Aquarius and the Fixed Modality: Unshakable ideals & originality

Aquarius is a sign that is steadfast in its ideals. It is motivated to determine its own set of rules to live by and once realized, Aquarius will not deviate from its own principles and values no matter what. So what is it about Aquarius that makes it so strong-willed?

Aquarius is a fixed sign of the Zodiac. The nature of fixed mode is to persevere and follow through. This persistent, steady fixed modality, along with the air element and Uranus’ influence, inspires Aquarius to consistently express its truth as it sees it regardless of how society may react.

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Fixed mode is a reliable and enduring force in astrology. Keep reading to find out how the fixed modality helps to shape Aquarius and what it could mean for you!

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Fixed mode

The start of each new season brings fresh changes that all living things must adapt to. However, once the transition period is over there comes a point in each season where things remain the same day after day and it feels as though it may stay that way forever. This is the core of fixed mode. Its essence is to hold strong and follow through with what has already been started.

In astrology, the twelve signs are divided evenly into three modes: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Together these modes are referred to as the quadruplicities, or something called the qualities. The quadruplicities describe a different way to react to change or an approach to taking action in life. When the signs of each mode are laid out on a natal chart, they form a cross.

astrological chart showing how the fixed signs form a cross

You can see that I have labeled Aquarius along with the other three fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. They divide the chart into fourths and make a shape that looks like a cross or an “x.” If I were to label the signs of the cardinal or mutable modalities, the pattern would look the same.

Each mode in the quadruplicity system symbolizes a different phase in a season, from the ambitious beginning through the long, heart of the season, and finally the metamorphosis at the end. For Aquarius, fixed mode represents the middle of winter.

How fixed mode comes out in Aquarius

Winter can be harsh. For many of our ancestors, surviving winter took an iron will. They had to set their mind on their goal of survival and couldn’t let up even for a moment through those long and unrelenting months. This looks a lot like the fixed mode at work in Aquarius. Fixed mode inspires Aquarius to seek the truth and then live it, enduring all of the consequences that may come from living a life that the rest of society may not approve of or understand.

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Yes, there are three other fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, but, because they are all influenced by a ruling planet and a different element, the fixed mode doesn’t shine through the same in all of them. Aquarius is also inspired by the air element and its ruler, Uranus.

In Aquarius, fixed energy blends with the intelligent and reasonable air element. This mixture forms a sign that is inventive, logical, and some would even add genius. Aquarius’ air element lends the sign a brilliant mind capable of analyzing, comprehending, remembering, and making connections in a profound way. No one else may see the world in the same way Aquarius does.

Uranus rules Aquarius, and this planet asks us to be true to ourselves. The independent and revolutionary energy from Uranus emboldens Aquarius to not follow the herd, but rather to trust its own instincts. Uranus offers Aquarius the strength to express its individuality in a completely unedited way, even if those around them, including the ones they love, don’t understand or disapprove. To Aquarius’ combination of strong-willed fixed mode energy and logical air element, Uranus adds the ability to be truly free.

Uranus instills Aquarius with the ability to feel secure in its originality. Because of the influence of the air element, Aquarius has the ability to analyze, reason, and society for what it truly is. Tradition, social norms, or “the way things have always been done” holds no power with Aquarius who sees things as either equal and right and just for all, or not. There are no gray areas. When they are met with resistance and blow-back from those around them, Aquarius’ resolute fixed mode inspires them to persist anyway.

Aquarius is sometimes seen as the rebel of the Zodiac or the revolutionary. It is capable of ushering in new ways of thinking and is stubborn enough to hold its ground long enough to spark change in the world.

A sign held up in a protest that says "fight today for a better tomorrow"

Aquarius’ fixed mode definitely makes them strong-willed and sometimes it can come off as bullheaded, but it is also a sign that is very concerned about the fair treatment of others. The sign can be very compassionate and loyal. Because it isn’t concerned with the thoughts of society, Aquarius is very accepting of others as long as they are being their authentic selves. It is a very “what you see is what you get” kind of sign with a distaste for drama. Its clever mind also makes this a very witty sign and has the potential to be very funny.

Aquarius is very forward-thinking and unique. However, Aquarius has the potential to be so analytical and original that it struggles to connect emotionally with others. They also have the potential to reject traditional ways to the point that they throw the baby out with the bathwater and see any ideas that aren’t new and fresh as things that need to be abandoned, even if they have value or merit.

However, every sign has the capacity to take its strengths too far and turn them into challenges. Aquarius isn’t unique in that sense. Finding balance is paramount and if Aquarius can find that balance it has the possibility to hold strongly enough to their ideals that they inspire others to follow, leading movements that can change the world.

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Discover your personal road map. Take our FREE mini-course and learn how Evolutionary Astrology can help you find more purpose and enhance your life!