Neptune Chart Ruler: Traits, Meaning Through the Signs

If you are a Pisces rising, Neptune is your chart ruler. It symbolizes the part of you that seeks a connection with the divine. Where Neptune sits in your birth chart indicates where you may need to let go of your ego and submit to the greater good. As your chart ruler, Neptune will help shape your identity.

Read on to learn how your Neptune chart ruler can help filter the way you see the world and how others may see you, as well!


  • Neptune as your chart ruler helps shape who you show the world.
  • Neptune’s traits of compassion and sensitivity may shine through you.
  • The sign your Neptune chart ruler sits in will also shape your outward persona.
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Neptune Chart Ruler: Meaning

Every sign has a planet that “rules” it, and whatever planet rules over your rising sign is referred to as your chart ruler.

With your rising sign in Pisces, for you, this planet is Neptune.

Since Neptune is your chart ruler, this planet of divine inspiration, compassion, and imagination may affect the lens through which you view life.

In its role as your chart ruler, Neptune is tied to your rising sign, and its placement in your natal chart will influence your expression of this sign, how you see the world, and how others see you.

So, how could your Neptune chart ruler affect the “mask you wear?”

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Neptune Chart Ruler: Traits and Desires

According to Astrograph.com, Neptune is the planet of “universal love” and “oneness with all beings.”

With Pisces as your rising sign, Uranus impacts your outward personality because it rules that sign.

Neptune helps to develop your outward personality because Pisces is infused with the qualities of Neptune, some of which are highlighted below.

  • Sensitive
  • Inspired
  • Merging
  • Mystical
  • Compassionate
  • Seeking oneness
  • Psychic and extrasensory
  • Spiritual
  • Imaginative
  • Nurturing
  • Intuitive
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Neptune Chart Ruler Through the Zodiac Signs

Every sign in the Zodiac comes with a set of impulses and motivations that drive it, and also a set of tools to help it achieve its goals.

Below is a quick summary of how your Uranus chart ruler could be “flavored” by its sign.

It takes Neptune 156 years to orbit the sun and stays in each sign of the Zodiac for 14 years. Neptune is considered a planet that helps to define a generation, but, because Neptune is your chart ruler, its sign and condition will be a bit more significant for you.

Remember that these are only brief descriptions of some possibilities and are only intended to give you a general feeling of how each Zodiac sign could “color” your chart ruler in a slightly different hue.

Neptune Chart Ruler in Aries

Neptune will enter Aries in 2026.

If you were born with chart ruling Neptune in Aries, your spiritual journey may take a little bravery.

You may have to assert yourself or confront fears in order to develop your spiritual side.

You also may have to be comfortable with blazing trails and forging down your spiritual path alone.

Although, with Neptune in Aries, there may be a chance that others will be inspired to follow.

Aries shapes Neptune to be:

  • Less dependent
  • Intense
  • Assertive
  • Energetic
  • Impulsive
  • Passionate
  • Brave

Neptune Chart Ruler in Taurus

Neptune won’t sit in Taurus again until the year 2039.

For those that will be born with a chart ruling Neptune in Taurus, finding spirituality through quieting their mind will play an important role in their lives.

They may seek security and inner peace through music or meditative activities that help them to get closer to inner peace.

Taurus shapes Neptune to be:

  • More peaceful
  • Less go-with-the-flow
  • Stable
  • Simple
  • Very relationship-oriented
  • Seeking comfort

Neptune Chart Ruler in Gemini

Gemini hasn’t housed Neptune since the turn of the 20th century and won’t again until around 2053.

Those who will call Neptune their chart ruler in Gemini may see spirituality as something that they need to learn about and collect information on throughout their lifetime.

With this placement, they may love talking about all things spiritual and may be skilled at teaching others what they have learned about it, as well.

Gemini shapes Neptune to be:

  • Restless
  • Communicative
  • Intellectual
  • A bit more logical
  • Curious
  • Less emotionally attached

Neptune Chart Ruler in Cancer

Neptune left Cancer in 1915 and will return around the year 2067.

Those with their Neptune chart ruler in Cancer may see spirituality as best practiced through the caretaking and protection of others.

With Neptune in deep-feeling Cancer, spirituality and emotions may be interlinked and those with this placement may be seen as possessing an endless supply of love and tenderness for others.

Cancer shapes Neptune to be:

  • Incredibly nurturing
  • Protective
  • In need of belonging
  • Highly intuitive
  • A bit more ambitious
  • Quite imaginative

Neptune Chart Ruler in Leo

Neptune last sat in Leo in 1929.

Those born with a Neptune chart ruler sitting in Leo may take on their spirituality as part of their identity and something they need to express to others.

They may actually thrive on having an audience with which to share their feelings on their beliefs, but they may also have the skill set to leave the audience riveted and wanting more.

They also may be seen as someone who has a warmth that radiates from them when sharing their beliefs with others.

Leo shapes Neptune to be:

  • Larger than life
  • Self-expressive
  • In need of an audience
  • Very generous
  • Passionate
  • A bit more organized

Neptune Chart Ruler in Virgo

Virgo held Neptune from 1928 to 1943.

Those born with Neptune ruling their chart from Virgo may be seen as someone who treats their spirituality very seriously.

They may embody the idea of “practicing” your beliefs through putting in the work, the time, and through service to others.

Consistently noticing their spiritual shortcomings and working to improve them may be a hallmark of those born with chart ruling Neptune in Virgo.

Virgo shapes Neptune to be:

  • Less scattered, more focused
  • A bit more logical
  • Hard-working
  • Self-improving
  • Critical
  • Very helpful

Neptune Chart Ruler in Libra

Neptune resided in Libra from 1942-1956.

Those born with their chart ruling Neptune sitting in Libra may see their spirituality as something that needs to be kept in balance.

Others may see them as someone who would always be careful to not try to impose their beliefs on others.

There may be a connection between their spirituality and art of some sort, and they may be able to pull from their vibrant imagination to make something inspiring and beautiful.

Their spirituality may also play an important role in their closest relationships, such as with their spouse or closest friend.

In fact, with their Neptune chart ruler in Libra, they may dissolve into their relationships, and may even seem to lose their own identity in the process.

Libra shapes Neptune to be:

  • A bit more logical
  • Well-mannered and charming
  • Very relationship-oriented
  • Diplomatic
  • Artistic
  • Strategic

Neptune Chart Ruler in Scorpio

Neptune entered Scorpio in 1956 and remained there until 1970.

Those born with chart ruling Neptune in Scorpio may view spirituality as something that can heal and transform.

With this placement, they may be able to use their spirituality in order to help catalyze the emotional healing of others as well.

Emotions may run deep in regard to their beliefs, as well.

They may have a feeling that their intimate partnerships are linked to their spirituality.

With their Neptune chart ruler in Scorpio, others may see them as someone who is comfortable talking about the uncomfortable, unconventional, taboo, or even ugly parts of faith or religion.

Diving deep into the link between psychology and spirituality may be of interest, as well.

Scorpio shapes Neptune to be:

  • Quite emotional
  • Penetrating
  • Real and honest
  • Power-seeking
  • Transformative and healing
  • Intense

Neptune Chart Ruler in Sagittarius

Neptune was in Sagittarius from 1970 to 1984.

Those born with their chart ruling Neptune in Sagittarius may see spirituality as an ongoing adventure and something that one must continue to discover over their lifetime.

Collecting different religious or spiritual experiences may be an important way they are able to evolve their own beliefs.

They may also be seen as very enthusiastic in their spiritual pursuits.

Sagittarius may influence Neptune to take a more philosophical look at spirituality.

There may radiate optimism and enthusiasm when it comes to their faith and have a sense that the divine is on their side and everything will work out well in the end.

With their Neptune chart ruler in Sagittarius, there is a chance that they try to cling too tightly to their faith of choice and could even become dogmatic in spreading the word.

Sagittarius shapes Neptune to be:

  • Open-minded
  • Less dependent
  • Idealistic
  • Passionate
  • Philosophical
  • More scattered

Neptune Chart Ruler in Capricorn

Capricorn hosted Neptune from 1984 through 1998.

Those with Neptune ruling their chart from Capricorn may see spirituality as a duty they must devote themselves to.

They may not need the company of others in order to feel connected spiritually.

In fact, they may prefer to go it alone when practicing their beliefs, or at least not be dependent on others to “show them the way” as they may think they can find it themselves.

Those with this placement may work hard on their spiritual sides, but they may also be seen as level-headed and wise in their beliefs. Although this could morph into cold and austere, as well.

The emotional parts of spirituality may not be as important to them as the practical parts.

Faith could be seen as something to undertake with caution and not something to fool around with and not take seriously.

Capricorn shapes Neptune to be:

  • Conservative
  • Practical
  • Less dependent
  • Self-reliant
  • More patient
  • Hard-working

Neptune Chart Ruler in Aquarius

Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998 and exited in 2012.

Those with their Neptune chart ruler in Aquarius may see their spirituality as something that they have to figure out for themselves, even if it flies in the face of what their loved ones or society think.

They may be prepared to upset people with their beliefs, even those closest to them, in order to be in line with their spiritual ideals.

With their chart ruling Neptune in Aquarius, they may be drawn to the “new” ways to seek a connection with the divine, leaving traditional ways behind.

Their sense of spirituality may be tied to a desire for equality and social justice.

Faith may be something that leans more in the logical direction than an emotional one, and it may be a practice that they prefer to do among a group of respected friends or peers.

Aquarius shapes Neptune to be:

  • Unique
  • More equality-minded
  • Idealistic
  • A bit more logical
  • Forward-thinking
  • Less dependent

Neptune Chart Ruler in Pisces

As I write this, Neptune sits in Pisces and will until 2026.

The generation born with their Neptune chart ruler in dignity in its sign, Pisces, will have an amplified expression of this planet.

They may feel a strong connection to the higher power often and may feel the need to give up their ego and surrender themselves to feel a spiritual connection.

Those with this placement may be able to see themselves as just one drop in a big sea, one tiny piece of a larger puzzle, and also be willing to act accordingly.

Family and friends may know that they have a well of compassion for others that seems to have no bottom.

They may have incredible intuition and may “know” things that they should have no way of knowing.

Because of their ability to connect with the divine, they may have an amazingly vivid and inspired imagination.

There could be so many stimuli coming at them that at times they need to escape in some way so as to not get overwhelmed.

Pisces shapes Neptune to be:

  • Endlessly compassionate
  • Emotional
  • Highly intuitive
  • Imaginative
  • Dependent on relationships
  • Spiritual or mystical

What does it mean if Neptune is my chart ruler?

If Neptune is your chart ruler, that means that Pisces is the sign on the cusp of your 1st House. Neptune rules Pisces, so if your rising sign is Pisces, Neptune rules your chart and helps shape your outward persona.

What are some characteristics of someone with Neptune as their chart ruler?

Someone with Neptune as their chart ruler may come off as emotional, intuitive, and easygoing. Others may be drawn to their compassion and incredible imagination.

How does the sign Neptune sits in affect it as my chart ruler?

As your chart ruler, Neptune’s sign will add more complexity and detail to the “mask” you wear. The style and characteristics of this sign of the Zodiac will help to influence how you come across to others and how you see the world.

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