What an Empty 9th House Could Mean in Astrology

With 10 planets generally considered in an astrological reading and 12 houses in a natal chart, empty houses are inevitable. So what if your 9th House is sitting empty? What does it mean to have an empty 9th House?

Having an empty 9th House simply means that you didn’t need a planet to accomplish what you came here to achieve. No planets present does not mean you’ll lag behind in seeking meaning in life or in activities that expand your consciousness. You just don’t need a planet to succeed in 9th House matters.

Want to know more about what your 9th House may mean for your life? Read on to find out more!

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the room of an abandoned house, symbolizing an empty 9th house

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What does the 9th House represent?

A few names astrologers use for the 9th House are the House of Long Journeys, the House of Purpose, and the House of Spirituality. The House of Purpose and of Spirituality seem to go together, but what about the House of Long Journeys? That may not seem to fit with the others, but actually, it matches the theme quite well.

Your 9th House covers the areas of your life where you expand your mind, do things out of the ordinary and unfamiliar to you, and learn the ways that people outside of your own culture think, live, and view the world. It is about finding meaning in life. This can be done through seeking spirituality and purpose, but also through travel, long journeys taken literally, and higher education.

The territory of the 9th House encompasses asking the question “what does it all mean?” Actions symbolized in this house are behaviors that assist you in finding the answer. This is best done through experiencing anything and everything that lies out there, educating yourself, and learning about each philosophy of life until one, or a mixture of many, begins to speak to your soul.

Your 9th House is the house where, rather than simply seeing something for face value, you assign meaning to it. A voice inside of you tells you that there is a reason and purpose for all of this. There is a greater truth and you can find it if you just look hard enough.

the hull of a row boat on a lake at the base of a mountain range

Because it is above the horizon line in your natal chart, your 9th House business is generally experienced in the context of other people, not only within yourself.

What better way to learn how other people think than going to where people live and experiencing it yourself? Or if you are at home, what could be more beneficial for expanding your mind than reading what others have written about how they interpret the world, spirituality, or philosophy?

Your 9th House is about stepping out of your comfort zone and gaining insight from other people, gathering clues that may help you get a better sense of the real meaning of life.

What is an empty house in astrology?

If you have found yourself reading this article, it was probably already clear to you that the definition of an empty house in astrology is simply a house that contains no planets. But (as an example of a 9th House question) what is the larger meaning behind an empty house?

Of course, not every astrologer agrees on the exact meaning of an empty house and some may have different views than I have. But in the style of astrology I align most closely with, Evolutionary Astrology, an empty house simply means that you didn’t need a planet there and it is neither something to worry about nor is it something to ignore entirely.

To be able to “carry out your mission” in this lifetime, learn and grow to your fullest potential, you simply didn’t need a planet in that house. I don’t feel as though an empty house indicates an area where you will lack skills or struggle. But, I also don’t think that an empty house shows you a place in life that you will automatically cruise through with zero issues.

Natal charts are intended to be read as a whole, taking each part of the system into consideration. Because of this, there are factors that could actually make your empty house more influential in your chart than it appears. Find our article here that goes into more detail about this and offers things to check for before you discount your empty house as inconsequential!

What if my 9th House is empty?

You may still be able to experience incredible spiritual growth and mind-stretching adventures even without a single planet present in your 9th House.

a woman walking down the middle of the road in a city

From the viewpoint of Evolutionary Astrology, you were born with all of the drives, traits, and strengths needed in order to grow to your fullest potential, and an empty 9th House definitely doesn’t change that. Whatever adventures you need to have and worldviews and philosophies you need to be exposed to in order to fulfill what you came here to do can be accomplished with your planets placed exactly where they are.

This doesn’t mean that you will automatically breeze through your 9th House without a second thought, of course, but this would be true whether your 9th House is empty or if it contains a stellium! But, all of the tools you need are there to do it.

Plus, even though your 9th House has no planets in it, your chart still shines some light on how you may experience your 9th. The sign on your 9th House cusp (or boundary line) offers insight as to what motivations may be tied to this house, what may drive you in these areas, the style in which you will approach 9th House matters, and even pitfalls that you may need to watch out for when traversing this house.

Do you see your adventures as a challenge, bounding into each one head first? Or, do you approach your spiritual journeys with a bit more trepidation, looking (and thinking) before you leap? Does searching for meaning in life bring you a sense of peace, transformation, or pride? Some of these answers to these types of questions can be found through your 9th House sign.

a closeup of a natal chart showing an empty 9th house in taurus
Chart of Vera Colombo from astro.com

In the chart above, you can see that this individual has the cusp of their 9th House positioned in the sign Taurus. Even though no planets sit in their 9th, we can still get some information about how they may experience the house simply by thinking of it in terms of Taurus motivations, strengths, and challenges.

This person may have a very laid-back approach to their activities that expand their minds, such as travel and higher education. Their desire to explore spiritually may be tied to a desire for inner serenity and peace.

The paths and journeys that they take on the road to finding more meaning in life may be taken slowly and deliberately. Jumping into something without thinking it through or coming at it with fiery passion may not be their style.

However, the business of the 9th House is all about breaking up routines, which goes against Taurus’ nature. There could be a bit of tension or hesitancy that could arise and slow down growth in this area, leading to stagnation.

Of course, this is just a very quick interpretation of Taurus in an empty 9th House, but you get the idea of how simply knowing the sign your house cusp sits in can offer you a great deal of information, even with a lack of planets.

If you would like more information about how to approach your empty houses, along with situations that make your empty 9th House more influential in your chart than it may seem at first glance, click here!

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