Scorpio and the Fixed Modality: Unyielding honesty & transformation

Scorpio is a sign that is intense and persistent. It is a sign that is curious to uncover mysteries in life that are taboo and unspeakable, and once they have their eye on one of these hidden truths, they won’t stop until they have succeeded in pulling it from the shadows into the light. But what is it about Scorpio that makes it so determined?

Scorpio is a fixed sign of the Zodiac. The quality of fixed mode is to endure and persist. This reliable, resolute fixed modality, along with the water element and Pluto’s influence, urges Scorpio to be determined to help heal the emotional wounds of others with their penetrating eye and endurance.

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Fixed mode is a goal-oriented and constant energy. Read on to discover how the fixed modality influences Scorpio and how it could play a role in your life!

Fixed mode

A season’s beginning and end always usher in bustling change and new beginnings. However, there is the time in the heart of each season where things simply endure. The birth of the season and the changes it brings are largely over and what we are left with is simply existing within that season for the long-haul, day in and day out. This is the essence of fixed mode. Its nature is to hold its ground in a steady, reliable way.

The quadruplicity system in astrology divides and groups the signs of the Zodiac into three modes, cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Each mode illustrates a specific way that one takes action or views change in their lives. The modes of the quadruplicities each form a cross on the natal chart.

astrological chart showing how the fixed signs form a cross

On the natal chart above I have marked Scorpio as a fixed sign, and I did the same to the other three fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. Together, they make a cross shape on the chart, and if I had marked the signs of the cardinal and mutable modes, it would look similar.

The modes, also referred to as the qualities by some astrologers, mirror the march of a season through its phases from fresh starts and new beginnings to the long-enduring middle part of the season, and finally into the end of a season where it begins to shift to the next and changes begin. For Scorpio, fixed mode represents the middle of autumn.

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How fixed mode comes out in Scorpio

By the heart of autumn, much of the life that spring and summer ushered in has died off. We must accept the fact that this death is our new reality for many months to come, knowing that it must die to be made fresh again in spring. In many ways, this mirrors the fixed modality at work in Scorpio. It inspires Scorpio to persist even in the face of deep, volatile emotions and harsh truths, and to endure in its pursuit to pull the secrets in the life that keep people stuck out of the shadows and into the light so that healing can begin.

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There are three other signs that share fixed mode, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. But, they are also each influenced by a different element and their ruling planet, so none of them express their fixed modality in the exact same way. Scorpio is also shaped by the water element and its ruler, Pluto.

In Scorpio, fixed energy combines with the emotion-centered water element. This combination forms a sign that is incredibly intense and penetrating. Scorpio’s water element adds a compassionate, and empathetic nature to the sign, inspiring it to not only persist and endure but to do so with feeling and soul.

Pluto rules Scorpio, and it asks us to take what is no longer serving us and transform it into something new. The purifying and purposeful energy from Pluto galvanized Scorpio with power. Pluto lends Scorpio the power to see the truth, even when others may not, and the will to confront it, no matter how painful it may be. To Scorpio’s mixture of persistent fixed mode energy and sensitive water element, Pluto adds the capacity to look the ugly or painful parts of life square in the face, endure, and be a healing force to change them for the better.

Pluto infuses Scorpio’s fixed modality with charisma an incredible sense of perception and uncompromising honesty. Scorpio needs to be allowed to feel or think everything possible and not be constricted or limited by what is “socially acceptable.” This isn’t to say that Scorpio will do bad things as this inability to censor their minds and hearts does not apply to acting on things that will hurt others. It is a very sensitive and feeling sign, after all.

Scorpio has the ability to handle the painful, shameful, scary, confusing emotions or desires that the rest of us can’t handle or try to push down within ourselves and ignore. This is the sign that you can tell your deepest and darkest secrets to because they won’t lose it, they won’t judge you, and they will help you feel better by letting it out and getting it off your chest. Scorpio can help heal what is holding you back. That is the power of Pluto working through Scorpio.

one woman hugging and consoling another woman, symbolizing is scorpio fixed

Because of the water element, Scorpio is an incredibly devoted and compassionate sign that has intense emotions and, when used to help others, can be a powerful change agent for healing emotional wounds. They are generous and their persistence, lent to them by the fixed modality, could lead Scorpio to crusade causes of justice.

This sign is a “what you see is what you get” kind of sign because their need for ultimate truth and honesty can make it hard for Scorpio to try to pretend to be someone they aren’t. And this also means that they are accepting of others. As long as someone is being their authentic self, they have the potential to be very loyal and loving of the entire person, flaws and all.

Scorpio’s fixed mode makes it very tenacious at seeking out emotional truths and feeling the entire range of human emotion. However, if Scorpio dives too deep for too long into the dark waters of suffering and pain, it can find itself so far down that it can struggle to find the light again. Scorpio has the potential for mood swings and depression. This is a sign that must feel, it has no choice. Being the healing agent that allows others to unload their personal baggage is important and powerful work, but Scorpio has to make the time to feel the joyous emotions in life, as well, or it runs the risk of spiraling downward itself.

Every single sign in the Zodiac has strengths that can turn into challenges if taken too far. Balance is the key here. If Scorpio succeeds at striking this balance, they can use their determined powers of transformation to heal their souls and to spark healing in the souls of the people lucky enough to be in their lives.

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