What Having the Moon as Your Chart Ruler Means for You

The chart ruler is an important player in the story of your birth chart. Some astrologers believe it should be considered with nearly as much importance as your Sun, Moon, and rising signs. So if your chart ruler is the Moon, what “flavor” does that add to your chart?

If your rising sign is Cancer, the Moon is your chart ruler. The Moon represents your instinctive reactions and emotional needs. Its birth chart placement will help mold your character and the mask you wear to show the world. As chart ruler, it will offer more details about how others see you.

You may already know your Moon sign, and the Moon is important in everyone’s chart, showing a person’s general mood and what could bring them happiness. As a chart ruler, however, the Moon’s role becomes even more influential. If your Ascendant is in Cancer, the Moon and your unconscious mind is a huge driving force in your life.

Read on to learn more about how your chart ruler, the Moon, affects how you show yourself to the world and what this may mean for you.

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Moon’s Influence on Your Ascendant

Most people dip their toes into astrology knowing their Sun sign, and if their curiosity takes them further the next step is usually their Moon sign or rising sign. Both are vital players in your natal chart. With the Moon as your chart ruler, this planet will hold extra significance, and you can read more about your Moon sign in our article here. But when you look as your Moon as your chart ruler, what else does this watery, imaginative planet influence?

As chart ruler, your Moon also inspires and affects your Ascendant. Your Ascendant is another name for the cusp (or boundary line) of your 1st House and this special angle, along with your Sun and Moon, are referred to as the “Big 3” in astrology because of their importance in your chart.

Many interpret your Ascendant as the “mask you wear,” the side of yourself that you use to interact in the world. This could be how others see you and would describe you. Your rising sign is the sign of the Zodiac that your Ascendant lands in, and this sign helps to shape your outward personality.

With Cancer as your rising sign, the Moon is your chart ruler and its placement will influence your Ascendant as well. The Moon’s sign and house will help to shape your Ascendant and the way you interact with the world, adding another layer of complexity and dimension.

Keep in mind as we explore your Moon as chart ruler further that this is just one placement pulled from the entire system that is your natal chart. Your chart is always best read together as a whole and every planet and angle adds to your experience in this world. But, with this kept in mind, this article can help give you a general idea of how your chart ruling Moon could add its influence to your Ascendant, the way you see the world, and the way others see you in return.

The Moon’s Traits and Desires

  • emotional
  • imaginative
  • compassionate
  • need to be a part of a family of some sort
  • seeks happiness
  • protective
  • seeks belonging
  • intuitive
  • instinctive
  • seeks security
  • creative

The Moon as Chart Ruler Through the Signs

blue neon moon on a stand next to a lit up sign that says reach for the, to represent moon as chart ruler

Each sign in the Zodiac has certain desires and drives that, if acted out in a positive way, can add more fulfillment and joy to your life. Here is a rundown about how your chart ruler, the Moon, could be impacted by its sign.

Remember that this is just one piece in the big puzzle of your natal chart and doesn’t take into consideration houses, aspects, or transits, not to mention free will! The descriptions below are not rules written in permanent ink. They are intended to give you a general feeling of how each sign could “paint” your chart ruler in a slightly different shade.

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Moon as Chart Ruler in Aries

With your chart ruling Moon in Aries, others may see you as someone who feels as though life is a competition and you always love a good challenge! Your friends and family may know you as someone who has a fiery spark and may be quick and hot with your emotions, but who also simmers down quickly after being upset.

They may love your passionate nature and they know that if someone speaks a bad word about them that you will be the first in line to defend their good name. If they are looking for adventure, they know they can find it with you.

With your chart ruling Moon in Aries, you may love to argue your point, even if it’s not a serious argument, and all in good fun. Just be sure that after real arguments, even though you may calm down quickly, that you find a way to let go of any resentments that may be still lurking inside.

Aries shapes the Moon to be:

  • enthusiastic
  • intense
  • a bit more independent
  • physical
  • assertive
  • impulsive
  • passionate

Moon as Chart Ruler in Taurus

If your chart ruling Moon is in Taurus, others may see you as someone who doesn’t get overly worked up when things don’t go exactly as they should. They may appreciate your grounded and peaceful influence and know that you are someone they can just be in the moment with.

Your friends and family may know that you are someone who can see through someone’s “fluff” and see them for exactly who they are. You can read people.

Others may find you to be a “what you see if what you get” kind of person and you are really only interested in getting to know the real and authentic version of other people as well. With Taurus helping to shape your chart ruling Moon, simplicity is bliss for you. However, be sure that you don’t confuse simplicity with predictability and find yourself stuck in a rut as change is necessary for growth.

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Taurus shapes the Moon to be:

  • peaceful
  • simple
  • more reliant on companionship
  • consistent
  • stable
  • sensual
  • seeking comfort to a greater degree

Moon as Chart Ruler in Gemini

With a chart ruling Moon in Gemini, you may find that you first love others for their mind. Others may see you as charming and someone who always has something interesting to talk about. You naturally draw others out of their shell and can engage anyone, even strangers, in conversation, even people who are usually hesitant to do so.

Your friends and family may refer to you often with questions because they see you as someone who has a wide range of knowledge, but also someone who can communicate it to them well. But, they also trust your opinion because your skeptical nature means you aren’t someone who is easily duped. Your chart ruling, Gemini Moon loves information and rationality, but remember that emotions are equally important.

Gemini shapes the Moon to be:

  • curious
  • restless
  • adventurous
  • a great communicator
  • quick-minded
  • intellectual
  • charming

Moon as Chart Ruler in Cancer

Your chart ruling Moon is in dignity in Cancer and loves making its home there. Others may see you as someone with a tender heart of gold who would drive as far as needed to get them a good cup of chicken noodle soup if sick.

Your friends and family may be in awe of how deep you can love and nurture. They may know that if they have something bothering them, you may pick up on it even before they had a chance to tell you.

Home and family are important to everyone, but for you, it may mean everything as the Moon in Cancer wants nothing more than to take care of others and be looked after in return. Just be careful to not get stuck in the comfortable to completely avoid the hurts of life. A nest is something to enjoy, but also to fly away from periodically, not something to hide in.

Cancer shapes the Moon to be:

  • incredibly compassionate
  • protective
  • more of a homebody
  • highly intuitive
  • selfless
  • moody
  • quite imaginative

Moon as Chart Ruler in Leo

If your chart ruling Moon is in Leo, people may describe you as someone who is warm and generous, but also confident. Your friends and family may know that you have a need to express on the outside what you feel on the inside.

They may also know that once you have made yourself vulnerable enough to express yourself, you need for them to appreciate what you have shared or you may struggle to open up like that again any time soon. You may love to be pampered, but it wouldn’t be one-sided as you are great at pampering others, as well.

With your chart ruling Moon in Leo, others may see you as someone that has an air about them and that, without even trying, you carry yourself with pride and dignity no matter what. Just be sure that you aren’t taking this too far and wearing a confident smile on the outside when the inside is in need of some love and attention.

Leo shapes the Moon to be:

  • grand
  • organized
  • magnetic
  • expressive
  • appreciative of attention
  • generous
  • passionate

Moon as Chart Ruler in Virgo

With a chart ruling Moon in Virgo, others may see you as someone who is always willing to help when they are in need. Not only that, but they probably think you are pretty good at it, too. You may feel as though you are always needing to improve yourself, but not because you dislike who you are, but because you have a great eye for seeing the great possibilities in what something could be, including yourself. Because of this, you may become very skilled at whatever you try as you are willing to work hard at it.

Your friends and family view you as smart and very capable but know that you may prefer to work your magic behind the scenes, not in the spotlight. With your chart ruling Moon in Virgo, reflect on whether or not you point out things other people could improve in themselves before they have asked for your feedback. You may be able to analyze yourself without adding emotions to the mix, others may not.

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Virgo shapes the Moon to be:

  • concerned with details
  • hard working
  • mature
  • practical
  • self-improving
  • hard to satisfy
  • sensual

Moon as Chart Ruler in Libra

If your chart ruler is the Moon and lies in Libra, others may view you as someone who they always feel good being around. You are a great friend. Being alone is alright sometimes, but you really thrive on being around your close circle of family and loved ones.

People can breathe easy around you because they know that you will never bring the drama as you require peace and harmony in your relationships. The tools your soul carries are a charming nature and an ability to respect everyone even if they think or behave differently than you do and you use these tools to bring people together.

Civility is paramount. Be careful, however, with Libra shaping your chart ruling Moon that you don’t try to keep the peace at the expense of your own needs as sometimes a little discord is needed to spark necessary change.

Libra shapes the Moon to be:

  • peaceful
  • diplomatic
  • very reliant on partnerships
  • charming
  • indecisive
  • strategic
  • a creative artist

Moon as Chart Ruler in Scorpio

With a chart ruling Moon in Scorpio, others may see you as someone that they have to be real around. They have no choice as they know that you will see right through any facade that they try to put on anyway as you are incredible at reading people.

Your friends and family may open up to you first about anything they need to get off of their chest. They know you won’t judge them, you are eager to talk through things with them and make them feel more at peace with it, and you can more than likely handle emotionally charged topics without becoming emotional yourself. This doesn’t mean you don’t feel as you actually may lead with your heart, but you are able to function even when emotions run high.

With your Moon in Scorpio, reflect on how you release these emotions that come in and watch for signs of them pulling you down. If so, you may need to purposefully schedule in time to blow off steam, whatever that looks like for you.

Scorpio shapes the Moon to be:

  • intense
  • extra passionate
  • very emotionally deep
  • honest
  • quite moody
  • tenacious
  • empathetic

Moon as Chart Ruler in Sagittarius

If the Moon is your chart ruler and is at home in Sagittarius, others may see you as someone who simply loves the experience of life. They may know that you are someone they would never be bored with as you crave new experiences and adventures, big or small.

This love for life boils out of you in the form of enthusiasm, optimism, curiosity, and a great sense of humor. Your family and friends may understand that you have an independent streak and tend to resent obligations and demands on you, but that you also can’t stand to disappoint them.

For Sagittarius, trying new things is the bread of life. Just be sure that you aren’t trying to taste them all at the same time, finding yourself overextended and overwhelmed.

Sagittarius shapes the Moon to be:

  • adventurous
  • passionate
  • restless
  • independent
  • philosophical
  • enthusiastic
  • open-minded

Moon as Chart Ruler in Capricorn

With a chart ruling Moon in Capricorn, your family and friends may see you as someone who may not always bathe them in flowery words and gooey feelings, but who has never let them down when they needed them. You would never dream of not supporting the people that you love and they know that you would work tirelessly to help them out.

Others may see you as someone who is responsible and incredibly hard-working, but also humble, not looking for a round of applause for your efforts. You may be someone others ask advice from often. There is a drive inside of you that allows you to work nose-to-the-grindstone, even when you may not be feeling like it, and this allows you to be highly productive. Just be sure that you aren’t working yourself into the ground. Taking breaks to walk outdoors will do wonders for your soul.

Capricorn shapes the Moon to be:

  • extra devoted
  • practical
  • mature
  • hard working
  • less dependent on others
  • patient
  • stoic

Moon as Chart Ruler in Aquarius

If your chart ruling Moon is in Aquarius, you may be seen as someone who is going to be your own, authentic self no matter what other people may think. You are able to see the absurdity in the way society behaves even when most can’t. But, because of this, your friends and family know that you would never judge them for being who they are and that they can “let it all hang out” around you without fear of rejection.

The world may see you as someone who is sympathetic to the plights of humanity. You may love your independence, being allowed to fully explore whatever your heart leads you to. Be careful, however, with Aquarius shaping your chart ruling Moon that this need for freedom isn’t constantly creating too much distance between you and the people you love.

Aquarius shapes the Moon to be:

  • self-sufficient
  • unique
  • concerned with fairness
  • idealistic
  • extra imaginative
  • very loyal
  • honest

Moon as Chart Ruler in Pisces

With your chart ruling Moon in Pisces, people may see you as someone capable of compassion at incredible depths. Your friends and family may know that you are someone who will love them unconditionally no matter what. They may even get a sense that you know what they are thinking or feeling before they tell you, or may even before they have figured it out.

You may feel more than anyone you know, and you are guided by those feelings. However, with your chart ruling Moon in Pisces, people may comment that you get sucked into your phone, tv, your books, or whatever it is for you, as though you are escaping from reality.

This may very well be true and could be necessary for you as long as it is done in a balanced and healthy way. Be careful, however, that you aren’t trying to escape too much into those things, and try adding a few minutes of quiet meditation daily if you find yourself spending too much time in mindless entertainment.

Pisces shapes the Moon to be:

  • very compassionate
  • quite instinctive
  • highly devoted
  • imaginative
  • mystical or spiritual
  • need others to connect with
  • vulnerable

The sign of your chart ruler is just one part of your birth chart and while important, keep in mind that there are other planets, aspects, and factors that help mold your identity as well. Keep the reading of your chart ruler within the context of the larger picture of your chart. Human variety lies in all of the details!

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