What an Empty 5th House Could Mean in Astrology

With only 10 planets often considered in an astrology reading and 12 houses, you are bound to have a few empty houses in your natal chart, and your 5th House could be one of them. But is an empty house something to be concerned about? What does an empty 5th House mean?

If you have an empty 5th House in your natal chart, you didn’t need any planets positioned there in order to find activities that bring you joy or have romance in your life. Not having planets in your 5th House doesn’t mean that you are destined for a boring and joyless life or never have any romantic relationships.

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a woman sitting on the floor inside an empty home, representing an empty 5th house

What does the 5th House represent?

One title for the 5th House is the House of Children. The actions in life described in this house are all things related to finding joy and having fun. In one sense, you can think of the House of Children defining how we act like grown-up children ourselves, the things we do just for enjoyment rather than out of obligation.

What do you do that makes you light up and just feels like a good time to you? How do you “come at” pleasurable activities? Are you intense, go with the flow, like to include others, prefer low-key activities, love adrenaline-pumping games? All of this falls within 5th House territory.

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adults having fun on a beach, laughing and jumping around together

But, the 5th House doesn’t only pertain to acting as grown children, it also covers our literal children and how we parent them. If you have children, this house can offer clues as to what parenting style you may gravitate toward.

In addition, your 5th House describes your romantic life. This isn’t including committed relationships, that is more 7th House territory. The 5th House relationships are fun and casual. These are the ones where no one is even thinking “where will this go” yet. The first couple dates and hookups, the 5th House is all about the attraction, passion, and keeping it casual.

What is an empty house in astrology?

In astrology, an empty house is simply a house with no planets inhabiting it. Astrologers in each style of astrology will place a slightly different significance on an empty house. But, in the style of astrology I prefer, Evolutionary Astrology, empty houses are seen as nothing to worry about, but also not something you can simply ignore.

If you find a house sitting empty, it just means that you didn’t need a planet in that house in order to fulfill what you came here to do. I don’t believe that it means that you will struggle in that area or life or that it won’t play an important role. You simply didn’t need a planet to take care of the business of that house.

Also, there are reasons why an empty house in your chart could actually be more vital in your chart than you may realize at first glance. We have an entire article dedicated to the meaning of an empty house where we go into reasons in much more detail. You can find that article here.

What if my 5th House is empty?

If you have an empty 5th House, you can still find plenty of joy and pleasurable activities in your life, experience that rush of romance, and be a successful parent, if you so choose. You just didn’t need a planet in your 5th in order to achieve that.

a man getting ready to shoot break in pool, you can still find joy with an empty 5th house

From the Evolutionary Astrology perspective, you came into this life with the exact natal chart and planet positions that are “right” for you in order to fulfill what you came here to do. You came here equipped with any motivations, tools, desires, or characteristics that you needed in order to be able to take a break from serious life just to feel pleasure. An empty 5th House doesn’t jeopardize that for you.

Of course that doesn’t mean that finding the most effective and healthy way to balance work and play, fulfill your desires, or parent will come automatically or easily, but this is the case for any house in your chart, whether it be empty or contains a stellium.

And just because there are no planets to read in your 5th House doesn’t mean you are left clueless on these matters. Whichever sign your 5th House cusp (or boundary line) falls into will offer you clues as to how you may be predisposed to deal with 5th House matters.

The sign on your 5th House will give you insight as to the style you might take when approaching fun, romance, and your own children, showing you what may desire more in those areas and what strengths you may have. But, it will also shed some light on challenges you could watch out for, as well.

a closeup up a natal chart showing an empty 5th house in taurus
Chart of Laurent Nottale, astro.com

From the closeup of the chart above, you can see that this individual has their 5th House sitting empty and its cusp (boundary line) in the sign of Taurus. Even though no planets inhabit his 5th House, we can still gather some information from the sign on his house.

He may have been drawn to fun and games that were more on the calm side. High adrenaline and heated competition may not have been his preferred way to let off steam, but he may have still enjoyed the company of others in his recreation.

Romantic pursuits, even casual ones, may have been centered around mutual respect. If children were part of this person’s life, their style of parenting may have been patient and peaceful when at all possible. However, he may have needed to watch for getting stuck in a rut when it came to romance or amusement, which could easily turn into boredom if allowed.

So, even if the only clues your 5th House offers you is the sign on its cusp, this can still give you ideas about things you could try or behaviors you may want to avoid.

And, if you want to learn about ways that your empty 5th House may actually be a more important role in your chart than you might think, check out our article here!

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