Pisces in the 2nd House: Inspired investor or naive giver?

If you have Aquarius or Pisces rising, then you may find Pisces on the cusp of the 2nd house of your birth chart. Your personality may be analytical and headstrong especially if you have Aquarius rising, but your approach to your financial life may not mirror these same fiercely independent and opinionated tendencies. What could having Pisces in the 2nd house mean for you?

With spiritual Pisces in the 2nd house of your birth chart, you may have a complicated relationship with your finances. You may try to avoid money altogether, see it as something you can use to grow spiritually, or even feel as though it is something a higher power will simply provide for you.

Nothing in life or astrology is this clear cut, however, especially when it comes to how a person feels about the size of their bank account and their belongings. Find out more about how Pisces may flavor your 2nd house, and what this might mean for you!

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Characteristics of Pisces in the 2nd House

Pisces is a sign that is longing for spiritual growth. It is empathetic, sensitive, and altruistic. However, in this article, we are only focused on the 2nd house so we need to put Pisces in the right context. The 2nd house doesn’t describe your personality or ego, how others would describe you or how you would describe yourself. It is considered the House of Money.

But this name, The House of Money is too simplistic, however. Sure, the 2nd house includes information about how you will feel about your money matters and what you could expect in your financial life, but there is also a deeper meaning. The 2nd house also provides clues as to how valuable or worthy a person feels inside, and how their self-worth may or may not be tied to their finances and possessions.

Pisces is a sign that has backchannels with the collective consciousness, or with the Universe if you will. They are more sensitive to energies than any other sign of the Zodiac and catch glimpses of different levels of consciousness throughout their lives, whether on purpose or by accident. Pisces has deep emotions, is intuitive, and imaginative. However, if you have an Aquarius ascendant and, more than likely, your Sun is in something other than Pisces, a sensitive and imaginative dreamer may not be how anyone would describe you at all.

If your rising sign is Aquarius, others may not see you as emotional at all and may find you to be a more intellectual and opinionated type. If Pisces is rising in your chart, laid back and meditative may be spot on. Regardless of which of those is your Ascendant, having Pisces in your 2nd house may influence you to see money in a different light than others, and it could also affect the values you choose to measure your sense of worth by.

Pisces is the most difficult sign for me to find the right words to describe. I think of it as a mist over water. It is tangible, but it is also dispersed, shifting, and is in constant exchange with the air above it and the water below it. It lives in two realms at once but is also one with both. In life, this can shine through as never quite feeling as though they are in the right place. Because they are one with all, they have boundless empathy and compassion. They have seen “behind the curtain” of life, so things that society places importance on may not matter at all to Pisces as they can see the absurdity in it all. Pisces has an inner voice whispering that there is a deeper meaning to all of this, and they can find it if they simply keep looking.

So, placing Pisces in the context of your 2nd house, you may struggle or wrestle with your self-worth and be unsure about what to pin it to. You may think that if you build wealth or earn a larger paycheck you will feel you have more value as a person, but then once you do, not feel any better about yourself. This can be confusing and may leave you feeling as though you aren’t sure where to turn next when it comes to feeling like a worthy person.

With Pisces in your 2nd house, you may have fantastic innate instincts when it comes to financial matters. Because for Pisces, spirituality is key, you may also have a sense of optimism when it comes to your money matters and feel as though you will be taken care of or provided for somehow, even if you aren’t sure how. It is faith.

Money may not be something that concerns you too much with Pisces in your 2nd. You may be able to keep financial matters in perspective. There is also the potential for you to be very generous with what you do have. Pisces’ limitless empathy may come out in the form of charitable giving. You may have a more spiritual feeling about your belongings and place value not on luxury, but on possessions that inspire you or make you feel closer to the higher power, for whatever reason.

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Pisces in the 2nd House Strengths

  1. Generous: Pisces is an incredibly giving sign. In your 2nd house, Pisces may inspire you to see money and possessions in a more communal way, feeling as though if you have something someone else needs, there is not reason that you shouldn’t give it to them or share it.
  2. Intuitive: There is no sign that is more tuned in to the frequency of the Universe than Pisces. With this sign in your 2nd house, you may make financial decisions based on gut feelings. You may just have a feeling that something is a good investment or not, and even though you may not be able to explain why you feel that way, you might trust it anyway.
  3. Not preoccupied with wealth: Pisces’ spiritual tendencies in your 2nd house may materialize as an ability to keep money and belongings in perspective. You may see finances as something that isn’t that important because economics is simply a human construct. There is the potential for you to have a very unattached feeling to money and not see it as something that you need to worry too much about. This could mean that you aren’t as stressed about your bank account as much as others.
  4. Has faith: Pisces is not cynical. Its experiences with higher levels of consciousness have shown them that there is more to life than what we can discern from our 5 senses only, and there is greater meaning beyond what we can see. In the 2nd house, Pisces may influence you to have faith when it comes to your financial future. You may not worry what your finances will look like in 5 years because you may figure that it will all be taken care of, one way or another.
  5. Forgiving: Because of their sense of oneness with all things, Pisces comes with endless compassion and empathy. In the 2nd house, this may look like easily forgiving someone who loses or breaks your things, gives you bad financial advice, or even steals from you.

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Challenges for Aquarius in the 2nd House

  1. Struggles with organization: Earlier in this article, I described Pisces like a mist above water. Mist can seem distinct, we can definitely see it, but it also feels as though it is everywhere and nowhere all at once. In your 2nd house, this hazy nature of Pisces could be expressed as struggling to keep all of the details of your finances together. Organizing the moving parts of your financial records or investments could be a challenge. This could also be the case with your belongings.
  2. Can be taken advantage of: Because of Pisces’ great compassion, there is the potential for it to trust too much and not see someone’s bad intentions. In the 2nd house, there is the potential to be too trusting when it comes to investing money, or to give money or belongings to someone with a sad, but untrue, sob story.
  3. Struggles with self-worth: We can’t forget that the 2nd house also covers the territory of a person’s sense of worth. In the 2nd house Pisces may not all into the trap of linking their self-worth to the size of their bank account, as some other signs may. But, it may be a struggle to figure out how to perceive your self-worth at all, being confused as to what to tie it to. It is hard to feel valuable when you aren’t sure what currency to use.
  4. Avoids finances: Because Pisces in the 2nd doesn’t place a lot of importance on money, taken too far this could lead for a complete disregard for it. Financial matters could just be avoided altogether. While it is good to not stress about every dollar coming in or out, ignoring important money matters can also lead to big problems.
  5. Infusing emotions into money matters: As a water element sign, Pisces runs on emotions. They lead with their feelings and use them to traverse the world. In the 2nd house, Pisces may bring too much emotion into financial matters or into their belongings. There may be guilt about how much they have. But, there is also the potential to feel a little jealous about what others have that they lack.
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The Significance of Neptune and Other Planets

Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces. With Pisces in your 2nd house, the sign and condition of Neptune are going to enhance or add to how Pisces shines through in your 2nd house. Find Neptune in your birth chart and the sign it is inhabiting. This sign’s traits will meld with Pisces to be expressed through the matters of your 2nd house.

For example, if Neptune is in Aries, this may moderate some of your passive tendencies toward wealth and it may encourage you to be a little more ambitious when it comes to making money. You may feel a bit more protective of your things.

Neptune in Virgo? This may bolster your work ethic a bit and offer a bit more determination in the money department. You also might be a bit more organized with your financial records.

Planets sitting in your 2nd house will also affect how you experience your finances, personal property, and sense of self-worth. If Saturn resides in your 2nd house, for example, earning and keeping money may prove to be a bit of a challenge for you. However, you also may feel a greater desire to work for it and save what you make.

Pluto in your 2nd house? Your faith in your financial future and the feeling that you will be taken care of may not be as strong. You may have more fear of financial problems in the future and feel the need to save to protect yourself from it.

These are all very general ways that Pisces can assert itself in your 2nd house. Understand that there are so many factors involved in properly decoding and interpreting your birth chart than articles such as this can provide. Between the signs, planets, houses, aspects, and transits, there are infinite combinations and ways your astrological puzzle can come together. A full astrological reading would do your chart more justice than any article could.

However, the fact that Pisces is on your 2nd house cusp will affect the way you approach your finances, property, and how you find value in yourself. What this article does is begin to give you a spectrum of possibilities and a theme for how it could play out and a sense of how having Pisces in your 2nd house could impact your life.

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