What an Empty 7th House Could Mean in Astrology

Many astrologers consider around 10 planets in a chart reading, but there are 12 houses. Empty houses will be present in your natal chart, and your 7th House is no expectation. But should this be something to worry about? What should you expect if your 7th House is empty?

An empty 7th House in your natal chart means that you don’t need planets there in order to develop cooperative or committed relationships. It does not mean that you won’t be able to have successful relationships or that they won’t be important in your life. Transiting planets will still inhabit your 7th House at times.

Keep reading to learn more about what an empty 7th House could mean and what you could expect.

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a room in an old and abandoned home, in this article symbolizing an empty 7th House

What does the 7th House represent?

One name for the 7th House is the House of Marriage. This house describes creating bonds and forming relationships.

This house definitely could cover the territory of marriage, but also close friendships and partners at work. Any committed relationships fall in the territory of the 7th House.

a couple on railroad tracks holding hands, she is wearing an engagement ring

How well do you manage your relationships? Are you able to cooperate and see things from the perspective of the other person? Does your loyalty run deep or is it tough for you to commit? All of these are questions that you could find insight on in your 7th House.

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What is an empty house in astrology?

The literal meaning of an empty house in astrology is any house with no natal planets sitting in it. Astrologers may have different viewpoints on the meaning of an empty house but in the type of astrology I put stock in, Evolutionary Astrology, it simply means that you didn’t need a planet there in order to achieve what you came here to do in this lifetime.

Some people worry that an empty house means that you will lag behind in that area of life. Some may see it as a house whose issues just won’t be too prominent in your life or where it will be smooth sailing.

I tend to not jump to those conclusions because I feel any house may be important in your life, and there may even be instances where an empty house is actually much more influential in your natal chart than it appears at first glance.

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What if my 7th House is empty?

If your 7th House is empty, then the act of forming relationships and being able to cooperate with those you have a connection with doesn’t require a planet present in your 7th in order to be successful.

a man and woman holding hands and smiling in front of each other outside at sunset, representing parts of life covered by the 7th House

From an Evolutionary Astrology standpoint, no parts of your chart are “bad” and you came into this life with all of the tools you need in order to achieve your highest growth and to achieve what you came here to do. An empty 7th House won’t keep you from having deep and meaningful connections with other people. Find out more about Evolutionary Astrology in our free mini-course for beginners found here.

The sign of your 7th House

And, just because your 7th House has no planets in it, you can still look to the sign of your 7th House cusp to give you some insight into how you go about forming these connections, the tools you came here with in order to be successful, and also pitfalls to watch out for in order to have healthy relationships.

a close up of a natal chart showing an empty 7th House and the 7th House cusp in Capricorn

In the chart above, you can see that this person’s 7th House is empty. The 7th House cusp lies in Capricorn. This still gives us a lot of insight into how this individual forms relationships and what they should be on the lookout for. They may be slow to warm up, but once they pair with someone, they may be incredibly loyal and take the work of a relationship very seriously. However, they may need to watch out for martyring themselves in a partnership by continuously putting more into it than they should in a healthy relationship.

Your Descendant

Plus, even if your 7th House is empty with no planets in sight, the 7th is an angular house and already holds a bit of extra significance in your natal chart. It is called your Descendant (DC) and describes all of the things you believe “you are not” or the “opposite” of you. These also may be the qualities in others that you are naturally drawn to in order to bring balance to your life. So even if your 7th is empty, it is always important.

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