Jupiter in Taurus: Good Fortune in the Sign of the Bull

With bigger-than-life Jupiter in steady and peaceful Taurus, this could lead to feeling as though financial security comes easy. Just be careful not to confuse abundance with an unhealthy attachment to money.

If you have Jupiter in Taurus in your chart, how could the sign of the bull shape how you experience the King of the Planets?


  • Natal Jupiter in Taurus can bring material good fortune
  • This placement can lead to bullheadedness in beliefs
  • Transiting Jupiter will visit Taurus every 12 years
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Natal Jupiter in Taurus

Those born with Jupiter in Taurus will be blessed with good fortune when it comes to material abundance and security.

It could be that things tend to simply come together for them, almost like there’s an unseen force guiding their success.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and wherever this planet lands in a chart could point to a place where there is seemingly unlimited potential.

With Jupiter in reliable, stable Taurus, this good fortune could come in the form of a deep well of inner peace and tranquility, which is what Taurus is ultimately after.

Taurus is also one of the most patient signs in the Zodiac, so with expansive Jupiter in the sign of the bull, this could shape an individual with an exceptional ability to wait things out and remain steady.

One thing Taurus dislikes is being alone and those with their “lucky” natal Jupiter in this sign may seem to easily draw in a wealth of friends and loved ones to their inner circle.

Jupiter influences the feeling of faith in life and that there is a greater meaning to all of this. With Jupiter in Taurus, this feeling could be enhanced through familiar and consistent rituals or traditions, spending time in nature, or listening to music.

•Can shape material abundance
• May seem to have good luck finding friends
• Could have a deep well of inner peace

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Transiting Jupiter in Taurus

Everyone will have Jupiter in Aries at some point as this planet spends 1 year in each sign before moving on to the next.

Transiting Jupiter in Taurus brings opportunities for growth and expansion.

This could be a time of good fortune when it comes to finding financial security or attracting resources.

Expansive Jupiter in calm Taurus could bring about a time to prosper when it comes to seeking faith and harmony in life.

Also, Taurus’ powers of patience could be magnified when Jupiter is visiting the sign of the bull, making it a good time to think about seeing things through and finally tying up those loose ends.

  • Jupiter visits Taurus every 12 years
  • This could be a time of seeking financial security
  • There could be amplified feelings of faith and harmony

Jupiter in Taurus Weaknesses

Though Jupiter in Taurus can bring luck and abundance, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of.

As Jupiter is a planet that amplifies and expands, there is the potential to become too attached to money and material possessions, as they equate them with security and stability, something Taurus loves.

Jupiter in Taurus isn’t a “bad placement” (I don’t believe there are any bad placements), but Jupiter’s desire to throw caution to the wind and try new things may at times clash with Taurus’ preference to play it safe.

But, balance is the key when it comes to these two opposing ideas and if that can be found, this could bring the best of both worlds.

With Jupiter’s emphasis on beliefs and Taurus’ tendency to be stuck in its ways, there is the potential to become stubborn and unwilling to consider opposing views when it comes to faith or ethics.

•Jupiter in Taurus can bring materialism
• Balance between risk and safety needs to be found
• There can be bullheadedness with beliefs

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