimportant empty house could actually have much more of an influence on a chart and a life than one would think at first glance. You can read all about those situations in our article here.

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What if my 4th House is empty?

If you have an empty 4th House, you didn’t need any planets present in order to create an effective home life or develop a healthy inner narrative about yourself.

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Looking at your empty 4th House from an Evolutionary Astrology standpoint, you came into this world with all of the things you needed, like motivations, characteristics, and strengths, in order to be successful in your 4th House business. No planets were required. A lack of planets has no bearing on whether or not your home life or inner narrative will be successful or important.

The sign of your 4th House

In addition, just because your 4th House doesn’t have any planets to consider, you still can look to the sign of your 4th House cusp (boundary line) for ideas on how to create the best sanctuary for yourself, both on the outside and the inside. It can also alert you to some potential pitfalls to watch out for.

a closeup up a chart showing an empty 4th house in taurus
Chart of Milton Erickson from astro.com

From the chart detail above, you can see that this person’s 4th House sits empty and its cusp lies in the sign of Taurus. This knowledge alone gives us some information about how this person may experience their 4th House.

Security and stability may have been extremely important to them in regard to their homelife. A respectful, peaceful, and predictable home filled with the people they love may have been what he was after. This may have been what it was like in his own childhood home. However, with his 4th House in Taurus he may have needed to be cautious about getting stuck in his ways when it comes to how his household runs, not being willing to accept change even when it was necessary.

The position of your 4th House cusp can still offer information, even when no planets inhabit it.

Your Imum Coeli (IC or Nadir)

Even though your 4th House sits empty, this house is referred to as an angular house and still holds extra significance in your chart whether a planet sits in it or not. This boundary line, or cusp, of your 4th House is called the Imum Coeli, IC for short, and is also called the Nadir.

Your IC describes the most private sides of yourself, things about yourself that you may not show others. This is who you “know yourself to be” deep down on the inside.

Part of having an effective self-image is to learn how to balance your outward persona with your truest and most intimate sense of yourself, the “mask” you show others and your 4th House Imum Coeli.

So, even though your 4th House sits empty, it is quite important in your chart and in your life regardless.

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