What Sign is Opposite of Taurus: Happy together or out of balance?

Angles are a crucial part of astrology. Understanding how the different angles affect the signs and planets is a huge part of learning this craft. On the natal chart, Zodiac signs directly across from one other have a special relationship, with some even referring to them as “opposite” signs.

So, what about Taurus? Which sign is opposite of Taurus, and how does that relationship affect the two signs?

On a natal chart, the opposite of Taurus is Scorpio. Scorpio is in direct opposition with Taurus at a 180° angle. As opposites, Taurus and Scorpio have some characteristics that are different, but they also share many similarities. These two signs have the potential to be very compatible with one another.

Find out more about why Scorpio is considered the opposite of Taurus in astrology and, if one of these signs is strong in your chart, how that could affect you!

one women wearing a black dress in front a a black backdrop playing chess against a woman in a white dress against a white backdrop, symbolizing the opposite of taurus is scorpio

Why the Opposite of Taurus is Scorpio in Astrology

In a circle, two points that are 180° apart are sitting directly across from one another, as far apart as two things can be in the circle and in a circular natal chart. In astrology, this angle is called an opposition.

a blank natal chart highlighting in blue that taurus and scorpio are opposite on the chart

Some refer to signs that sit across from one another as polar opposites, or you may hear these two signs called the “Taurus and Scorpio polarity.” In astrology, both of those terms are just the same way of saying that they sit 180° apart.

Because they sit opposite of each other, the relationship between Taurus and Scorpio will be lively and does have the potential to feel tense at times. This friction arises from the innate differences in the traits of these two signs and also the ways in which their motivations may differ.

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Sure, Taurus and Scorpio aren’t likely to always have some perfectly harmonious and easy-breezy flowing relationship, but, as you will read below, this absolutely doesn’t mean that these two can’t get along and find a way to make a great partnership.

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Comparing Taurus and Scorpio

So, if these two signs are “opposites,” how do their qualities stack up to one another?

Taurus and Scorpio Duality

a man and woman sitting on the floor together, he's holding a computer and has his tongue out, she's looking at the camera, symbolizing taurus opposite of scorpio

One way to differentiate the signs is by a quality called their duality, which is also referred to as yin and yang, masculine and feminine, positive and negative, or sometimes just their “polarity.” Confusing, I know.

But all of these different terms are referencing the same idea, which is how the signs express their energy: outward or inward.

Both Taurus and Scorpio fall in the negative sign category, which also can be called feminine or yin dualities. So, both of these signs release their energy inward. This could be thought of as similar to being introverted.

This certainly doesn’t mean that these two signs only like being alone, but rather they are more prone to internalize feelings and things they are thinking about.

Although Taurus and Scorpio are called “opposites” in astrology, they do share the same negative duality and are predisposed to expressing or exploring within themselves.

Taurus and Scorpio Modality

two women sitting on the ground talking, one is wearing a green coat and the other a skeleton shirt, representing opposite of taurus is scorpio

In astrology, all signs of the Zodiac are divided into three modes. These are also referred to as modalities and are called cardinal, fixed, and mutable. These three modes or modalities represent the way in which each sign approaches life and reacts to change.

Taurus and Scorpio are both of the fixed modality. This means that these signs prefer to stay the course and finish what has been started. Once these two signs begin in one direction, they have no plans of switching course or stopping. The fixed mode brings a persistent and enduring quality to Taurus and Scorpio.

Taurus and Scorpio Elements

One other way that the signs of the Zodiac are divided and distinguished is by the four elements, air, earth, water, and fire. These elements represent the personal motivations and characteristics of a sign.

Taurus is an earth sign. This sign is motivated to keep its feet on stable ground. It is practical, grounded, mature, and even a bit predictable, and trusts its senses to guide them in life. Earth signs like to know what lies ahead for them so that they can be prepared.

Scorpio is a water sign. That means that Scorpio leads with its emotions. This sign feels very deeply and is capable of experiencing a wide spectrum of emotions. You could say that water signs feel their way through life.

So where Taurus and Scorpio share the same negative duality and fixed modality, they do depart from one another when it comes to their elements.

What Taurus and Scorpio Have in Common

two men sitting on a park bench in winter smiling and talking

As you have read, even though Taurus and Scorpio are referred to as opposites, they still have many traits in common.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are of the negative duality, the “introverts” of astrology. These two signs are also both very persistent and steady due to their shared fixed modality. These two signs are both stable and introspective.

Taurus and Scorpio are both seeking out something within themselves. Taurus is on a quest to find inner peace. In order to do this, it desires calm waters and familiar routines to bring calm to its mind. Scorpio is also on an internal crusade and that is for emotional honesty. This sign needs to live and feel its truth throughout the full spectrum of emotions.

So, these two “opposite” signs may have some distinct differences, but they are both driven to experience and transform something within themselves.

Considerations for Taurus and Scorpio Relationships

a man giving a woman a piggy back ride outdoors in front of a stone wall, they symbolize taurus opposite of scorpio

When considering how two signs of the Zodiac mesh, we could be thinking of it from the context of how the two work together within a person’s chart. However, we could think about this same question from the perspective of how two people with strong Taurus or Scorpio traits relate to one another.

So what are some things that two people with prominent Taurus and Scorpio characteristics consider when they are in a relationship?

Taurus and Scorpio Relationship Strengths

Scorpio’s immense emotions can be complex and this is a sign that can, at times, get very wrapped up in them and struggle to find its way out. Taurus, on the other hand, brings a sense of simplicity and stability to the relationship and can be “a rock” for Scorpio to depend on.

At the same time, Scorpio can help push Taurus out of its comfort zone a bit when it comes to intense emotions. Taurus loves peaceful, calm waters, but sometimes the storms come and Scorpio can help Taurus to deal with those times.

Also, Taurus is a very down-to-earth sign. Generally, what you see is what you get with Taurus. Scorpio values honesty and dislikes when people act fake or change their behavior depending on where they are or who they are with. Scorpio can really appreciate Taurus’ earnestness.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus places a high value on relationships. Combine this with Scorpio’s high level of sensitivity and there is the potential for a couple who is very respectful of one another’s thoughts and feelings.

This duo may also be compatible with it comes to physical affection as both signs may appreciate physical closeness more than some other signs may appreciate.

Taurus and Scorpio Relationship Challenges

a couple holding hands in front of a black and white background, but turned away from each other, symbolizing challenges with the opposites, taurus and scorpio, in a relationship

Any strength can also be a weakness.

For Taurus and Scorpio, the different levels of intensity could prove to be frustrating at times. Scorpio may get irritated with Taurus’ lack of strong emotions and Taurus could grow tired of Scorpio’s emotional ups and downs.

There is also a chance that Taurus could always seek peace, even when it shouldn’t. Taurus could allow Scorpio to always have its way and dominate the relationship just so it doesn’t have to rock the boat.

Scorpio may also become frustrated with Taurus’ rigidity to the familiar and desire for stability, possibly feeling as though sometimes things get boring or stale.

Every single sign combination has its strengths and challenges, and Taurus and Scorpio are no exception. However, these signs are still very capable of having a healthy and happy relationship.

Keeping open lines of communication and working to ensure that the power structure remains equal could definitely help these two signs have a wonderful time together.

Taurus Ascendant and Scorpio Descendant

The phrase “opposites attract” is often true, even in astrology, and there is one oppositional relationship that is quite significant on the natal chart, the Ascendant and Descendant.

a natal chart with the taurus ascendant and scorpio descendant circled

The Ascendant (abbreviated as AC) is a vital angle in the chart that describes the side of you that you show to the world, the way others might describe you. The sign your Ascendant resides in is also referred to as your rising sign.

In the example chart above, you can see that if the Ascendant (AC) sits in Taurus, then there is another important angle directly opposite of it, the DC, that sits in Scorpio. This line is called your Descendant.

The Ascendant/Descendant relationship is meaningful with some going so far as to describe your Descendant as your “soul mate.” Other astrologers don’t push it quite that far but view your Descendant as the traits you look for in others when forming relationships.

The Descendant is sometimes described as what you are not. These are the qualities that, if found in a partner, could balance you out.

If your Ascendant is in Taurus, you’re a Taurus rising and you may unconsciously be attracted to people that display the personality of Scorpio. Scorpio’s strengths help to balance out Taurus’ struggles and vice-versa.

Even though they are sometimes called “opposite” signs, a Taurus rising and a person with strong Scorpio qualities may be a match made in heaven!