What an Empty 8th House Could Mean in Astrology

Astrological natal charts contain 12 houses, yet many astrologers only consider 10 planets in a chart reading. Empty houses in your chart are inevitable. Should you be concerned if one of yours is the 8th? What does it mean to have an empty 8th House?

An empty 8th House in your natal chart simply implies that you didn’t need any planets there to fulfill what you came here to do. It doesn’t mean you’ll struggle with intimacy or are stuck with your unhealed wounds, you just don’t need a planet in your 8th in order to navigate your unresolved issues.

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an abandoned cabin at the base of mountains, representing an empty 8th house

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What does the 8th House represent?

One name used for the 8th House is the House of Death. Sounds pretty intimidating! But, this reference to death has much more to do with transformation than it does with death itself.

Few of us get out of childhood completely unscathed and most of us have a bit of baggage that we drag into adulthood, whether we realize it or not. Your 8th House represents the act of opening up this baggage, taking a hard look at what’s in there, and then learning to deal with it. In this way, “death” in the 8th House symbolizes the death of old wounds. It is about transformation and change.

Another type of “death” covered in the 8th House is the loss of control. This house covers the territory of life that deals with feelings that arise whether we like it or not. Literal death finally comes into play here as we are talking about feelings surrounding the mortality of ourselves and loved ones, what comes after death, sex, and uncontrollable triggers.

The 8th House is about letting go. How do we deal with these instinctive thoughts we can’t control? Do run away from them, suppress them, lean into them, or go with the flow?

A man outdoors at sunset with a serious look on his face

Being above the horizon line in your chart, 8th House matters are generally carried out with others, not just internally.

One example of this is within committed relationships. What other experience tests our vulnerability to this degree and has more potential to pull up baggage or instinctive behaviors we have buried inside and reflect them back to us? Do we logically think about the desire for a mate, or does it just happen? Does jealousy arise from rational and reasonable thinking or does it bubble up, seemingly, all on its own? When we fear for the life of someone we love, do we calmly think it through or does it feel as though we have been “taken over” by our reaction?

The 8th House is about personal growth and change, and other people can be vital in helping to spur our growth in this area.

What is an empty house in astrology?

If you found yourself reading this article, you probably already know that an empty house in astrology is simply a house that contains no planets. But, what is the significance of the absence of planets in a house?

Just like everything else in astrology, not every astrologer is going to agree on the exact meaning of empty houses, but in the branch of astrology I prefer, Evolutionary Astrology, an empty house is seen as neither something to fear nor something to ignore. It simply means you didn’t need a planet there.

In order to grow to your fullest potential, you didn’t need a planet present there. Personally, I don’t believe that an empty house shows an area that you may not be well equipped for or even parts of your life that you can cruise through without a second thought. To carry out the business of that house, you just don’t need a planet there.

And, keep in mind that your chart was meant to be read altogether as a whole. Conditions in your chart could result in your empty house actually being much more influential than it may appear at first glance. We have an article here all about empty houses that offers reasons why your empty house may play a larger role in your life than you may expect.

What if my 8th House is empty?

You may be able to have a healthy intimate relationship, be able to deal with your baggage, and traverse personal transformation all without having any planets in your 8th House.

a woman sitting in a chair, thinking with a serious look on her face

From the Evolutionary Astrology standpoint, you came here equipped with all of the tools you need to accomplish what you came to this life to do, and an empty 8th House doesn’t change that. Whatever instincts, triggers, and transformations you need to deal with can be handled in a way that is effective and healthy for you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your 8th House experiences are going to come easy or not take serious work on your part, but this would be the case whether your 8th is empty or has a stellium! But it is absolutely possible.

And, even with an empty 8th House, your chart still shines some light on what kinds of motivations and traits you may experience in your 8th House matters. Whichever sign your 8th House cusp (or boundary line) falls into will offer you some insight.

The sign of your 8th House can show you in what style you may approach passages in your life, transitions, and transformations. The nature of your instinctive feelings and how you express them may be represented by your 8th House sign, along with the manner in which you “work on yourself” within the context of a relationship.

In the detail of the example chart shown above, you can see that the 8th House of this individual sits empty and that their 8th House cusp lies in the sign Capricorn. Even though they don’t have any planets in their 8th House, we can still glean some information about how they may experience this house by thinking about the motivations, strengths, and challenges of Capricorn.

For this individual, transformation in their life may be seen as serious business to approach with maturity and hard work. They may feel as though personal growth is something that requires a lifetime of self-discipline, but is a goal that is worth the effort.

Capricorn’s “lone wolf” nature may be at odds with the 8th House’s growth within a relationship, and this person may fight it at times, trying to take care of their business on their own. However, learning to be more vulnerable and allow others in may be a lesson that benefits them.

This is just a quick interpretation of Capricorn in the 8th House, but you can get a sense of how just knowing the sign can give you a great start when it comes to understanding how you may approach the business of your 8th House.

If you would like to learn more about how to interpret an empty house, including reasons why your empty 8th may be more influential in your chart than it may seem, click here!

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