What an Empty 6th House Could Mean in Astrology

Everyone has some empty houses in their chart. With only 10 planets often considered in an astrology reading and 12 houses, it’s inevitable. So, if you find a blank 6th house in your chart, should you worry? What does an empty 6th House mean in astrology?

Having an empty 6th House in your natal chart means that you didn’t require planets there in order to find meaningful work. It does not mean that you are destined for mediocrity, lack skills, or that work or health won’t be important to you. You simply don’t need planets in your 6th to accomplish it.

Want to deep diver further into your 6th House? Keep reading to learn more about what an empty 6th House could actually mean for you!

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an abandoned cabin in the country, represents an empty 6th house

What does the 6th House represent?

A couple of names for the 6th House are the House of Health and the House of Servants. Those names may make the meaning of the 6th House seem rather hard to wrap your mind around, but as is the case with many house names, the names don’t really do the house justice.

I like to think of the 6th House as the house of adulting. This house describes the tasks that you do in order to be of service to others. This certainly could be your actual, paying job, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be other skills that you hone and time that you spend doing your part. Do you host an online group, fix bikes for others in your biking club, or volunteer regularly at the local animal shelter? These could also describe the types of work or service detailed in your 6th House.

Your 6th House covers the activities you do to hone the skills in work that you find meaningful. It is how hard you push yourself, the extent to which you perfect your craft, and who you seek out as a mentor. If you are in a position of power at work, your 6th defines the style in which you wield this power. Or, if you are the subordinate, the way in which you take orders.

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a man fixing watches at a work bench

Your 6th House covers the territory of the all-important work skills like time management and organizing your tasks. Do you follow through with what you need to do on the job? Do you blow off things at work, or let your work completely take over your life? These are all 6th House questions.

Still under the theme of adulting is how well you take care of your own body. Activities done in the name of your health also fall under the 6th House.

Is finding the motivation to work out easy for you, or does it feel difficult? Do you eat in a way that you know protects your health, or is willpower with food tough? Are you good about scheduling your checkups each year or has it been a while since you’ve seen the inside of a doctor’s office? These are also 6th House questions.

What is an empty house in astrology?

In the literal sense, an empty house in astrology is simply a house that contains no planets. Different astrologers may assign a different meaning to empty houses, but in Evolutionary Astrology, the astrological philosophy I most closely align with, an empty house is neither something to fear nor something to ignore.

An astrological house that sits empty didn’t need a planet positioned there in order to learn what you came here to learn. I don’t buy into the notion that an empty house automatically means you’ll struggle, or that you’ll easily cruise through that territory in your life. You don’t have a planet there because you didn’t need one.

Remember that your natal chart is always more insightful when it is read together as a system. Your empty house is actually much more influential in your chart than it may appear because of other factors and placements. There is an entire article here dedicated to empty houses and some reasons that they may actually be more important than you may realize.

What if my 6th House is empty?

With an empty 6th House, you may still be able to carve out an effective work/life balance for yourself, find a meaningful vocation, and do what it takes to live a healthy life, all without having any planets positioned within it.

a person welding in a shop, you can still be successful in your job with an empty 6th house

From the perspective of Evolutionary Astrology, you came into this existence with all of the tools you needed to do what you came here to accomplish. Just because your 6th House sits empty, that doesn’t change this. You can utilize what you came here equipped with in order to have an effective work, service, and health strategy that is right for you.

This doesn’t mean that traversing matters related to finding meaningful work, honing your craft, and being healthy will come without any struggle, but this is true whether your 6th House is empty or if it contains a stellium! But it can be done.

Also, even with no planets present in your 6th House, that doesn’t mean that your chart doesn’t give you insight into how you can tackle your 6th House matters in a way that will be successful for you. The sign that your 6th House cusp (or boundary line) lands in will throw some clues your way.

Your 6th House sign will show you what may motivate you the most when it comes to finding work that feels meaningful. It could shed light on strengths and tools in your toolbelt that can help you to feel as though you have a service to offer to the world. And, it can also point to some pitfalls to watch out for that could hold you up in these efforts, as well.

a closeup up a chart showing an empty 6th house in aries
Chart of Glenn Yarbrough, astro.com

In the partial chart above, you can see that this individual has an empty 6th House and that its cusp, or boundary line, sits in Aries. Although there are no planets in their 6th House, we can still learn about some motivations and traits that shaped their 6th House experiences.

When it comes to finding service or work that is meaningful, this person may have needed to have utilized courage in order to do so. They may have been ambitious and felt the need to go their own way and pave their own path in their work life.

In honing their craft, they may have had a deep well of resilience, bouncing back from failure without being deterred from their mission. When it came to their job, they may have gone after what they wanted without feeling the need to overthink it. At times, they could have had an aggressive side that came out in relation to work or something work-related.

As you can see, even with no planets in your 6th House, your chart can still shed some light on strengths and weaknesses to be aware of in relation to 6th House matters, and what may motivate you the most in these areas of life.

If you want to explore empty houses more, including factors that could make your 6th House more influential in your chart than you may think, click here to learn more!

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