Moon Sign: Ultimate Guide to the Moody Planet

Your Moon sign never changes. The position of the Moon at the exact moment you were born is shown in your natal chart and the sign of the Zodiac it sits in is considered to be your Moon sign for your entire life.

In this article, I want to teach you more about this mysterious and meaningful planet in your natal chart, how to locate your Moon sign, and how you can use that information to find more joy and improve your life.


  • Using your birth information, your Moon sign can be found easily.
  • The Moon represents your emotions, triggers, and your unconscious mind.
  • Your Moon sign may give you clues about how you instinctively react and what can make you happy.
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What Is My Moon Sign?

Being able to learn from this pivotal planet in your birth chart begins with knowing how to find your Moon sign.

How You Find Your Moon Sign

Luckily, because of modern technology, figuring out your Moon sign is super quick and easy! 

  1. Gather information about your birth

To know your Moon Sign, you’ll need to know your birthday, but also your exact birth time, and the city where you were born. 

The Moon zips through the Zodiac so quickly that an accurate birth time helps ensure it is placed in the right position in your chart. 

  1. Use astrology software to draw your chart

The advent of computers and the internet has made the life of an astrologer so much easier! You can now instantly plug the birth information you gathered into astrology software and see your natal chart.

an astrology natal chart

The image above chart was drawn with the astrology software I use, TimePassages. You can also use free software such as Astrodienst to draw your natal chart.

  1. Find your Moon’s sign in your chart

There are two ways to find your Moon sign once you have plugged your info into the astrology software. 

You can just find the symbol for your Moon in your chart and see what sign it sits in.

Luckily, the symbol for the Moon in an astrological chart is easy to spot and looks like this: ☽. You can see in the chart detail below that the Moon for this individual is in ♑︎, which is the symbol for Capricorn.

a detail of an astrology natal chart showing the Moon in Capricorn

But, what if your Moon is close to the border between two signs and it is hard to tell which it sits in? Or, what if you don’t know the symbols for the signs of the Zodiac?

No problem!

Whichever astrology software you use, whether it is TimePassages like I’m using here, or Astrodienst, there will be a table near the natal chart that lists the location of each planet, including your Moon, as shown in the image below.

detail of a table next to an astrology chart showing what signs the planets are in

As you can see, this individual’s Moon is listed as being in “Cap,” the abbreviation for Capricorn.

The Meaning of the Moon in Astrology

To understand more about your Moon sign, you need to have a good grasp of the functions your Moon plays.

  • emotional expression and regulation
  • overall mood
  • what makes you feel happy
  • your unconscious

Your Moon in astrology represents how you process and express your emotions and your general attitude in life.

Are you an upbeat person who is hard to rattle, or are you prone to mood swings? This falls square into Moon territory.

The kinds of activities, environments, or creature comforts that can calm you and bring you joy are also indicated by your Moon.

What lifts your spirits when you’re down and what in life is non-negotiable when it comes to making you happy? In astrology, these can both be answered in part by looking to your Moon.

In astrology, the mysterious Moon is the unconscious mind, where thoughts we are unaware of lurk and drive our actions.

We may only see the outcome of the unconscious when something instinctively triggers us, and we may have no clue that our reaction comes from a thought firmly planted in our unconscious mind that is calling the shots.

This hidden and shadowy part of your psyche is symbolized by the Moon in your natal chart.

The Moon is a vital planet in astrology and is considered to be one of the Big 3 placements, along with the Sun and Ascendant, because this planet plays such a large role in shaping who we are. 

I like to think of your Moon as what is “under the hood,” driving us around even though when we’re in the car we can’t see it.

What Your Moon Sign Means

So far you have found your Moon sign from your birth chart and understand what your Moon represents in astrology, so now it is time to put the parts together.

How does your Moon sign affect you?

moon sign infographic

The sign of the Zodiac that your Moon sits in helps to shape the functions of your Moon. Your Moon will “operate” through the set of traits, motivations, desires, strengths, and pitfalls of that sign.

By understanding your Moon sign, you may get a much better feel for what is going on “under the hood” in your mind and the characteristics that your unconscious mind and emotional parts of you may be taking on.

You can use your Moon sign as part of a roadmap for where you can find comfort and happiness in life and how you may instinctively react to situations that arise.

Also, learning more about your Moon sign may help you pull back the curtain in your unconscious mind and recognize patterns of behavior in your life that are holding you back or may be causing problems for you.

Your Moon sign is how your Moon does what it does. 

If you are ready to dive deeper into your Moon sign, we’ve got you covered!

Click on your Moon sign in the table below and learn much more about what drives your Moon, the strengths of your Moon sign that may shine in you, and also what kinds of triggers you should be on the lookout for. (We will update as they become available.)

Aries Moon
Taurus Moon
Gemini Moon
Cancer Moon
Leo Moon
Virgo Moon
Libra Moon
Scorpio Moon
Sagittarius Moon
Capricorn Moon
Aquarius Moon
Pisces Moon

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