Libra and the Cardinal Modality: Starting harmonious relationships

Libra is a sign that is fantastic at making connections with others and helping to bring together people with opposing views. But why does Libra work to create new relationships?

Libra is a cardinal sign of the Zodiac. The nature of the cardinal modality is to spark the beginning of new things. This self-starting and constructive cardinal modality, along with Libra’s air and Venus influences, inspires Libra to create balance and connections where there were none before.

two friends walking over a bridge in winter and you can see their breath, illustrating is libra cardinal

In the Zodiac, cardinal mode is a driving force that gets things rolling. Keep reading to learn how this proactive mode shines through in Libra, and how it may affect your life!

The cardinal modality

The beginning of each season feels new and fresh, which is the essence of cardinal mode. The spirit of this restless modality is all about getting the ball rolling, taking action, not just thinking about it, and creating. Cardinal mode initiates the birth of something new.

Cardinal mode is one of three modes that are collectively referred to as the quadruplicities. Each mode signifies a different way of approaching life or adapting to what the world throws at you. The three modalities of the quadruplicity system are cardinal mode, fixed mode, and mutable mode. The signs are divided equally between the three modes and when they are marked on a natal chart they form a cross.

a natal chart showing that Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra are all cardinal mode and form a cross on the chart

In the illustration of a birth chart above, you can see how Libra, along with the other cardinal signs, Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries, make a cross or “x” shape. If I had labeled the signs with a fixed or mutable modality instead, the pattern would look the same.

Each modality also represents the march of a season through its cycle of birth, existing in the long middle period, and finally, the time near the end of the season where it begins to change into the next. For Libra, cardinal mode represents the beginning of autumn.

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How cardinal mode comes out in Libra

Autumn strikes a balance between the hot sun of summer and the cold blast of winter, much like Libra. Cardinal mode influences Libra to seek out areas in life that need balanced or new relationships that they can form with others. Libra isn’t one to sit back on its laurels and wait for these things to happen, they will take action to get them going.

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As we saw in the chart above, there are three signs that also share the cardinal modality: Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries. But, each of these signs also has its own element that is influencing it along with a ruling planet that adds more “flavor.” Besides the cardinal modality, Libra is also encouraged to embody certain traits by its ruler, Venus, and also by its air element.

For Libra, cardinal energy is joined with the intelligent and reasonable air element. This air and cardinal mixture makes Libra a sign that is excellent at analyzing the similarities between two seemingly different people or things and then taking the initiative to bring harmony to them. The air element brings an intellectual side to Libra and offers them a clever mind and an appreciation and skill for learning.

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. This is a planet that asks us to place high importance on relationships and to treat the people in our lives with love and respect. It encourages Libra to seek out relationships where there isn’t volatility or drama. With inspiration from Venus, Libra is a master of diplomacy, able to smooth over disagreements others may have with them or arguments between two other parties. Venus also gifts Libra with a charming personality that makes them very popular and able to draw people in.

friends sitting around a dinner table and clinking their glasses

Venus encourages Libra to express its cardinal energy with an added boost of peace and solitude. Libra is always looking for a way to strike a balance and introduce harmony into a situation. This doesn’t stop with relationships, however, as Libra also excels at bringing unity and beauty to their environment as well. Libra has a great sense of style and is skilled at aesthetics such as art or interior design, cooking, music, or anywhere else they can create harmonious compositions.

The air element, along with Venus and the cardinal modality, makes Libra a creator of balance and serene and harmonious relationships. But, this combination, when taken too far, can lead to Libra avoiding tense discussions that need to happen in attempts to keep the peace and ignore problems in relationships. Their need for balancing their needs with that of others can also make it really hard for them to make choices, especially when they will not just impact them, but the people in their lives, as well.

No sign in the Zodiac is immune to having their greatest strengths turned into challenges if taken too far. As Libra knows, everything in life should be kept in balance. If Libra can find this equilibrium, their self-starting cardinal modality can inspire peace and calm in the people in their lives.

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Discover your personal road map. Take our FREE mini-course and learn how Evolutionary Astrology can help you find more purpose and enhance your life!