Pluto as Chart Ruler: Power for transformation

Your chart ruler is a vital planet in your birth chart that helps define the way in which you see the world, and also the way in which other people may see you. If intense Pluto is your chart ruler, what part might this planet play in influencing your life and relationships?

With a Scorpio rising sign, Pluto is your chart ruler. Pluto symbolizes power and tearing down old ways to make way for the new. Where it sits in your birth chart marks where you may capable of expressing both your best and worst to the world. As chart ruler, Pluto helps define your identity and outlook on life.

The condition of Pluto, along with the sign and house it resides in, offers hints as to where in your life you may experience transformation or intensity. Where you find Pluto in your natal chart may be where you feel as though the rug is sometimes pulled out from underneath you when you least expect it. But, because Pluto is the planet of rebirth, not just destruction, it is also a place in life where you can come back stronger and with more purpose.

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Everyone has Pluto in their chart and this planet exerts its will on everyone’s life. But, because Pluto is your chart ruler it holds even more significance for you.

Read on to learn how your chart ruling Pluto could help to influence your perception of the world and also how the people in your life see you!

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How you see the world

Because Pluto is your chart ruler, this planet of intensity, obsession, power, and truth may influence the lens through which you view life.

You want to see the truth

Where others simply see what is on the surface of something and not think to question it, you may have a sneaking feeling that there is “more to the story” and be driven to find out what truth lies behind it.

What does this mean, exactly? With Pluto as your chart ruler, you may have a tendency to be able to easily sense when someone isn’t telling the whole truth. You may be naturally skeptical and, as a detective, be able to “sniff out” secrets. Where others may blindly accept something, you may resist because you have a feeling that it is too good to be true.

You aren’t easily fooled.

So, you may view the world as a place where the ugly, but brutally honest, truths in life are swept under the rug and hidden by more people. But, you may sense they are there and may have an urge to bring the taboo, unspeakable truths into the light where they can either be accepted or dealt with.

You want to find greater meaning

Because Pluto’s influence makes it difficult to see the details of normal, day-to-day life as that important, it may leave you looking for something that is. You may see life as a place where you want to find real purpose.

With Pluto as chart ruler in your corner, you may have a desire to bring about change in the world or in the lives of others. Just be sure you check yourself from time to time to make sure that you aren’t letting that power get to your head and that you are working toward your purpose for the right reasons.

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How others see you

The way in which we see the world is intricately connected to how others see us. How we perceive life affects how we behave. How we act and react influences the way in which others see us. Our chart ruler, then, shapes both.

Our rising sign, influenced by our chart ruler, is often referred to as the “mask we wear” for the world. It is the outward part of our identity.

Others may see you as rejuvinating or threatening

Because Pluto is your chart ruler, others may perceive you as someone who is intense and passionate. You may find that some people are simply drawn to you and others are prefer to stay away, as though you are a magnet, attracting some and repelling others.

Some people may feel as though your way of seeing the world is refreshing and renewing and others may fear what they sense in you, that you have the ability to see, uncover and change things that they would rather keep covered and intact.

With Pluto as your chart ruler, you may be seen as a truth-teller and change agent in life. Some love it and some can’t handle it.

You may be seen as a great confidant

Others may see you as someone they can go to when they feel as though they have nowhere else to turn. Maybe they have a secret that they feel others will shun them for, but they know you won’t judge them.

This may be where you shine because in being someone others can confide in, you could actually be helping them heal by letting go of their baggage to allow them to move past it and grow.

Pluto as Chart Ruler Through the Signs

a man looking into a window and seeing his reflecting, representing pluto as chart ruler

Each sign of the Zodiac describes a set of impulses and desires that drive it, along with a set of tools to help it get there. Any planets that sit in a particular sign will use the motivations and traits of that sign to help them carry out their own goals.

In the other articles I have written about chart rulers, I have included a section detailing each planet through the signs and how that sign can work to influence how your chart ruler may operate. I will do that with Pluto, also, but because Pluto is such a slow-moving planet that it can stay in a single sign for decades!

It takes Pluto almost 250 years to orbit the sun. Entire generations of people share and are influenced by the same sign of Pluto. Pluto is a planet that many astrologers feel helps to define each generation. Since Pluto is your chart ruler, however, its sign and condition will be a bit more significant for you.

So, even though I am including a description for each sign, only half of the signs or less will apply to anyone currently living.

Pluto as Chart Ruler in Aries

Pluto won’t sit in Aries again until 2068. But, what may those future individuals born with a Pluto chart ruler in Aries come to expect? Confident and aggressive Aries combined with the power of Pluto could make for quite the combination! Others may view them as intense and determined. Their Scorpio Ascendant will be flavored by the pioneering and independent spirit of Aries and may be quite passionate and driven.

Pluto as Chart Ruler in Taurus

Pluto will once again inhabit Taurus in 2096. These future humans with a Scorpio rising sign and Pluto chart ruler may have their intensity tempered a bit by the influence of Taurus. Others may find them to be a bit more deliberate in their thoughts and actions. There may also be a conflict between the transforming effect of Pluto and the tendency of Taurus to want to hang on tightly to routines and tradition.

Pluto as Chart Ruler in Gemini

Pluto was last in Gemini in 1914 and won’t return until after the year 2130. When it does reach this sign, those with a Pluto chart ruler in Gemini may be seen as someone who is always ready to talk and discuss their passions. Gemini may numb the emotions of the Scorpio rising sign a bit and may bring with it a greater appreciation of logic and reasoning. Powerful Pluto combined with intellectual Gemini could result in the individual coming off as someone who likes to lord over others with their intelligence.

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Pluto as Chart Ruler in Cancer

Cancer last housed Pluto in 1939, so there are individuals who currently have their Pluto chart ruler seated in this sign. With a watery Scorpio rising sign and chart ruling Pluto sitting in another water sign, Cancer, they could be viewed by others as someone ruled by emotions. Cancer can amplify Scorpio’s intensity. They may be seen by others as someone who has the capacity to love deeply and be quite loyal. However, under Pluto’s influence, this could also come off as being possessive of loved ones.

Pluto as Chart Ruler in Leo

After leaving Cancer, Pluto sat in Leo until 1957. Those with a Scorpio Ascendant finding their chart ruler, Pluto, in Leo may be seen as quite the character. Others may see them as someone who must express the passionate and intense feelings they hold. Their friends and family may view them as someone who can be warm and generous, but they may also know that at times they could have the potential to be self-centered and demand they get their own way.

Pluto as Chart Ruler in Virgo

Those with a Scorpio Ascendant born between 1957-1972 would find their chart ruling Pluto in the sign of Virgo. Virgo has the potential to temper some of Scorpio’s desire to express its emotions and bring a slightly more reserved manner to Scorpio. There also may also be a tug of war in their personality between emotions and logic that drive them. Virgo may bring a detail-oriented and exacting layer to Scorpio, but with Pluto’s influence, this could also turn into the pursuit of perfection or self-loathing.

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Pluto as Chart Ruler in Libra

Those with Scorpio as their rising sign born between 1972 and 1984 will find their chart ruling Pluto in Libra. Libra may bring a bit more peace and harmony to Scorpio’s brooding emotions. Others may describe them as intense in seeking and maintaining their relationships. Sometimes they may come off as hesitant or indecisive as they may obsess about trying to make everyone happy in every situation. Libra’s need for harmony and balance may be at odds with Pluto’s drive to transform and change, which often doesn’t look or feel very balanced or harmonious while it is happening!

Pluto as Chart Ruler in Scorpio

Between 1984 and 1995, individuals born with Scorpio rising would find their chart ruling Pluto also sitting in Scorpio. A Plutonian chart ruler in dignity in Scorpio may result in extra-intense feelings and a drive to lead with emotion. Others may describe them as someone who always questions and always seeks the truth, no matter how ugly it may be. Those that know them may feel as though they are the perfect person to come to with a secret to get off their chest as they know they may feel relieved after. Scorpio has a special ability to help heal others by leading them to their truth, and with the transformative influence of Pluto heightened, this ability to assist in the catharsis of others may be amplified.

Pluto as Chart Ruler in Sagittarius

Those with Scorpio rising born between 1995 and 2008 will find their chart ruling Pluto in Sagittarius. This sign may lighten Scorpio’s brooding mood a bit with its unbreakable optimism. Others may describe them as someone who has an intense drive to explore new horizons, and someone who is passionate about finding meaning in life. Sagittarius may help add a bit more spirituality to Scorpio, but with Pluto’s influence they may always be transforming their outlook on the meaning of life. They must be careful to not fall into the trap of radical religion or dogma.

Pluto as Chart Ruler in Capricorn

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will remain there until 2023. With a chart ruling Pluto in Capricorn, this sign’s influence may bring a drive and heightened desire for power to a Scorpio Ascendant. Others may describe them as someone who is intense about work and goals and who is passionate about their self-discipline, launching themselves toward success. With Pluto sitting in Capricorn, they may at times come off as a loner or aloof, and they may run the risk of acting as a martyr, pushing so hard toward becoming successful that they could nearly destroy themselves in the process.

Pluto as Chart Ruler in Aquarius

Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 and will remain there until 2044. For those who will have Pluto as their chart ruler, they may be described as someone who is intense about their desire to be unique and independent. They may be seen as someone who doesn’t always appreciate tradition and who may instead look for ways to transform old ways of thinking into new. They may be passionate about issues related to equality. They do run the risk as coming off as trying to dominate others by way of their high intellect, however.

Pluto as Chart Ruler in Pisces

Between the years of 2044-2068, Pluto will sit in Pisces. With a Scorpio Ascendant and chart ruling Pluto in Pisces, others may describe them as someone with incredibly deep emotions. Those who know them may feel as though they can almost read their minds, and maybe know things about them before they even know it. People with this placement may be seen as someone who is passionate about helping and caring for others.

Remember that the sign of your chart ruler is just one piece of the puzzle that is your natal chart. Focusing only on one part of the chart without taking the rest into consideration will never be as accurate as reading your chart in a more holistic way. But, these descriptions will start to give you an idea of how your chart ruling Pluto could influence your identity and how others view you.

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