Nodes of the Moon: Your Karmic Journey

The Nodes of the Moon symbolize karma in astrology. Your South Node represents ingrained patterns that were set in past lives and your North Node points to how to grow from them. The Nodes offer insight into your soul’s journey and life purpose.

What do your Nodes of the Moon say about where your soul has been and how you can evolve from it? Keep reading to learn more!


  • The Nodes of the Moon represent karmic patterns and how to move away from them.
  • Your South Node offers clues about feelings that remain from past lives.
  • Insight about how to move past your karmic patterns can be found with the North Node.
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What are the Nodes of the Moon?

The Nodes of the Moon are points in space where the orbit of the Moon connects with our view of the constellations. (Find more technical information here).

These points in your chart are believed to describe the story of your soul, and no, we aren’t just talking about this lifetime!

Your Nodes of the Moon tell the tale of what hardships, bad behaviors, and difficult emotions your soul has faced again and again in past lives.

And, they can also offer you a path forward and steps you can take to put an end to these karmic patterns.

The South Node

The South Node of the Moon shines a light on your karmic patterns from previous lives.

Its position and condition lay out the habits, behaviors, and attitudes that we have developed over time and may be holding us back from growth and evolution in our current lifetime.

By reading your South Node, you can reveal patterns that may be reliving in your current life and old ways of being and reacting that you might be continuing to fall back on.

The North Node

The North Node of the Moon illuminates the path that leads away from this karmic baggage.

Its placement describes qualities, behaviors, and attitudes that you could develop in order to evolve your soul away from its old patterns.

These traits and ways of being that your North Node points to may feel challenging and even awkward because they are foreign to what your soul is used to.

By examining your North Node, you can gain insight into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and work towards aligning with your higher self and life’s mission.

What do the Nodes of the Moon mean?

The nodes of the Moon are astrological points that represent an individual’s past and future karmic patterns. The North Node points towards the direction of growth and development in this lifetime, while the South Node represents the past patterns and habits that may be holding us back.

Are the Nodes of the Moon significant?

The Nodes of the Moon are significant in astrology. They can provide valuable insight into a person’s past life patterns that may still be present in this lifetime. The Nodes can offer guidance on areas of growth and development, as well as potential challenges and obstacles.

How frequently do the Nodes change?

The Nodes of the Moon change signs around every 18 months, but their movement is not consistent. The position of the Nodes at your time of birth is unique and can provide valuable insights into your karmic patterns and life purpose.