Aries and the Cardinal Modality: Blazing new trails with gusto

Aries is a sign that has a lot to offer in the success department and the sign is known for not wasting any time going after what it wants. But what is it about Aries that makes it so eager?

Aries is a cardinal sign of the Zodiac. The nature of cardinal mode is to get things started. This restless and ambitious cardinal modality, along with Aries’ fire and Mars influence, encourages Aries to push itself in new directions, be the first to try something, and have a pioneering spirit.

person running up a mountain, illustrating aries and cardinal mode

Cardinal mode is a powerful and unique force in the Zodiac. Keep reading to learn more about what cardinal mode is and how it comes through in Aries.

The cardinal modality

Every season is a fresh start, a chance for a new beginning. This is the essence of cardinal mode. The nature of this modality is to start things, build or create something original, and push in new directions.

The modes in astrology are referred to as quadruplicities. They represent a style of taking action or adapting to a situation. In the quadruplicity system, the signs are divided into 3 groups: cardinal mode, fixed mode, and mutable mode. On the astrological chart, the signs in each mode form a cross.

a natal chart showing that Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra are all cardinal mode and form a cross on the chart

In the chart above, I have marked Aries as a cardinal sign along with the other cardinal signs, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer. You can see how those signs form a cross on the natal chart.

The modality system mirrors the progression of a season through its cycle of birth, persisting through that long middle period, and then finally beginning to die off and change into the next. Cardinal mode for Aries is representative of spring and life bravely springing up at the end of a harsh winter.

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How cardinal mode comes out in Aries

Everything is made anew in spring, but to survive you have to be tough and have a strong will to survive, much like Aries. Cardinal mode pushes Aries to be ambitious, to assert itself by pushing headfirst toward new things that it wants to try, explore, or have.

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As we saw in the chart illustration above, there are three other signs that share the cardinal modality: Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer. However, these signs don’t express their cardinal modality in the exact same way because each of those signs is also under the influence of an element and a ruling planet. Aries is also shaped by the fire element and its ruler, Mars.

For Aries, the cardinal modality is mixed with the dynamic and active fire element. These combined make Aries a sign that loves to start new activities and have new adventures. The fire element adds an energizing, intense, and domineering spirit to Aries, inspiring this sign to not just want to start new things, but throw everything they have into new activities with gusto.

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. This is a planet that asks us to push ourselves above and beyond what we may think we are capable of. It inspires us to find the courage to stand up for ourselves and others and to fight for our right to get what we want and need out of life. Mars isn’t a planet that asks us to patiently wait our turn in line. To this Arian mix of the ambitious cardinal mode and energetic fire element, Mars adds assertiveness and a fighting spirit.

Mars encourages Aries to express their cardinal modality with an extra dose of passion and determination. When Aries wants to start something it wants to start it now. There will be no waiting around and no compromise. With bravery lent to it by Mars, Aries will push forward into new endeavors without looking back.

The cardinal mode, in combination with fire and Mars, makes Aries a confident, intense doer. However, this combination also has the potential to entice Aries to start things without finishing them. They may also impulsively, even recklessly, throw themselves into situations without thinking them through first. And, if they are asked to be patient when rearing to go, Aries may lose their temper.

Every sign needs to find balance in their lives, however, or they can run into challenges. If Aries is successful at this, their ambitious cardinal modality can help propel them to new heights and blaze new trails.

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Discover your personal road map. Take our FREE mini-course and learn how Evolutionary Astrology can help you find more purpose and enhance your life!