Leo and the Fixed Modality: Bold & determined to shine

Leo is a sign that is incredibly determined and persistent. It is a sign that embodies “the show much go on” mentality. But what is it about Leo that makes it so unwavering and resolute?

Leo is a fixed sign of the Zodiac. The essence of fixed mode is to finish what has already been started. This steady and efficient fixed modality, along with Leo’s fire and the Sun’s influence, inspires Leo to persist with passion and concentration to see their grand plans through until the end.

woman dancing with her eyes closed and arms overhead in front of an orange background, symbolizing is leo fixed

The fixed modality is a stable and purposeful energy in the Zodiac. Keep reading to learn more about how the fixed mode impacts Leo and what it could mean for how you take action in your life!

Fixed mode

There comes a time in every season where it feels like it may never come to an end. Day in and day out, it feels like it will be the same forever. This is the nature of the fixed modality. Its character is to maintain what is already in motion, resist changes in the plan, and keep its eyes on the prize.

The three modes, sometimes called qualities, in astrology, are also referred to as quadruplicities. These symbolize a certain approach to taking action and dealing with changes. In the quadruplicity system, the 12 signs of the Zodiac are grouped evenly into the 3 modes: fixed mode, cardinal mode, and mutable mode. If the signs of each mode are marked out on a birth chart, they form a cross.

astrological chart showing how the fixed signs form a cross

You can see in the illustration above that I have labeled Leo as a fixed sign, and I did the same to the other fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. They form a cross on the natal chart and divide it into 4 pieces.

Quadruplicities represent the movement of seasons through the phases of birth, enduring and existing through the heart of the season, and then the transition period where one season starts to blend with the next. For Leo, the fixed modality symbolizes the middle of summer.

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How fixed mode comes out in Leo

The long hours of sunshine mean that summer days are persistent and dazzling, much like Leo. The fixed modality inspires Leo to be reliable, efficient in the use of their time, and have a feeling of purpose that urges them on.

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We saw in the illustration above that there are three other signs that also have fixed modalities, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. However, because they are also shaped by an element and a ruling planet, none of these four signs express their fixed modality in the exact same way. Leo is also influenced by the fire element and its planetary ruler, the Sun.

Fixed mode in Leo combines with the vibrant and energetic fire element. This mixture creates a sign that is an organizing force to be reckoned with and one that is passionate and persistent. Leo’s fire element adds an intense, outgoing, and dynamic essence to Leo, urging it to not only endure all of the way to the finish line but to do so with flair and optimism.

The Sun rules Leo, and it asks us to find our personal power and shine it brightly for all to see. The vital and radiant energy from the Sun emboldens Leo to express itself to the world. To Leo’s combination of determined fixed mode energy and exhilarating fire element, the Sun adds magnetism, warmth, and self-confidence.

The Sun enhances Leo’s fixed modality with charisma and courage. When Leo decides to express themselves, there is nothing that will stop it from standing on that stage and giving a performance of a lifetime. Leo will organize, plan, and persevere until they have seen it through, no matter how it is received by others. This may be on a stage, but it is more likely to be in the boardroom, in a hobby, or in any creative endeavor Leo puts its heart and mind into.

a man giving a presentation to a room full of people

Leo doesn’t know how to do things small. With a need to leave their mark in the world, a desire inspired by the Sun, Leo will plan and execute grand ways to show others what they are truly made of and, with bravery, will wait to see how their “audience” reacts, good or bad. Putting themselves out there and observing what people reflect back at them helps to spur Leo’s personal growth.

Leo’s fixed mode, along with its fire element and influence from the Sun, makes it a bold and devoted sign. But, with this combination of energies, there is also the possibility for Leo to want the world to revolve around them. They may want their own way and be very difficult to persuade otherwise, digging their heels in until they get what they want. Leo may also be so determined to express themselves to others that it crosses the line into attention-seeking behavior.

There isn’t any sign in the Zodiac that doesn’t come with challenges, including Leo. Even the most brilliant traits can become detrimental when taken, too far. Balance is always the key. If Leo is effective at striking this balance, their tenacious fixed modality can help push them on to their magnificent stage where they can bask in the well-deserved applause they are working so hard for.

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Discover your personal road map. Take our FREE mini-course and learn how Evolutionary Astrology can help you find more purpose and enhance your life!