The Mode of Leo: Determined that the show must go on

Leo is one of the fire signs of the Zodiac, but so are Sagittarius and Aries. So why are those signs so different from one other? What makes Leo so unique? For part of this answer, we need to look no further than the modalities, or Leo’s mode.

Leo’s mode is fixed. The fixed modality is that of persistence and endurance. This energy offers Leo a great deal of optimistic determination. Creative, passionate, and tenacious, Leo dreams big and the fixed modality inspires Leo to not stop until they have left their mark on the world.

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woman smiling with star stickers on her face, illustrating leo mode

How the Fixed Mode Comes Out in Leo

Fixed mode represents the long, middle point of a season. At times, this time in a season feels fantastic and you wish it could “bet like this forever”. But other times it may seem as though you will be stuck in it for a lifetime. For Leo, this season is the heart of summer.

There is nothing subtle about summer. Day in and day out, the Sun dazzles and demands your attention. Sure, sometimes it is so hot that it is just too much, but summer also brings a feeling of magic. Summer’s sun burns so brightly that it warms and energizes everything and everyone, pulling them out of their homes to the outdoors, and inspiring them to take a plunge in the lake. This is a snapshot of the fixed modality playing out in Leo.

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Leo shares this mode with 3 other signs, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. But, Leo is the only fire sign among these, so even though they share the fixed mode, it comes out differently in each of these signs.

Leo and the Fire Element

The element of Leo is fire and to experience a fire sign is to experience an overflowing, dynamic, and intense energy. Fire signs are not ones to sit around and wait for things to happen for them. Absolutely not. They are the ones driving the train and taking themselves, and oftentimes others, wherever it is they want to go. The same holds true for Leo.

The name of the game for a fire sign is action, and for Leo, that action they are most interested in is expressing themselves. They don’t play small with expression, they go big or go home. This isn’t always an easy task, however, and there are times when Leo has to really lay all of its ego on the line and risk rejection. To offer such a big part of yourself to others, knowing that it could fall flat, takes an incredible amount of bravery. Luckily, the fire in Leo offers a hefty supply of courage.

Leo wants to leave people inspired, but to do this they are prepared to do what it takes to actually be inspiring. It could take a great deal of work to execute the grand gestures that Leo needs to let out. Leo’s fixed mode offers it sticking power to see things through. With a great deal of energy provided by its fire, Leo is a whirlwind of energy, able to organize people and events on a large scale, if need be, in order to make their vision a reality. Leo won’t stop and won’t tire out.

woman showing a presentation on her computer to coworkers, illustrating leo mode

Leo and the Sun

The ruler of Leo is the Sun, the planet of vitality and power. The Sun adds an even greater amount of energy and drive to this combination of determination from the fixed modality and intense energy from the fire element.

As a fire element with a fixed modality, Leo is generally pretty secure in themselves most of the time. The Sun offers a sense of personal power and it doesn’t fade easily in Leo, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. They know they dazzle on the inside and if those around them don’t know it yet, it is only a matter of time before they find out!

The Sun’s intensity radiates in Leo and this can come out as a passion for whatever it is they are throwing themselves into, organizing, or trying to express. Leo is not the reserved type. They have a great deal of energy and a zest for life that can be absolutely irresistible to others. Combine this with the perseverance lent to them from the fixed modality, and Leo also is capable of being an incredible leader.

Leo Goals

If the goal of Leo had to be narrowed down to just one thing, it would be to express their soul outwardly for all to see. In order to feel truly alive and to reach their growth potential as a person, Leo has to take what they have inside, show it to others, and witness their reaction.

Leo has to make itself incredibly vulnerable and risk their ego through fully expressing whatever it is they feel they need to, come hell or high water. This can bring feelings of complete exhilaration or feelings of despair depending on how they are received, but either way, they are getting on that “stage” whether it is a literal stage, a speaker’s podium, stepping up to a canvas, or giving a presentation in the boardroom.

woman looking at something on a tablet with coworkers around her and everyone is laughing

Leo Strengths

Many astrologers feel as though each sign of the Zodiac comes equipped with a specific set of needs and motivations, but also with a toolbox of characteristics that help people to achieve their evolutionary goals. When you bring to mind the traits of each sign, some of what you would be thinking of would be those tools in action.

For Leo, if their need is to continuously test themselves by expressing their soul to others, they would need some tools to assist them with that. One of these tools is charisma.

Leo needs an audience if they are going to express themselves to others. Luckily, they come with a hefty dose of charisma that draws people to them like a magnet. People are drawn to the vitality, passion, and warm nature of Leo. Leo can also be incredibly generous and is just as happy to shower others with attention once it is their turn. Funny, spontaneous, and good-natured, Leo is easily able to attract its audience.

Another strength Leo brings to aid them is their air of drama. They like to put on a grand show, and they have great potential to be able to pull it off. Again, this doesn’t mean it has to be on an actual stage. Obviously, not every Leo is an actor! However, they have the potential to make grand gestures in other areas of life, as well, that are captivating, entertaining, and excite others. Leo loves to add flair and can be very creative. If your goal is to express yourself and hope for the best, it helps to have tools that help make your show a success!

One other strength in Leo’s toolkit is optimism. It would be difficult to put yourself out there, again and again, sometimes being rejected, if you weren’t optimistic in thinking “THIS time I will succeed.” Leo’s fixed mode makes them persistent and tenacious, and they bounce back time and time again with the renewed sense of hope that this performance, whatever that may be for them, will bring the house down.

Leo Challenges

Leo is self-confident and needs that trait to reach their evolutionary goal. However, a Leo that is out of balance can take this confidence to an unhealthy level. When beginning to feel insecure, a Leo can begin to “act” as though they have all the confidence in the world, both in attempts to convince others AND themselves. To others, this can come off as arrogance and make Leo appear egotistical. It is hard to draw people in when Leo brags and turns them off. A Leo who is beginning to feel a hint of self-doubt should reflect on healthy ways to get out of their rut and find ways to feel secure in themselves again.

Because they feel such a strong inner drive to express and bear their soul to others, Leo must be performing. Again, it is important to remember that this may not be literal performing, but however, they express themselves. They need an audience. An unbalanced Leo may become more preoccupied with the audience itself than the performance. To others, this looks like attention-seeking behavior. Not a good look for grand Leo. If trying too hard, Leo may try to steal the stage and force attention rather than invite it and inspire it. A healthy Leo should try to step back from themselves from time to time and think about how they are pulling in their audience. Are others drawn to them, or are they chasing others?

One other pitfall that Leo should be on the lookout for is how they react when their pride has been hurt. Leo performs and the applause wasn’t as loud or sustained as Leo expected. Although disappointed, a healthy Leo will hold their head up with self-respect and plan their next move, knowing that next time will be more successful. An unbalanced Leo, however, may roar if their pride is bruised and they feel rejected or neglected. A balanced Leo should make it a point to pause and collect themselves if they begin to feel as though whatever they are expressing isn’t immediately being received as they hoped it would. Sure, it is natural to feel a sense of disappointment, but brooding and lashing out at others is definitely not going to improve the situation.

Leo Info

DatesJuly 23 – August 22
SymbolThe lion
RulerThe Sun
ArchetypeThe performer
GoalTo express what is inside to others
LovesGrand gestures, creative outlets, working with others
DislikesSolitude, boredom, playing small
StrengthsOptimism, flair, charisma, organization
ChallengesArrogance, attention-seeking, self-centeredness