Pisces and the Mutable Modality: Transforming sense of identity

Pisces is a sign that explores consciousness and seeks to change the way it sees reality and its place in the Universe. But what is it about Pisces that makes it open to such a shifting sense of existence?

Pisces is a mutable sign of the Zodiac. The character of the mutable modality is to tolerate change. Flexible and easy-going mutable mode, the water element, and Neptune’s influence inspire Pisces to seek transformation in their sense of self and also in how they grasp and experience spirituality.

a woman smiling and meditating in a park, illustrating is pisces mutable

Mutable mode is an agent for change in the life of Pisces. Keep reading to learn more about how the mutable modality shines through in Pisces and what this may mean for you!

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Mutable mode in astrology

At some point in every season, it feels like it will last forever. But just as you begin to think that it actually may happen this time, this season will be here indefinitely, the winds shift. The air begins to smell different, days suddenly seem to be longer or shorter, and we can no longer pretend that things will stay this way forever. This illustrates the nature of the mutable modality. Its essence is ushering in, accepting, and even welcoming change.

Mutable mode is one of three modes in astrology that are together referred to as the quadruplicates. They are cardinal mode, fixed mode, and mutable mode. The three modalities each symbolize a different way to approach how to take action or adapt to change. When mapped out on a natal chart, the signs of each mode form a cross shape.

a natal chart with the 4 mutable signs, showing how they form a cross

In the birth chart above, I have marked Pisces as mutable along with the other mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Together, they split the birth chart into four evenly shaped pieces and form a cross, or “x” shape. If I were to label the signs of the fixed or cardinal modes instead, we would see the same pattern.

The cardinal, fixed, and mutable modes signify the stages of a season, from its ambitious birth through the long, enduring heart of the season, and finally, toward the end where changes are inevitable. For Pisces, the mutable modality represents the end of winter when it begins to transform into spring.

How mutable mode comes out in Pisces

Mutable mode inspires Pisces to go with the flow and tolerate change, but this mode can also encourage Pisces to seek it out. Pisces is a sign whose mission is to alter how it sees its role in the Universe and the meaning of life itself.

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In the natal chart illustration above, we saw that Pisces shares the mutable modality with Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. However, the modality shines through a little differently in each of those signs because they are also heavily influenced by a different element and ruling Planet. Pisces is also shaped by the water element and its ruler, Neptune.

For Pisces, the mutable modality is mixed with the compassionate and emotionally deep water element. This blend inspires Pisces to be exceptionally empathetic and nurturing. This connection to the soul lends itself well to Pisces’ evolving sense of reality and meaning in the Universe.

The water element offers Pisces a rich imagination which allows it to have the capacity to experience different states of consciousness and also to envision the connection of all things in a way others may not be capable of. It also enables Pisces to be very in tune with its own soul, which is necessary for its goal of dissolving its ego, letting go of its sense of individuality, to allow for oneness with the spirit and Universe.

Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces. Neptune is a planet of inspiration and extrasensory experiences. To Pisces’ blend of transformative mutable energy and emotionally charged water energy, Neptune adds visions of the divine.

Neptune inspires Pisces to use its mutable modality to shift from seeing itself as an individual to understanding that it is a piece in a larger puzzle. Pisces ruling Neptune asks it to peek behind the curtain, much like Dorothy did when visiting Oz, and to no longer be disillusioned by what everyone else perceives as “reality.” There is much more to the story of life and our place in it, and Neptune encourages Pisces to go after it.

With Neptune’s influence, Pisces has the potential to have experiences that most others do not. It offers them the chance to tap into the collective consciousness and offers insight and inspiration through dreams and visions. Neptune offers Pisces a direct line to the divine.

Because this sign can see the bigger picture of life, what is important and what really isn’t, Pisces has the potential for what seems like unending compassion and empathy for others. It is a generous sign that doesn’t feel the need to compete, assert its personal power onto others, or prove itself. It can see how those things truly aren’t necessary but it is understanding of those who still cling to them. Pisces is loyal and devoted to others and is concerned with the greater good.

Pisces’ mutable mode, water element, and Neptune inspiration make Pisces a selfless giver in life who has insight into the bigger picture in life. But, this can be challenging since the rest of the world doesn’t share this same level of enlightenment. Pisces has the potential to lose itself. It feels so much, both from within and absorbed from those around it, that sometimes it needs to escape and zone out. This is healthy only to a point and Pisces needs to beware of its escapism becoming self-destructive. It can also have such a hazy sense of identity that it takes on the character of the people it shares its life with.

With every sign in the Zodiac, however, there is the risk of taking strengths so far that they actually become challenges. However, if Pisces can find balance in its strengths, its transformative mutable modality can influence it to continue to “peek behind the curtain” and alter its sense of connection to the Universe and the divine while also inspiring others in the process.

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Discover your personal road map. Take our FREE mini-course and learn how Evolutionary Astrology can help you find more purpose and enhance your life!