The Mode of Libra: Driven to form connections

Libra is one of the air signs of the Zodiac, but so are Gemini and Aquarius. So, if that is the case, what makes those signs so different? What makes the air of Libra so unique? To get part of this answer, we need to look no further than the modalities, or Libra’s mode.

The mode of Leo is cardinal. The cardinal modality is that of new beginnings and ambition. This constructive energy influences Libra to seek out harmonious relationships with others. The cardinal mode inspires sociable and diplomatic Libra to pursue new relationships and initiate compromises.

Keep reading to learn more about how the cardinal mode impacts Libra, what this modality may mean for you, and other factors that influence Libra!

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How the Cardinal Mode Comes Out in Libra

The cardinal modality symbolizes the beginning of a new season. For Libra, this is the beginning of autumn. Sometimes the winds still blow hot and sometimes they carry a chill. On the same fall day, you may have to pull out both your heaviest coat and your flip-flops.

We have to be at peace with this duality of temperatures in autumn, where looking back at the end of a day we could describe it as both hot and cold. The beginning of fall feels like two seasons happening at once and we have to learn to deal with it. This resembles the cardinal modality playing out in Libra.

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As you will find out later in this article, Libra’s wheelhouse is relationships. Libra doesn’t just need others in their lives in the same way everyone does. No, for Libra their growth as a person depends on it. Their cardinal mode offers them the initiative to set new things in motion, and for Libra, these new endeavors are relationships with other people. Libra is not a sign to sit back and wait to be asked to lunch. It would be more likely that Libra would be the one sending the invite.

There are three other signs of the Zodiac that also share this cardinal mode, Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer. Libra, however, is the only air sign among these. Even though the four signs have this cardinal modality in common, it plays out differently in each one.

Libra and the Air Element

The element of Libra is air and to encounter an air sign is to experience energy in motion that carries perceptions and knowledge from one place to another. Air signs definitely have feelings, just as everyone does, but they aren’t ones to sit and ponder them for too long. They also won’t rely on them heavily when making decisions. Air signs are driven by their logical, analytical brains and the information that they absorb.

In order to lead with reason and knowledge, they must have a method to take in these insights. For Libra, they best gather their insights through their relations with other people.

The combination of cardinal and air energy influences Libra to be steadfast in seeking out new bonds with others. This is an energy of grace and compromise. Libra’s natural state is that of high social intelligence.

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Libra and Venus

The ruler of Libra is Venus, the planet of love. Venus adds a strong emphasis on relationships to this mix of initiation from the cardinal modality and logic and reasoning from the air element. This combination helps to make Libra one of the most socially adept signs of the Zodiac and one who is also incredible at strategy, being able to determine in advance another person’s next move.

As an air element with a cardinal modality, Libra puts things in motion and their brain runs the show. One way it expresses this is through its ability to form compromises. Libra is a natural diplomat and able to use their strong skills of logic and reasoning to find common ground between other parties, whether they themselves are involved in the conflict or not, and can begin to bring the two parties together. Venus aids in supplying Libra with an impeccable ability to get along with others, empathize, have patience, and compromise. Everyone loves a Libra, thanks in large part to Venus.

Venus loves to also take things that appear separate and merge them together. This convergent energy is extended to Libra, as well. Libra does not love being alone. They do appreciate personal freedom and don’t often find themselves in a dependency on others, but interdependency, yes. Libra loves to merge people together who were once separate, themselves included.

Libra’s Goal

If the goal of Libra had to be narrowed down to just one thing, it would be to find perfect inner balance and harmony. Their symbol is the scale, after all, and for good reason. Because of Venus’ heavy influence on relationships, Libra needs to achieve this through their connections with others, which is to say that they require other people in order to achieve their evolutionary goal on this planet.

They have to work to find inner peace and a huge part of that for Libra is through balancing the needs and wants of themselves and others.

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Libra Strengths

Many astrologers believe that each and every sign of the Zodiac comes supplied with a specific set of motivations and needs. There are also many that feel each sign also brings with it a toolbox of characteristics that help them achieve their evolutionary goals. When you describe the traits of the signs, some of what you are describing are the tools in action.

For Libra, if the goal is to find inner peace, they would need some tools to help them with that. One of these tools is an appreciation of art and beauty.

This love of the arts is another example of Venus’ heavy influence on graceful Libra. While it may not be obvious that it helps Libra along in reaching its goal of pure harmony, it doesn’t take too much of a stretch to see how surrounding yourself with beautiful arrangements of objects, soothing music, or reading inspiring words works to calm the soul. And Libra has the potential to show mastery and genius in the way they orchestrate colors, clothing, art pieces, or musical compositions in their life, whether they are making it or simply curating them.

Another strength Libra brings to aid them is their charming and magnetic demeanor that makes them very popular. Not only does this help them in their objective by making them excellent at drawing people toward them and gaining their trust and companionship, Libra does need people to fulfill their goal, after all, but they are also able to use their social prowess to disarm the people around them in tense situations. Libra has a way of taking charge of a tense situation and helping two sides to compromise where the other people don’t even recognize what is happening until the deal is done and they are all at peace. Libra is that smooth.

One other advantage that Libra brings with it is their ability to be ok with duality. That is to say, they are comfortable with two truths being true at the same time. Two people with different viewpoints can be right simultaneously. This doesn’t bother Libra one bit, leave them feeling unsettled, or force them to wrestle with the contradiction in their minds whatsoever. They are here to seek perfect balance and they have an appreciation for gray areas when others may really struggle with them. Libra isn’t concerned with being right or uncovering the ultimate truth. They are only interested in striking a balance.

Libra Challenges

No one is at their best all of the time, even the very likable Libra. Every strength has the potential to become a challenge when taken to unhealthy levels. Enter the shadow of Libra.

Libra is very popular with its gleaming social graces, but even this can be played out too far. Their incredible ability to draw in others, when on overdrive, can begin to look a lot like narcissism. An unbalanced Libra could have the potential to even bewitch themselves with their powerful charm and come off as self-absorbed, vain, and aloof. Not a good look for Libra. It also turns people off. A balanced Libra needs to stay grounded and humble, which actually makes them even more charming.

An unbalanced Libra may also use their fantastic skills of negotiation and strategy to further only their own agenda. I’m talking about manipulation. While Libra should be using their talent of inspiring cooperation in others to build mutually beneficial compromises, when taken too far they could tip the scales in their favor and have the outcome be mostly to their own gain. A healthy Libra should reflect on their relationships with others from time to time and check that they are not, even accidentally, taking advantage of a person or situation.

One other pitfall that Libra could find itself facing is becoming stuck in life. Libra’s soul has a need to find balance, making their decision-making process that much more complex. There could come a time where this is too much for Libra so they avoid it by simply not making decisions.

It isn’t like they can’t stop all decision-making whatsoever and starve to death because they could never decide between corn pops or oatmeal. But, there may be larger life decisions that need to be addressed that Libra just avoids. Do I stay at this job or apply for that other one that interests me? Do I stay put here or do I move to the coast? Should I go ahead and propose to this person, or would that ruin what we have? These are tough decisions for anyone in life, but for Libra, they can be paralyzing, especially when their decision may affect those they are in relationships with.

Balance for Libra will always come with some struggle. That is unavoidable. So, it may be beneficial for Libra to seek out concrete methods of decision-making that work for them and help them continue to move forward and grow in life.

Libra Info

DatesSeptember 23 – October 22
SymbolThe scales
ArchetypeThe peacemaker
GoalTo find inner-peace through balancing the needs of themselves and others
LovesHaving company, beauty, style, tact, civility
DislikesTension, loneliness, sterile environments
StrengthsDiplomacy, social grace, intellect, ability to see both sides
ChallengesNarcissism, manipulation, indecision