Aries North Node: Finding Your Inner Warrior

You may be new to reading your natal chart, or it may be something you have dabbled with for some time. Either way, you feel compelled to start learning more about that “other” placement on your chart, the one that isn’t a planet at all, your North Node of the Moon, and you find yours sitting in the sign of the ram. What does it mean to have your North Node in Aries and what can you learn from it?

A North Node in Aries means that your soul is moving in the direction of finding more fire, assertiveness, and independence. You are learning to take necessary risks and to stand proudly on your own two feet with courage and go after what you want, in a civilized and honorable way, of course.

If your North Node placement is in Aries, keep reading to learn much more about how this forceful and dynamic sign can help guide your soul toward more balance and growth.

man proudly standing in front of a mirror looking at his reflection, aries north node is moving toward assertiveness

Your North Node in Aries

To fully understand the implications of the North Node of the Moon in Aries on your natal chart, it is helpful to first break down the parts and make the meaning of each in mind before putting it all together.

The North Node

Your North Node (☊), otherwise known as your Ascending Node or the “dragon’s head,” is the direction that your soul wants to take you. This is a force that has been urging you toward particular behaviors, feelings, activities, or circumstances your entire life in order to help you to develop and grow to your fullest potential.

This isn’t to say that you have always listened to it, of course, but it is an undercurrent in your life that has the potential to steer you a certain way if you allow it to.

Your North Node is always placed in perfect opposition to your South Node (☋), also called the Descending Node, on your chart, as you can see in the 3 example charts below.

The placement and condition of your North Node is a direct reaction to the position of your South Node. The position of your South Node describes the unpleasant “leftovers” from your past. And, yes, we are talking past lives.

We are all trying to grow and evolve as souls, and life can be hard. Your South Node sheds light on ways in which you struggled in previous lifetimes. These are major hangups and most traumatic losses, things that are so powerful that their effects don’t just go away, but rather “stick” to your soul in the form of behaviors, triggers, aversions, or tendencies that we repeat over and over again in our successive lifetimes until we work through them.

That is where the North Node comes into play. Being in opposition to the South Node, it is the natural “antidote” to your negative karmic residue. Its placement shows you what manner of thinking and being that can help balance out and heal the wounds from your past lives.

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The Sign of Aries

Aries is of the fire element, making this sign dynamic, risk-taking, optimistic, resilient, and bold. It is also of the cardinal modality. This means that Aries is ready to get things going, pushing in new directions.

Mars is the ruler of Aries. This planet of the warrior lends the sign courage, grit, an assertive and even aggressive nature, and an abundance of stamina.

This sign is driven to stand up for itself and others, asserting its place in the world, deciding what it wants, and going out and getting it.

Aries’ energy is what can drive you to push through and score in a game, compete and win the promotion, find the courage to boldly ask them out, and even march onto a battlefield with bravery.

While this isn’t the most conscientious and compassionate sign, its fire element does lend it warmth and enthusiasm for life that shines through and draws people in.

a person wearing a helmet and leather gloves reaching through fire toward the camera

Aries North Node

So why might your North Node, the compass pointing to your soul’s future, be found in fiery Aries? You need to find your inner warrior.

With your North Node in the battle-ready sign of Aries means that your soul is in need of some fierceness of its own. Finding more courage, independence, passion, and action-taking could be the direction that your soul is headed in. Maybe you need to pull out courage that you didn’t even know existed.

Your North Node in Aries is a reaction to the traumatic or unfortunate “leftovers” from your past lives, whether they were damaging things done by you, to you, or simply bad luck.

And, this similar set of tragic or unfortunate feelings and behaviors may have been played out by your soul over and over again throughout many lifetimes, like a skipping, broken record that only plays the same few notes on repeat. For you, these regretful and unpleasant parts of your past life or lives are represented by your South Node of the Moon in Libra.

Your South Node in Libra represents a past where you were hurt by the shadowy traps that can befall the scales. Indecision at a critical moment, clinging to a toxic relationship, being a “doormat” for others, and choosing civility when going to war (literally or figuratively) is necessary, these are just some of the Libra-like problems that could result in wounds so hurtful that they can’t be healed in one lifetime.

Aries, then, is the remedy to your karmic Libra-like issues. Why?

Because, by nature and on the chart, Aries is the opposite of Libra and by bringing more Aries qualities into your life in a healthy way, you can “correct” the problems that have been following your soul.

You can learn from your North Node in Aries what to do to evolve and grow out of those behaviors. So what kinds of lessons may your Aries North Node of the Moon want to teach you?

woman climbing the side of a mountain

Aries North Node Lessons

With your North Node is Aries, your soul has some Libra-like behaviors ingrained pretty deeply. Moving toward your North Node may feel unnatural and could take intentional actions on your part to start adding some Aries fire into your life. Below are some possible lessons that your Aries North Node may be trying to teach you.

  1. Stand up for yourself: With your North Node of the Moon in Aries, your soul may have struggled with being oppressed in some way where you were, for whatever reason, unable to assert yourself, a behavior that may have stuck with you in this lifetime. If this sounds familiar to you, becoming more comfortable with staking your claim and will in the world may be something to work toward.
  2. Some battles are necessary: Peace is always the goal, but some things are worth fighting for. Libra seeks harmony, but if in your past life this was met with dire consequences, your Aries North Node may be urging you to balance your desire for serenity with a bit of feisty vigor. Of course, over-aggression is not the aim. The Nodes are all about finding balance. Peace can still always be the goal, but your Aries North Node may be trying to teach you that some causes are worth fighting for.
  3. Going alone can be okay: Libra needs others. This is just the Libran way. However, with your North Node in Aries, there is a possibility that in your past, to avoid having to be alone, you tightly aligned yourself with someone or a close-knit group that wasn’t good for you in some way. Your Aries North Node of the Moon may be asking you to become comfortable being your own companion sometimes. Sticking with someone through thick and thin can be a fantastic trait, but not if that person is toxic, abusive, makes bad choices that affect you, or influences you to do things you shouldn’t. Being alone is better than having that in your life.
  4. Think on your feet: Aries is all about taking action. Thinking comes second for this sign. This is the opposite of Libra’s nature which has the potential to mull over a decision until it becomes paralyzed by it, resulting in taking no action at all. With an Aries North Node, it could be that in your past you struggled with indecision and uncertainty to the point that life passed you by, you missed out on an important opportunity, or you didn’t take action when it was crucial to do something, all leading to an unfortunate outcome. Your Aries North Node may be trying to teach you to find a compromise between overthinking and jumping in headfirst with no forethought. There is a good balance between those two if you can find it.
  5. Push out of your comfort zone: Libra loves comfort. With Venus’ influence over the sign, it can’t help it! However, always staying in your comfort zone means that you never get to see what you’re truly made of. In your past, you could have decided to forgo a challenge to take the easier, safer route. Your North Node placement in Aries could be urging you to examine your dependence on taking the safest and most comfortable route. Sticking your neck out there can spur necessary growth and help you reach important goals.
  6. You are braver than you think: Aries is courageous. An Aries North Node may ask you to pull out inner courage that you didn’t even know existed. Perhaps in your past life, there were times when you turned tail and ran rather than showing bravery. Don’t worry, no one is proud of what their South Node indicates. That’s the point! In this life, however, your North Node in Aries may ask you to find that bravery and show courage. The house your North Node sits in can help point you in the direction of the area of life this could play out in.

The House of Your Aries North Node

Knowing that your North Node sits in Aries can already tell you a lot about the direction that your soul wants to grow toward. But, looking at the house that it sits in can offer even more insights.

Because the house system describes different areas of your life and where things may “play out,” the location of your Aries North Node could point to activities or relationships in your life where you could actively work toward adding more Aries energy.

For instance, if your Aries North Node sits in the 2nd House, bringing more Aries fire to your financial life or your sense of self-worth may be the type of growth you need to move away from the Libra South Node karma.

Aries North Node in the 10th House? Digging out your inner warrior in the workplace could do a lot toward helping your soul find more balance.

The Placement of Mars

If you find your North Node of the Moon situated in Aries, you will want to pay special attention to the placement of Mars in your birth chart. Mars is the ruler of Aries and its placement will add more insight to your North Node.

The sign that Mars sits in will also add influence on the manner in which you can grow away from your South Node karma. The planet’s house can bring in other areas of life where North Node growth is beneficial.

Mars in Virgo in the 5th House, for example, will bring to your Aries North Node a consideration for bringing maturity, self-discipline, and a concern for details to the areas of your life that involve play, pleasure, and/or raising children.

chart showing mars in virgo in the 5th house

With your North Node of the Moon in Aries, Mars will help define activities, behaviors, and traits that can help your soul grow from its past life trauma.

Planets Near Your Aries North Node

If you find a planet conjunct your North Node, this planet also adds to the “recipe” that will help your soul heal and grow from its past trauma.

If you aren’t familiar with conjunctions, it is an astrological aspect where two features of the chart are in close proximity. Astrologers don’t always agree on how many degrees of separation, exactly, make a conjunction, but a 0° to 5° separation is a good place to start.

Whichever planet you find conjunct your North Node symbolizes ways of thought or being that will aid you when embracing your Aries’ North Node. Whatever functions it serves in astrology will play an important role in growing away from your Libra South Node trauma.

For instance, with your North Node in Aries, you already know that learning to assert yourself, finding greater independence, or taking decisive action is important for the development of your soul. But, if you find the Moon conjunct your Aries North Node, your growth will also require a healthy expression of emotions. Embracing your feelings and expressing them in a balanced way, nurturing others, and allowing yourself to use and appreciate your imagination could also be part of the antidote for your Libran South Node wounds.

If you find a planet conjunct your Aries North Node, it may very well also sit in Aries and in the same house. But, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Any planet conjunct your North Node that is a different sign or house (or both) should be read as such, pulling in even more detail and adding more complexity to your Aries North Node reading.

Your Aries North Nodal Return

So far, we have been looking only at your natal North Node of the Moon in Aries. However, we can’t forget that the nodes are always still moving and their positions influence your natal chart, as well. One instance in particular when the transiting, or current moving, nodes interact with your natal chart is your North Nodal return.

This is when the transiting North Node is conjunct your natal Aries North Node. Because of the nature of the nodes, the ages when this will happen will differ slightly for each person but will happen around the ages of  19, 38, 57, and 75.

You can think of your North Nodal returns as times when your path toward your Aries North Node growth may be made a bit clearer in some way. Maybe opportunities to follow your North Node compass falls into your lap. Possibly someone comes into your life to help you. Or, you may just feel more ready than ever to change and grow.

Nodal returns may not always feel easy, but they can be catalysts for change in your life, especially if you are aware of and watch for them.