Planets in Astrology: Our Cosmic Influencers

In astrology, planets represent different parts of ourselves. Where they are found in our chart and under what conditions shape how we express and experience that piece of our psyche. These heavenly bodies are what drive the system of astrology.

Unlock the mysteries of the planets in astrology and learn how they can reveal the secrets of your soul.


  • Each planet represents a part of your psyche or soul.
  • The Sun and Moon are foundational planets for your personality.
  • The position of each planet can show you how you may experience that part of yourself.
an illustration of planets and words that read "planets in astrology"

What do planets represent in astrology?

In astrology, each planet represents a unique energy or archetype that influences our lives and personalities.

Each symbolizes a specific part of our psyche or parts of our mind or soul that affect how we think, feel, and act.

Find out below what each planet rules in your life!

The Sun

This planet is the “big boss” in your natal chart and it represents the core of who you are.

Your Sun shows you what “lights your fire” inside and what types of behaviors and environments make you feel fulfilled.

The Sun is one of the “Big 3” placements, along with your Moon and Ascendant, and it helps to lay the foundation for your overall personality.

The SunDetails
MeaningIndividuality, vitality, ego, and creativity
StrengthsConfidence, self-expression, leadership
ArchetypeThe Father, masculine Energy
ShadowEgo, selfishness, arrogance
Sign it rulesLeo
House it rulesFifth House
OrbitApproximately 365.25 days

The Moon

Your Moon is your emotional center. It influences how you react, process your feelings, and also symbolizes your unconscious mind.

It shows you what you may need in order to be happy and at peace.

As one of your “Big 3” placements, along with your Sun and Ascendant, your Moon helps to set up the main structure on which the rest of you is built.

The MoonDetails
MeaningEmotions, instincts, and connection to the past
StrengthsIntuition, nurturing, creativity
ArchetypeThe Mother, Feminine Energy
ShadowMoodiness, irrationality, over-sensitivity
Sign it rulesCancer
House it rulesFourth House
OrbitApproximately 27.32 days


Mercury shows you how you communicate and learn, and what kind of mental activities stimulate your mind.

It reveals what makes you tick intellectually and helps you understand what types of environments and situations are most conducive to your learning and thinking style.

MeaningCommunication, intelligence, learning
StrengthsCuriosity, adaptability, analytical thinking
ArchetypeThe Messenger, The Communicator
ShadowOverthinking, nervousness, superficiality
Sign it rulesGemini and Virgo
House it rulesThird and Sixth House
OrbitApproximately 88 days


Venus represents what you love and value in life, and what kind of relationships and experiences bring you joy and contentment.

This planet of love points to what fills your heart and how you can create a more harmonious and enjoyable life.

MeaningLove, beauty, pleasure
StrengthsHarmony, diplomacy, artistic talents
ArchetypeThe Lover, The Artist
ShadowIndulgence, vanity, superficiality
Signs it rulesTaurus and Libra
Houses it rulesSecond and Seventh House
OrbitApproximately 225 days


Mars symbolizes how you take action to assert yourself in the world and secure the things you want or need.

This is the planet of bravery and shows you in what areas of your life you may have a deep well of courage and grit.

MeaningEnergy, passion, action
StrengthsCourage, drive, assertiveness
ArchetypeThe Warrior, The Pioneer
ShadowAggression, impulsiveness, selfishness
Signs it rulesAries and Scorpio
Houses it rulesFirst and Eighth House
OrbitApproximately 687 days


Jupiter is the planet in astrology that represents expansion, growth, and exploration and is linked to abundance, generosity, and success.

This is the part of you that encourages leaps of faith and pursuing your dreams. Think of Jupiter as your cosmic mentor, guiding you to new experiences and helping you see the bigger picture.

MeaningExpansion, growth, exploration
StrengthsOptimism, faith, generosity
ArchetypeThe Guru, The Philosopher
ShadowOverconfidence, excess, extravagance
Signs it rulesSagittarius and Pisces
Houses it rulesNinth and Twelfth House
OrbitApproximately 12 years


Saturn is your discipline, responsibility, and structure and is tied to hard work, perseverance, and determination.

Saturn’s energy is linked to the concept of limitations, boundaries, and rules, and it can reveal the areas in your life where you need to develop greater self-discipline and maturity.

MeaningDiscipline, responsibility, structure
StrengthsPerseverance, hard work, determination
ArchetypeThe Teacher, The Judge
ShadowPessimism, fear, rigidity
Signs it rulesCapricorn and Aquarius
Houses it rulesTenth and Eleventh House
OrbitApproximately 29.5 years


Uranus is all about breaking free from old patterns and exploring new ideas and perspectives.

It drives your innovation and rebellion, and this planet can inspire you to be unconventional. Uranus is your cosmic disruptor, urging you to shake up the status quo and embrace your unique identity and ideals.

MeaningInnovation, change, rebellion
StrengthsOriginality, idealism, analytical thinking
ArchetypeThe Rebel, The Innovator
ShadowImpatience, unpredictability, rebellion
Sign it rulesAquarius
House it rulesEleventh House
OrbitApproximately 84 years


Neptune embodies intuition, sensitivity, and compassion, inspiring you to delve into your subconscious mind and connect with a higher power.

It can serve as a catalyst for creativity, instill a sense of connectedness and transcendence, and, like a spiritual guide, lead you on a path of self-discovery and awakening.

MeaningSpirituality, dreams, imagination
StrengthsIntuition, sensitivity, compassion
ArchetypeThe Mystic, The Dreamer
ShadowDelusion, escapism, addiction
Sign it rulesPisces
House it rulesTwelfth House
OrbitApproximately 165 years


In astrology, Pluto ushers in transformation, power, and regeneration.

It’s associated with the darkest and deepest aspects of your psyche and the process of letting go of what no longer serves you. Pluto can bring intense challenges and changes in your life, but ultimately it helps you grow and evolve.

MeaningTransformation, power, regeneration
StrengthsPersistence, depth, self-awareness
ArchetypeThe Transformer, The Phoenix
ShadowObsession, control, manipulation
Sign it rulesScorpio
House it rulesEighth House
Orbit lengthApproximately 248 years