The Mode of Pisces: Changing your views of reality

Pisces is one of the water element signs of the Zodiac, but so are Cancer and Scorpio. So what makes these three signs so different from one another? What makes the watery realm of Pisces so unique? To get to a portion of this answer we need to look to the modalities or Pisces’ mode.

The mode of Pisces is mutable. The mutable modality is that of evolution and adaptability. This energy influences Pisces to be able to accept a shifting view of reality. Compassionate and spiritual, Pisces is inspired by the mutable mode to begin to see a connection of everything in the Universe.

Find out more about how the mutable mode affects Pisces and what this modality may mean for you!

woman holding a string of crystals, illustrating pisces mode

Pisces and the Mutable Mode

The mutable mode is that of acceptance and even embracing the inevitable changes in life. It doesn’t fight against it, but adjusts as needed. Mutable mode represents the winding down of a season where the weather is shifting and change is in the air. For Pisces, this is the end of winter ushering in spring.

The harsh realities of winter took their toll on our ancestors, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The changes they felt as winter began to release its grip had to feel like liberation, or the divine itself. Just when their days began to feel bleak and devoid of hope, the sun began to warm the earth just a little more. The renewed life on the planet would help renew their lives, as well. All things were connected. This type of change in their vision of life resembles the mutable mode in action in Pisces.

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There are 3 other signs that Pisces shares this mode with, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini. Pisces, however, is the only water element sign among these. So, even though they all share a mutable modality, this transformational and changeable energy plays out differently in each of the signs.

Pisces and the Water Element

Pisces’ element is water. To experience a water sign is to encounter an endless depth of emotion. Water signs make decisions and “run” on emotion. They feel their way through life. They have an especially high emotional intelligence and have the ability to recognize emotions in themselves and others better than any other signs. Pisces and the other water signs have a broader spectrum of emotions and feel to a greater degree than the other signs of the Zodiac.

Pisces comes off as incredibly empathetic, partly because they can pick up on other people’s emotions so well. They may even have the ability to feel what others are feeling, absorbing their emotions. This can be difficult for Pisces and could experience emotional overload.

This combination of mutable and water energy influences Pisces to accept an emotional landscape that changes and shifts.

man looking away from camera with blue skies and clouds behind him

Pisces and Neptune

The ruler of Pisces is Neptune, the planet of intuition. Neptune is a mystical planet of divinity and truth. The way I like to think about Neptune is that is a planet that would have urged Dorothy to look behind the curtain when she visited Oz. Its energy inspires people to begin to sense that there is more to life and the universe than what we experience in the “real” world. Neptune whispers to us that there is more to know. Pisces is a benefactor of this wisdom and Neptune plays a huge role in shaping the sign.

As a water element with a mutable modality, Pisces’ emotions can be like constantly shifting sands. This vessel is perfect for Neptune to fill with ideas that there may be more to our lives than what we pick up with our 5 senses. Pisces has the potential to be accepting of a changing perspective and the feelings that may come along with it. The realization that what we see may not really be “real” can be unsettling, but Pisces, with its mutable water energy, is the most capable of all of the signs to deal with it.

This isn’t to say that it is easy for Pisces. Understanding that there is a oneness in the universe is a long process that Pisces may not complete in their lifetime, and that they may actually struggle with at times. Being able to see behind the curtain of life, even once in a while, can make it hard to ever see life as “normal” again. Depending on how strong Pisces’ extrasensory experiences are this go-around in life, they may come off as spacey or dreamy, but that is only because no one can see the deep ocean that is swirling inside of them, and they may not understand what is happening or how to handle what they are experiencing.

Pisces Goals

If the goal of Pisces had to be boiled down to just one thing, it would be one with collective consciousness or enlightenment. For Pisces to fully evolve as a soul they need to work toward “seeing behind the curtain,” realizing the oneness of the universe, and understanding that we are all just playing roles in something much larger than ourselves. Not an easy task for Pisces!

Changing their perception of what the “real world” consists of is the mutable mode playing out in Pisces’ evolutionary goal on this planet. The water element gives Pisces an incredible sensitivity. And the visionary, Neptune, with its emphasis on intuition, inspires Pisces to explore the world of consciousness.

woman closing her eyes drinking coffee on a balcony, illustrating pisces mode

Pisces Strengths

Every sign of the Zodiac comes with a specialized set of needs and motivations. Many astrologers also believe that each sign comes with a supplied set of tools that help them achieve their evolutionary goals. The characteristics of each sign are actually some of those tools in action.

For Pisces, if the goal is to become one with the collective consciousness, they would need some helpful tools to assist them with that. One of these tools is incredible sensitivity.

To even have the idea that you should explore transcendence, you need to have a sense or feeling that there is more to life than what we see, hear or feel. Pisces is like a magnet for these psychic sensations. Dreams, visions, experiences they can’t explain, Pisces has great potential to connect with the divine. Spending time in their own mind, either through mediation, prayer, chanting, yoga, or even art, Pisces is able to strengthen this connection.

Another strength Pisces brings to aid them is their great compassion. To be closer to the divine is to have more love and Pisces definitely has the capacity for it. They are incredibly empathetic, caring, and helpful to others. Pisces is also forgiving. Forgiveness releases negativity and brings more love to anyone’s soul, and it also helps Pisces reach deeper levels of consciousness.

Another asset Pisces comes equipped with is their creative and imaginative mind. Fantasy and creative pursuits give Pisces a chance to spend time exploring their consciousness and beyond.

Pisces Challenges

Evolution of self is not always an easy business, and this also holds true for Pisces. Even strengths, when played out too far, can become challenges. Enter the shadow of Pisces.

Pisces has the ability to pick up extrasensory signals and also has the potential to absorb energy from people around them. This can be overwhelming. There are times when Pisces has to escape from the constant stimulation. This may be unavoidable for Pisces and there are healthy ways to temporarily detach and relax, but there is also the temptation for Pisces to seek unhealthy ways to numb themselves. Too much alcohol, TV, drugs, video games, sex, there are numerous ways to numb out and distract yourself. Pisces needs to make sure that they are keeping themselves balanced and not turning to too much of something as a way to escape.

Another pitfall for Pisces is that, once they have begun to “see behind the curtain” and realize that a lot of what society worries about or places importance on is trivial and meaningless, they no longer feel the desire to participate in life. Pisces may see “real life” as so absurd that they begin to drift through it with little ambition or desire to “do” much of anything. If this is the case, Pisces needs to dig deeper, using meditation, to find more meaning and purpose for their life.

Pisces Info

DatesFebruary 19 – March 20
SymbolTwo fish
ArchetypeThe mystic
GoalTo seek enlightenment
LovesDaydreaming, helping people, creativity, mysticism
DislikesToo much structure, boredom
StrengthsExtrasensory sensitivity, emotional sensitivity, compassion
ChallengesDrifting, escapism, can come off as spacey