Taurus and the Fixed Modality: Finding peace in standing still

Taurus is a sign that is great at being a stable and steady presence. It holds its ground and can persevere to see things through. But what is it about Taurus that makes it so grounded and reliable?

Taurus is a fixed sign of the Zodiac. The nature of fixed mode is to see things through. This dependable and persistent fixed modality, along with Taurus’ earth and Venus influence, encourages Taurus to hold its ground, stick with the tried and true, and seek the stability to stand on solid ground.

woman standing next to trees with her eyes closed, illustrating is taurus fixed

Fixed mode is a solid and unyielding force in the Zodiac. Read on to learn more about what the fixed mode is and how it shines through in Taurus.

The fixed modality

In the heart of every season, it feels like it might last forever. This is the essence of fixed mode. The nature of the fixed modality is to sustain what has been started, endure, and hold steady.

In astrology, the modes are referred to as quadruplicities. They signify a specific style of taking action or adapting to a situation. The signs are divided into 3 groups in the quadruplicity system: fixed mode, cardinal mode, and mutable mode. The signs of each modality form a cross on the astrological chart.

astrological chart showing how the fixed signs form a cross

In the chart above, I have marked Taurus as a fixed sign along with the other fixed signs, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. You can see how those signs together make a cross on the natal chart.

The modes reflect the progression of a season through its cycle of new life, enduring through that long middle period, and then dying off and changing into the next. Fixed mode for Taurus is representative of the heart of spring.

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How fixed mode comes out in Taurus

Sometimes winter wants to creep back into spring, and life has to do its best to hang on and persist, much like Taurus. Fixed mode pushes Taurus to be steadfast, continuing to trudge along and be resistant to change.

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As shown in the chart above, there are three other signs that share the fixed modality, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. But, these signs don’t express their fixed modality in the same way because each of them is also under the influence of a ruling planet and an element. Taurus is also shaped by the earth element and its ruler, Venus.

For Taurus, the fixed modality mixes with the stable and practical earth element. These energies combined make Taurus a sign that loves routines and is reliable and practical. The earth element adds a rooted, peaceful, and focused spirit to Taurus, inspiring this sign to not only be content to continue what has already been started but to find joy in familiarity and peace in taking the simplest path.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. This is a planet that asks us to honor our relationships with others and to seek inner harmony. It inspires us to treat others with the same respect we would want to be treated with and to not bring harsh words, thoughts, or actions to a situation unless it is absolutely necessary. To this Taurian mix of the enduring fixed mode and steady earth element, Venus adds elegance, acceptance of others, and serenity.

Venus encourages Taurus to express its fixed modality with an extra helping of devotion and patience. When Taurus commits itself to something, it will dig its heels in and hold on. It is not a sign that is fickle in love or that appreciates the excitement that change can offer. With a need for inner harmony lent to it by Venus, Taurus will find the simple pleasures in life and stick with them for the duration.

The fixed mode, in addition to the earth element and Venus, makes Taurus a rooted and loyal sign. However, this mixture also has the potential to encourage Taurus to dig their heels in so deep that they won’t change their direction, even if it isn’t working for them. They may become stubborn and stale, not wanting to sacrifice their stability for something new. Taurus has the potential to be rigid in their ways to the point that it is detrimental to them.

Every single sign needs to seek balance or they can run into challenges and Taurus is no exception. But, if Taurus is successful at this, their enduring fixed modality can help keep them centered enough to find the peace they are seeking.

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Discover your personal road map. Take our FREE mini-course and learn how Evolutionary Astrology can help you find more purpose and enhance your life!