My Recommendations

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Not every spiritual resource I have used makes the cut as one I would recommend to others.
Below are ones I love and use often.

The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

This is my number one go-to book for quick answers. Steven Forrest has decades of experience in astrology and this book hits on the signs, planets, houses, and more with enough detail that you feel like you understand it well, but not so much that it is overwhelming. He also goes into HOW to read a chart quite a bit, as in how to put all of the pieces together for a reading. This is by far my favorite. You can get a sneak peek inside here.

ANYTHING From Leonie Dawson

Leonie Dawson is a highly successful businessperson, spiritual goddess, and a mentor of mine. Her take on life is refreshing and she offers her wisdom through a ton of different and fantastic courses. From managing your money to organizing your life, she recently began to offer you her ENTIRE collection of courses at an outrageously low fee (I paid twice this for just one of her courses a couple of years back). Feeling stuck or in a rut? You may just need a little Leonie in your life!

Yesterday’s Sky by Steven Forrest

For me, no one explains Evolutionary Astrology better than Steven Forrest. If there is a concept that I just can’t wrap my mind around, he can explain it to me in a way that makes sense. Yesterday’s Sky did that for me when it came to understanding how our birth chart can offer up details about our soul’s path, both its history and future. Get a sneak peek here.

The Changing Sky by Steven Forrest

When you are ready to uplevel your chart reading skills, this book is a great next step. Understanding how to use transits, progressions, and solar arcs are made easy by Steven Forrest’s teaching style and use of metaphors and great examples. Learn more about this book and get a peek inside here.

Horoscope Symbols by Robert Hand

Robert Hand is another master astrologer who has authored many books. Horoscope Symbols covers all of the information you need to read a birth chart and he also adds a lot of philosophy and astrological history to his explanations. This helps me to understand WHY something means what it does, which is both interesting and helpful. This is another one I refer to quite often, and you can read a sample of the book here.

The Element Series by Steven Forrest

Yes, Steven Forrest again! I really appreciate his teaching style and I seem to get a lot from his books. He uses stories to describe astrological concepts and they really help me get the feel of what he is trying to explain because the stories are so relatable. His Element Series is 4 books, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, but they cover more than just a description of each element. The Fire book, for example, goes into great detail about the three fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, but he also covers the planetary rulers of those signs, Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter, through all of the signs and houses. These books are great for getting into more detail about a particular sign or planet. For some reason, Amazon has three of the books grouped together as a series here but leaves out Water, which you can find here.

The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas

This book is invaluable for understanding the significance of each house in astrology. It can be hard to find information that goes this in-depth about how to interpret the house system, but this one does a great job of it. I find it to be informative but also interesting to read. You can get a sneak peek inside here.

Keywords for Astrology by Hajo Banzhaf & Anna Haebler

This book is great because it DOESN’T go into great detail. That may not sound like a good thing, but it is actually the perfect resource for when you are looking at a chart and just need a quick answer or reminder. Sometimes you don’t want to have to read through a few pages to try to pick out a quick answer to a question. This book is ideal for those moments and I refer to it often. It is very comprehensive and gives a long list of keywords or phrases to describe each sign, house, planet, and much more. Look inside and see if it is for you here.