Free Astrology PDFs, Courses & Printables: Learn for free!

Beginning to learn astrology can be overwhelming, and one thing that makes it even more so is wondering which books and astrology tools you should buy to get started. Luckily, many astrologers offer free resources for beginners to help you get started without spending a dime. Here are some amazing and free resources I uncovered, including free astrology pdf printables and workbooks, to help you get started!

a woman sitting in front of a computer, writing, and learning, representing a person using free astrology pdf printables, workbooks, and courses to learn from

Astrology Cheat Sheets from Labyrinthos

There are so many details to keep straight when you are first learning about astrology! Nothing helps you keep organized more than some cheat sheets. has a library of free astrology pdf cheat sheet printables that you can print and refer to as a beginner.

Find the sign-up for the free Labyrinthos cheat sheets HERE.

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Free Moon Calendar from Molly’s Astrology

Keep track of what is going on with the Moon in an easy and organized way! Molly’s Astrology offers a free Moon calendar detailing what phase the Moon is in, what sign it has entered, plus many other notable astrology aspects. Stay on top of the astrological weather with this free astrology resource!

Find the free Moon calendar from Molly’s Astrology HERE.

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Free Astrology Workbook for Beginners from Maren Altman

What is more fun than a free printable astrology workbook? Maren Alman calls this her astrology “starter kit” here you will learn the meanings of the planets, signs, houses, and more. Perfect for beginners, you can quickly download and print this free astrology pdf and get to work on your astrology education!

Find Maren Altman’s free astrology pdf workbook HERE.

Learn All About the Signs of the Zodiac with the Astrology Podcast

Once you’ve mastered the keywords and basics for each sign of the Zodiac, it is time to go further! This free 2-part deep dive into each sign from Chris Brennan’s channel, The Astrology Podcast, is a great resource to learn from. Each video is 3 hours and covers each sign in detail! The videos include bookmarks so that you can easily navigate to the sign you are interested in.

Find Part 1 covering Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo from The Astrology Podcast HERE.
Find Part 2 covering Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces from the Astrology Podcast HERE.

Free Astrology Wish Map PDF from Wise Skies

Plan your perfect year with help from this free astrology Wish Map from Wise Skies! Everything on this site is designed beautifully and their free pdf wish map is no exception. Use the wisdom of the sky to help you make this your best year yet. This page also offers many other freebies and printables so be sure to scroll around to see all of their great, and free, resources.

Find your free astrology Wish Map printable pdf from Wise Skies HERE.

Free Astrology PDF Books from Cafe Astrology

Books are an invaluable resource for astrology beginners as well as advanced astrologers. Cafe Astrology offers a collection of free astrology pdf books for anyone to use and learn from. This site has been careful to try to only include books that are not pirated so you can feel good about using these free resources.

Find the list of free astrology pdf books from Cafe Astrology HERE.

Free Beginner Astrology Course from The Tarot Lady

If you’re a beginner and ready to devote more time to your astrology education but don’t want to spend a dime, this is for you. The Tarot Lady has developed a free astrology course for beginners, Star School, with 34 lessons included! All of the basics are covered, but there are also lessons targeting Venus, Mercury, Chart Patterns, Dignities, and much, much more.

Get instant access to Star School from The Tarot Lady HERE.

Free Astrology Moon Self-Care PDF Workbook from Molly’s Astrology

Use the wisdom of your Moon Sign to guide you in your self-care with this free astrology pdf printable workbook from Molly’s Astrology. This 30-day plan helps you to choose the perfect time to take care of yourself and some of the best ideas to make the most of this time based on what sign of the Zodiac your Moon sits in. What could be fun and relaxing for an astrology buff?

Find the free Moon Sign Self-Care Workbook from Molly’s Astrology HERE.

Keep Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs Straight with Tan Astrology

Some concepts in astrology can be confusing and hard to keep straight. One of these is the difference between your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs. Tan Astrology offers a quick and easy video that helps explain how the three are different. Sometimes it takes listening to or reading explanations from a few teachers before something clicks, so if you are struggling with these concepts, give this a try!

Find the Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign video from Tan Astrology HERE.

Free Natal Chart Course From Embodied Soul Astrology Academy

Dive into your natal chart with this free natal chart course for beginners from Embodied Soul Astrology Academy. This course comes with video lessons about how to begin to read your own natal chart, plus a free printable pdf workbook to help you get more from the course.

Find the free astrology course and printable pdf workbook from Embodied Soul Astrology Academy HERE.

Free Resources Galore from Mystic Mag

I can’t even begin to describe all of the free astrological and mystical resources available from the MysticMag, but I can tell you that they are plentiful and include everything from astrology to tarot if that is also a topic you are interested in.

Find great podcasts, ebooks, courses, and more in a wide array of mystical avenues. This is one of those guides that is like a rabbit hole you can dive into and come out with tons of great, free information.

Find many free astrology goodies from the MysticMag HERE.