How Astrology is Useful in Your Life: 9 Ways It Can Benefit You

You have your birth chart in hand and know some of your signs, now what? Besides being fun, astrology can actually be very useful in your life in many meaningful ways. Your personal growth can benefit from understanding more about your birth chart, and your relationship with others can be strengthened as well.

So how can astrology be useful in your life? Read on to learn 9 significant benefits of the craft and why you should dive deeper into your natal chart today!

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1. Accept Yourself More

One thing that astrology can do really well is to help you understand yourself better. Astrology can be very self-validating because you can see, right there on paper, why you are different than everyone else or why you may behave the way you do. Once you begin to understand the details of your chart and see the pieces come together, you may begin to recognize those traits or characteristics inside of you and identify with them.

When I first read my chart a huge lightbulb came on for me. It quickly became obvious why I feel the way I do or keep falling into the same patterns over and over. It’s all right here in my chart and that’s who I am! This can be a very liberating discovery.

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2. Uncover Your Strengths

Every single sign and planet has great strengths and tools that it comes along with. Using your birth chart, you can see where these strengths lie. Some you may already be aware of, but some may surprise you and there may be something that you should try or explore that you may not have if you hadn’t discovered that strength through astrology.

Another place to uncover great strengths you may have is in the soft aspects. If you have a trine in your chart, those two planets may have incredible potential for you. However, these strengths may lie hidden away if you aren’t aware of them and if you don’t challenge yourself in those areas.

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3. See Behaviors You Need to Watch Out For

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Those same strengths that each sign and planet comes with have the potential to become a weakness if taken too far. With this knowledge, you can see parts of yourself that you may have to remember to keep in check once in a while to remain in a healthy balance.

Take Sagittarius, for example. Sagittarius loves personal freedom and is very independent. These are fantastic qualities and help the sign to reach its goals. However, if taken too far Sagittarius can have a hard time committing to anyone or anything and find itself alone and unable to stick with anything long enough to grow it. Astrology can help you see pitfalls you need to watch out for.

4. Find Where You Have Potential to Grow

Your natal chart also shows places in your life where you may struggle and where things may not come easy. However, wherever there is friction in a chart it is an opportunity for astonishing personal growth.

One area in your chart where there could be strife is if there are oppositions between two planets. Oppositions are considered hard aspects because the two planets challenge one another. However, if you are aware of such oppositions, you have the chance to make a conscious effort to strengthen your response to both of those planets in a way where they both are expressed simultaneously and in a positive way. This kind of self-knowledge can inspire great personal evolution.

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5. Identify Important Areas of Your Life

We all have a finite amount of time on this planet, but astrology can help us to hone in on where we may want to spend more of that precious time where it will truly benefit our souls. One place to look for this kind of information is the houses. I think of the houses as the verbs of astrology because each house describes specific things we do or areas of our life, such as working, communicating, or even having fun!

One quick and easy way to see which houses, and areas of life, may be extra important in your life are to see which houses have many planets or contain prominent planets. If a house has multiple planets, it may be a place to pay extra attention to. Or, you can look to see which house your Sun resides in as the activities of that house will also play a vital role in your life.

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6. Decode How You Process Emotions

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For some, dealing with emotions comes naturally. For others, it can feel like a constant struggle to process their feelings. Astrology can help anyone to understand why and how they may react the way they do and sometimes simply gaining more understanding can be the first step toward self-improvement and self-regulation.

When trying to gain more insight into our own emotions, the first place to look is our very own Moon. The Moon is the planet of emotion. Where it is placed in your chart can give you clues as to how you may process your feelings and what you can try to improve your emotional health.

Moon in Cancer? You may be blessed with a deep ocean of emotional depth and are great at figuring out how you and others feel. Moon in Aries? You may find that you struggle to feel sadness and it may come out more like anger than sorrow. The Moon can show you how you react to your emotions so that you can learn strategies to express them in a positive and constructive way.

7. See Where You May Find Fulfillment

There are times in our lives where we may feel like we are just going through the motions and not feeling fulfilled. We may also feel as though we are just floating through life with no real direction. Astrology can help by offering us clues as to what types of activities or work may bring us the most joy or sense of purpose.

In our chart there are multiple places that we can look to that will offer clues, but one big one is our Midheaven. This line is at the top of our natal chart and is actually the cusp of the 10th House. This point shows us an area where we may find a wealth of ambition and a drive toward achievement. If we are looking to make our lives more fulfilling, the Midheaven may show us what we could be doing in order to find it.

8. See How Planetary Movement May Affect You

Your birth chart itself is an invaluable tool in helping you to understand your own behavior. This tool can be made even more powerful with the addition of the moving, or transiting, planets.

The birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment of your birth. It is still and unchanging, yet the planets, including our own, continue to orbit and change position, and the present-day transiting planets also interact with our birth chart and influence how we behave and feel. If you track this or use an astrologer to do this for you, you can begin to get a sense of how the transiting planets affect you, personally.

Not every planet influences everyone in the same way or at the same time because everyone’s birth chart is unique. So by paying attention to how you feel when transiting Venus, for example, makes a challenging aspect with your Ascendant, or transiting Jupiter, for instance, overlaps your natal Sun, you can begin to see how these planetary movements impact you. What is extra exciting is that you can even look ahead to future transits and be ready for anything that may look extra influential!

9. Find Traits to Look for in a Partner

couple holding their hands together to form a heart with the setting sun in the center of the heart, illustrating finding astrology to find a good partner

I’m not someone who believes that we should only seek out relationships based on our birth charts. Not at all. However, if you are someone who struggles to find people that you gel with, or if you are always drawn to the same type of people over and over only to have it end badly, your birth chart may offer some helpful guidance.

One easy piece of your natal chart puzzle that can offer up relationship advice is your Descendant. The Descendant is on the right side of your chart and is the cusp of the 7th House. This line points to what would be considered your opposite. But, you know what they say, opposites attract!

The Descendant shows the traits that you don’t acknowledge within yourself, or who you are not, but they are also the traits that you may always be looking for in other people. I don’t believe that we need anyone else to “complete us,” as I feel we complete ourselves, but a relationship with someone who has the qualities of your Descendant could be beneficial as the two of you may balance and complement one another well.

BONUS: Getting Along Better with Others

We have talked a lot about ourselves and our own traits in this article, but one amazing benefit of astrology is that it can also be very useful in having a greater understanding and appreciation of others.

Once you begin to realize how every detail of your birth chart offers clues to your own complexity and unique qualities, it is easy to see that everyone is in the same boat. We all have challenges we are struggling with and goals we are drawn toward, and we have various ways of dealing with emotions and hardship. It’s all right there in the charts.

Becoming more self-aware through astrology can help us to be more understanding of others and even more appreciative of the strengths they bring to the table, even if they are very different than our own.

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Discover your personal road map. Take our FREE mini-course and learn how Evolutionary Astrology can help you find more purpose and enhance your life!