Stellium In a House: Meaning of This Powerful Group of Planets

Three or more planets sitting in the same house in your natal chart is referred to as a stellium in astrology. These planets combine their efforts and express themselves through the matters of this house, a house that could play a significant role in your life.


  • A group of any 3 plants in one house is a stellium.
  • Planets of a stellium blend together and work through the same house.
  • The house a stellium sits in will play an important role in your life.

What is a House Stellium?

the words, what is a house stellium? with a house and natal chart in the background

A house stellium is a group of 3 or more planets placed in the same house in your natal chart, as explained here by Astrology42

The personal planets, the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Mars, the social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and even the generational planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can play a part in this. All planets can be part of a stellium in a house.

How to Find a House Stellium in Your Natal Chart

Luckily, a stellium in a house is easy to spot, even for beginners in astrology.

Open your chart in astrology software. For the example below, I am using TimePassages.

a chart detail showing a 4 planet house stellium in the 6th

Look over each of your houses and if there are 3 planets in one house or more, you have a stellium.

For this type of stellium, it doesn’t matter if the planets are all in the same sign of the Zodiac or not. As long as they are all in the same house it is a stellium.

If you find a stellium in a house in your chart, what does that mean?

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What Does it Mean to Have a Stellium in a House?

Planets represent different functions of your psyche, each contributing to your mind, heart, and soul.

Houses are different parts of your life. I think of them as the verbs of astrology because they describe things you do, such as make money, have relationships, and take vacations.

When you have 3 or more planets all concentrated in one house, the energies and functions of all of those planets are all working through the same house.

In addition, the planets of a stellium blend together and act as a sort of super-planet, cooperating and combining their efforts.

But, how can this planetary supergroup in one of your natal houses affect your life?

an infographic showing details about a stellium in a house

How Can a Stellium in a House Affect You?

If you spot multiple planets in one house in your natal chart, this is not something you can ignore.

This placement is considered to be a major player, quite influential, in your birth chart.

Your house stellium is a like a flashing light, letting you know that the matters of that house will play a major role in your life.

The house of your stellium will be a crucial piece to your personal growth in this lifetime. 

When reading your chart, this stellium should be one of the first placements considered, just after the Big 3. 

And, if your stellium contains your Sun or Moon, this tacks on an extra layer of significance to this group.

Stellium in Each House

We have written an article detailing how a stellium in each of the houses of a chart could influence your life. Click on the house of your stellium from the list below.

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